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13 Best Art Galleries in Yogyakarta (#8 is Unique)

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Yogyakarta is one of the most visited city in Indonesia. It is truly famous for its richness of culture. A lot of tourists enjoy their stay in this city because of its charming ambience. Living in relaxing circumstances, low-budget living, friendly surroundings, good food, best art and culture are the best way to describe the feeling of getting away to Yogyakarta. A very lovely and warm place to recharge our energy after being exposed with routines and perpetual deadlines at our working place.


For art lovers, this city is indeed a heaven on Earhart. There are too many artsy art gallery located here. Many artists were born and raised in this city. And half of them are those who decided to move onto this city for a better quality of life. Yogyakarta offers a different aura from any other cities, makes many artists falling in love about it and choose to stay. Not a little of them had finally determined to built their own gallery, too. Here are several best art galleries in Yogyakarta you need to visit:

1. Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (TBY)

taman budaya yogyaTBY is Yogyakarta’s cultural center that happen to be a place for all Yogya artists to gather doing various kind of art performance such as theater, dance, music, painting exhibition, poems reading, and so on.

In recent years, several magical art exhibition and show had been held here such as Yogyakarta Art Festival, Biannale Jogja, and Gamelan International Festival with numbers of performing arts, fine arts, and workshops.Address : Jalan Sriwedani No.1, Ngupasan.

2. Jogja National Museum (JNM)

jogja national museum 2JNM is not only a museum but also an art gallery, which the complex building itself is an ex-building of ISI Yogyakarta (Yogya famous art institute). Besides its exhibiting function, here is a place for numerous kind of activities related to art.

Development of art discourse also using this place as the venue to held seminar, art discussion, workshop, which most of them supporting substantial art issues that happen around Indonesia and the world. Address : Jl. Prof. Ki Amri Yahya No. 1, Gampingan.

3. Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta (BBY)

Bentara budaya yogyaBentara Budaya is fully established by Kompas daily and supported by Kompas Gramedia fund now, and has been supporting the growth of art and culture in Yogyakarta for around 23 years.

They has been supporting local artists by providing proper exhibition hall to show various range of art show such as paintings from many genres, photos, graphics, ceramics, and others. They also do lots of exciting activities to follow for young people like art performance, book review and discussion, and monthly indie film screening. Address : Jln. Suroto 2, Kotabaru, Gondokusuman.

4. Jogja Gallery

jogja galleryIn the previous years, Jogja Gallery was once a building to provide theater activities around Yogyakarta. And since 2006 has been turned out to be an art gallery for the same purposes this building first built, supporting local artists with their creations in any form of art.

We can find many exhibition held here that they update every once in a while in their website. Check them out if you don’t want to miss any of them at jogjagallery.net. Address : JL. Pekapalan Alun-Alun Utara No.7, Prawirodirjan.

5. Ark Galerie

ark galerieIf you are an art freak you would love to come here as this gallery provide unique collections from many artists like Christine Ay Tjoe, Eko Nugroho, Jompet Kuswidananto, Ronald Ventura, Rodel Tapaya, Wedhar Riyadi, Ade Darmawan, Tintin Wulia, Tsang Kin-wah and so on.

This gallery focusing on displaying contemporary art works to be enjoyed. Numerous painters and or artists that had been performing their solo exhibition here often get International and National recognition for their work. And this place constantly challenge artists to explore more with their installation and how they performing their arts through various display and medium.

Address : Suryodiningratan 36A, Suryodiningratan.

6. Tembi Rumah Budaya

rumah-budaya-tembiOften times Tembi Rumah Budaya displays not only local but also International artist’s art works. This place have been collecting numbers of precious work that has been kept for a long time as a treasure.

However, starting from 2017, they one by one exhibit them again to public. Worth to see! You can find this art galerry in  St. Parangtritis Km 8.4, Timbulharjo.

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7. Sangkring Art Space

sankring asSangkring Art Space provide friendlier and bigger space to accommodate possibility of collaborating from multi-background artists. This environment are built to encourage interdisciplinary of making arts such as paintings, sculptures, and installation arts.

Address : Jl. Nitiprayan No.88 RT. 01 / RW. 20, Ngestiharjo.

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8. Cemeti Art House

cemeti ahCemeti Art House are focusing on ‘Art and Society’ theme which intensify the artist’s creativity to develop their idea on making new art works from fretfulness they had in their society. Also, them who bring personal touch to each of their works and appreciate the process behind every phenomenon around them.

Address : Jalan Mayjen D.I. Panjaitan No. 41, Mantrijeron.

9. Tahunmas Art Room

tahunmas art room 2Located in Bantul district, near ISI (famous art schools in Yogya), this art room offers numbers of exhibitions. The hype enough exhibition held here called “Move Art” which displays art works from open call selection process and those who are lucky would be able to show their work for free.

Address : Jl. Raya Kasongan No.223, Bangunjiwo.

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10. Langgeng Art Foundation (LAF)

langgeng art foundLAF provides many kind of activities supporting movement of arts (especially contemporary art) in Yogyakarta. They have 3 galleries to held exbitions, stage for music performances, a garden, workshop rooms, and residence area.

Address : Jl. Suryodiningratan No.37, Suryodiningratan.

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11. Ruang MES56

mes 56Ruang MES56 is basically an artist collective working space with a form of a house studio that usually work together with local communities. The community focus on ‘photography and contemporary art’, but also open for another disciplines to collaborate.

Address : Jl. Mangkuyudan No.53, Mantrijeron.

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12. Museum Affandi

museum affandi2Who doesn’t know Affandi? He’s Indonesian Painting Maestro who were really famous for his romantic and expressionism works.

He has painted 2000+ paintings, and now more than of 300 of his previous art works and also personal stuffs are being displayed in this museum which happened to be his own house to live a long time ago. If you are one of his fan, this museum is a must.

Address : Jl. Laksda Adisucipto No.167, Caturtunggal.

13. Coral Gallery

Coral-GalleryCoral Gallery combines fine arts with applied arts. So you would not only see various of art works but also furniture, and stuff related to interior design.

Address : Jl. Raya Siliwangi No.9, Parungkuda.

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If you have never for once visiting an art gallery, now is your time! Which one of those gallery that have been mentioned earlier catch your attention? Each of them surely has something unique to show you. Give them a try and let’s get lost admiring beautiful art works from so many beautiful and mindful person who happen to make them. Happy visiting!

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