17 Best Airlines in Indonesia – Most Safety Trusted

Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia. This country is the largest archipelago country in the world. The country has more than 100,000 islands scattered along the equator. Therefore, air transport is one of the major transportation of choice in the country. Since 2000, regulations on aviation in Indonesia have been relaxed thus causing many […]

17 Public Transportation in Indonesia You Must Know

Public transportation is one of the facilities for an area to move forward and develop. As well as facilities which can increase the accessibility of a region. Thus, accessibility is often associated with the easiness of doing business and interacting with the people there in the region. To build a developed area then transportation infrastructure […]

13 Indonesian Traditional Transportation (#11 is Sophisticated)

Transportation has many undergone in any developments. Indonesia, country which has a rich potential of resources, has several unique traditional transportation. Then, in several province, people still use them for daily transportation. Although traditional transportation Indonesia less sophisticated than other countries. However, Indonesian traditional transportation has a value that is very valuable and important because it […]