Money Saving Tips for Backpackers When in Indonesia : 18 Appliable Tips

Visiting another country would be another remarkable journey. And thanks to the technology these days, we can look at another part of the world with much ease, exploring the locations we’ve never visited before. Sometimes, those places lead someone to actually visit them and get to know them himself. Related topics: Must Buy Items When […]

14 Tips to Do Scuba Diving in Gili Trawangan Indonesia – All You Need to Know

If you’re talking about the best diving locations around Indonesia, you can have some names mentioned like Lombok, Raja Ampat, and also one location that still being a primadonna for diving called Gili Trawangan. As a member of many Gilis, Gili Trawangan can be said to be the best diving location in the country. Related […]

12 Tips To Hiking Waterfalls in Bali Indonesia

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13 Tips To Socialize With Bali People Fast in A Polite Way

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14 Useful Tips When You Spend One Month in Bandung Indonesia

Having fun while enjoying your vacation in Bandung, there are many tourist attractions that can make you feel at home and satisfied in all things. In Bandung, it is indeed a favorite destination for Indonesians on vacation. Many vacation spots, unique, interesting, plus food and snacks that vary widely. The cool climate, as well as […]

15 Useful Tips When You Spend One Week in Bali Indonesia

Talking about holidays on the island of Bali, there are definitely no bad words, it is very fun and makes beautiful memories. You are or will be on a trip to Bali, whether just for vacation, gathering, school, work or moving house. Surely you will get all positive impressions. Because Bali is the perfect place […]

15 Useful Tips When You Spend Three Days in Jakarta Indonesia

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13 Tips To Do Scuba Diving in Raja Ampat Indonesia

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14 Tips To Choose Scuba Diving Trip in Indonesia

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14 Tips To Held a Party in Bali

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