17 Public Transportation in Indonesia You Must Know

Public transportation is one of the facilities for an area to move forward and develop. As well as facilities which can increase the accessibility of a region. Thus, accessibility is often associated with the easiness of doing business and interacting with the people there in the region. To build a developed area then transportation infrastructure and facilities can not be separated in a development program.

Transportation is the transfer of people or goods from one place to another by using a human-driven vehicle or machine-driven. Transportation is used to facilitate humans in performing daily activities easily. Country of Indonesia is one country that has various types of public transportation, this is due to the geographical conditions of Indonesia which consist of many archipelagos. The following is the type of public transportation commonly used in the country of Indonesia.

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1. Bus

In Indonesia, a lot of bus types are used as public transportation, such as Inter-city Bus, Metromini Bus, Trans Bus, School Bus, Campus Bus. Although the most used bus is busway or Bus Rapid Transit, that is a mass transit that uses the bus as a carrier on the passenger but is different from the city bus.

In general, Busway is different because it has an exclusive path that makes it free from congestion. In Indonesia alone, big cities that have BRT mass transportation modes include Bandung, Bogor, Semarang, Jogja, Palembang, Bandar Lampung, and of course Jakarta.

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2. Train

A train is a common form of public transportation for long trips, usually between cities or provinces. In Indonesia there are many types of trains that have been operated, ranging from old-school trains that use coal to the new fast train.

The Train operations mainly operated in the Java  to transports goods and people as they had better infrastructure and wide ranging railway track. Although recently the development of railway track has been developed across entire Indonesia

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3. Angkot (City Transport)

Angkot is a model of four-wheeled public transport whose route has been set. Angkot is also a public transportation vehicle that is very familiar to the people of Indonesia because angkot is the only type of four-wheeled public transportation that has very affordable tariff and also the route of public transportation can reach community settlements, unlike buses that have to raise and lower passengers only at specified stops.

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4. Ojek

Ojek is a model of two-wheeled public transportation that is in the form a motorcycle or bicycle, but over the development of time then it’s called motorcycle taxi or ojek. In Indonesia ojek is a type of public transportation that is not recognized by the government but still allowed because of the needs and demands of society that is so high.

The development of motorcycle taxis is also very rapid, formerly motorcycle taxi can only be found in motorbikes temporarily passing on the highway, but now in big cities, there are already some online services from this one transport.

The advantages of motorcycle taxis from other public transportation are motorcycles that can pass through traffic jams and can also reach small streets or alleys that basically can not be bypassed by other types of public transport.

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5. Bajaj

Bajaj is a three wheeled type of public transport vehicle. Bajaj can load 2 people passengers plus one small child. The hallmark of this vehicle is its unique shape and noisy sound even though there is now Bajaj who use gas and electricity that sound more subtle. Bajaj mainly used to transport people with goods who just went shopping and need to commute back home. This type of vehicle is widely used in Jakarta.

In addition to Jakarta, bajaj is also found in the city of Banjarmasin and Pekanbaru as well as some district capitals in Indonesia which generally served as public transportation capital.

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6. Becak

Pedicabs are a three-wheeled model of public transport. In Indonesia there are 2 types of pedicab that are operating namely the conventional becak and motorized becak. The uniqueness of pedicab vehicles in Indonesia is the location of the driver who is behind the passenger, although there are some in the area of Sumatra where the driver on the front side.

Becak mainly existed in a rural area while in the urban city it has been outlawed due to its role in creating massive traffic jams.

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7. Delman

Delman is a traditional, two-wheeled, three or four-wheeled public transport type and uses a horse as a driving force. Variations of transportation using horses include wagons, chariots, and horse-drawn carriages.

The name of this vehicle comes from the name of its inventor, Charles Theodore Deeleman, a lithographer and engineer during the Dutch East Indies period. Delman is still used in some areas in Indonesia, which is very popular in the special region of Yogyakarta.


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8. Ship

The ship is a public transport vehicle carrying passengers and goods with the power of diesel and nuclear engines. Traditionally the ship is called a ship when it can carry the boat but the boat can not carry the ship. The actual size at which a boat is called a ship is always fixed by local laws and regulations that were enforced.

The types of ships used in Indonesia are many. Starting from a ship loaded with more than 2000 people to other ships that have fewer passengers than that. Current administration has made ships route available to many parts of Indonesia so as to reduce the goods tariff especially in Papua

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Other Public Transportation

Beside what I explained before, there are also other public transportation which is commonly used in Indonesia, as follows:

9. Ferries

Ferries are public transport that is usually used as a direct liaison or transit of two areas to transport the landed vehicles such as motorcycles and other cars at a cost less than a bridge or tunnel.

10. Boats

Boats are a type of public transport to move passengers and goods that are made of wood or boards. The number of passengers from this boat is usually 2 – 8 people depending on the size of the boat. Boats are still found in many areas in Indonesia that have many rivers.

11. Rafts

Perhaps some people think that rafts are a kind of ancient public transport that is no longer in use today. But the facts are in some areas in Indonesia, rafts are still used to cross the river or lake at close range. Not infrequently the raft is also functioned like a ferry and as a carrier of other land vehicles.

12. Airplane

In Indonesia, the type of aircraft used to fly can vary due to the region. From very large aircraft such as BOEING type to small aircraft type that functioned to transports people to remote regions in Indonesia

13. Helicopter

Helicopters are widely used as public transportation in Indonesia in mountainous areas that can not be crossed by other types of vehicles. Usually, helicopters in use also for commercial travel.

14. Taxi

Taxis are a type of vehicle that can be rent with a driver, used by a single passenger or a small group of passengers. A taxi drove the passengers to their preferred location.

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15. Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)

This is the mode of transportation that megapolitan cities must have in the world. MRT is the most efficient mode of transportation because it is fast, uninterrupted by road traffic, and also contains many passengers. Trains that can be used in the form of electric trains and electric diesel trains. Currently, MRT is being developed in Jakarta.

16. Monorail

The monorail is the most modern-looking mode of transportation among others because this train just hangs on a single track. With its light weight and generally aerodynamic shape, the Monorail allows it to operate faster than other mass transportation modes. Therefore, the monorail is also the most favored mode of transportation for tourists. Monorail is being developed in Palembang to commemorate the SEA Games in 2018

17. Ground Light Rail/Tram

Tram is the most popular mode of transportation in tourist cities. Tram is chosen because the weight and size that are very small. In addition, most tram operates on land so as in addition to its main function of mass transportation, Tram can also serve as a city sightseeing vehicle. Tram was first used during Soekarno era in Jakarta but its role now is being abandoned by more advanced vehicles.

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The comfort ability of transportation between one region to another region is important to connect people and also increase the movement of people that are necessary for developing one’s country economy. Good transportation will play an important role in regional development especially in accessibility. The more efficiency of a transport vehicle and wider availability of it can, in turn, reduce the cost and fee needed for an average person to make the trip.

Public transportation is necessary to help facilitate the movement of people within one’s country. It also functions to help ease the congestion by moving large people at one time. The efficiency of public transportation heavily depended on the public official willingness to implement a regulation that will, in turn, increase public satisfaction when they commute in the surrounding area.