15 Best Healthy Foods in Yogyakarta

Along with the increasing amount in public awareness of healthy lifestyle, healthy diet also becomes significantly popular. It feels incomplete if you visited a region but you did not try the local foods, right? This time this article will take you to Yogyakarta, a place which is still thick with tradition and cultures.

There are various places for you to visit when you came to Yogyakarta. Not only that, Yogyakarta also provides the alternative places for you who likes to seek for health foods. Here are some explanation about places which provide healthy foods in Yogyakarta.

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1. Warung Bumi

The word bumi itself is taken from Indonesian language which means earth/nature. This restaurant is not only providing a healthy food menu but it also shares the idea and the healthy lifestyle through foods. This restaurant sees food as something that is not merely attached to taste but foods should contain nutrients and spiritual values.

Most of the food that is written in the menu is processed by the ingredients which came from the garden which is managed solely by Bumi Langit Institure. The menu itself is varied, it has variety of toast, fried bananas, tofu and fried tempe. The toast is made of  wheat, sorghum, or multigrain and smeared with various healthy jams such as passion fruit, mulberry, mango, or homemade rosella. For vegetables, this restaurant use vegetables with good quality.

2. Kamisan Market

Visitors can find a variety of food, vegetables, food, drinks. The products that available in this market has local ingredients, healthy, and non-meat. Some vendors that join this market are Kebun Kita, a home-based organic farm that produces a wide variety of packaged food products. The products such as various types of jam, syrup, and spice drink with the original traditional recipes.

There is also Kedai Gambir Wangi which serves traditional Javanese foods which is cooked without synthetic ingredients. Vegetables and organic rice become the main ingredients. Teenagers also can come to this market to buy Kurogame Zushi which sell various types of vegan sushi made of organic black rice and organic vegetables.

3. Art Kitchen Greenhost Hotel

This hotel presents various of healthy foods every Friday. Why it needs to be Friday? This hotel has Fit Friday program, they serve healthy menus made of organic ingredients and healthy cooking methods. Some of the oraganic vegetables provided such as lettuce, pakcoy, pagodas, etc.

The most popular menu is Talamia Poached Egg which is processed with pan fry method. The meat is served with mashed potato, slada, cucumber, vegan mayo, mushroom blackberry sauce, pagoda leaves, pouched egg, and onion.

4. Lokaloka Bistro

Lokaloka Bistro introduces you French foods which is simple and healthy. This place has appetizer menu such as provides variants of Cassava Chips, Tartines Pesto Maison, Cassava Platter, Quiche du Jour and Soupe du Jour. All of those menus are combined with local ingredient which is cassava.

There is a French eggplant food called Ratatouille which is functioned as salad stuffing and crepes topping. The main dish is called Croque-Monsieur which has many stuffing; cheese, smoked beef, mushroom, spinach. Lokaloka Bistro also makes all its own bread, yogurt, and cold pressed juice of the best and healthy ingredients.

5. Mie Lethek Mbah Mendes

This noodle is made of tapioca flour and is processed without synthetic seasonings and less sugar.  The vermicelli noodle is processed into some tempting and savory menus such as lethek godog noodle, fried lethek noodle, plencing godog noodle, and fried plencing noodle.

Mi lethek is cooked with a number of vegetables such as jolly, sledri, carrots, and extra eggs, and chicken meat. The use of garlic and candlenut makes this noodle very savory even though it does not added any MSG into the noodles. There are also fried rice which is made of corn rice which is less gluten and good for health.

6. Milas Vegetarian Resto

This place provides foods which processed with organic ingredients and free from MSG. Milas organic market is available every Wednesday and Saturday. The organic ingredients such as tempe, potato, mushroom, corn, and other vegetables are coming from the local farms in Yogyakarta.

The most popular menus here is steak tempe, corn burger, potatoes plate, corn balado, tempe sandwich,  cassava avocado sauce, rosti, etc. The organic vegetables are available in Milas organic market. You can also find some healthy snacks in this market such as whole wheat bread, vera cheese, mango jam, cokies from ganyong, rengas, and kombucha (fermented tea).

7. Jejamuran Resto

Mushroom is often considered as poisonous food but here it is processed into dishes that delicious and have high nutritional value.

The menu is not only crispy mushroom or fried mushroom but it is processed into rendang, satay, wrapped mushroom, sour sweet mushroom, soup, tom yam, etc.

You should try the traditional drink from Java named wedang. Wedang usually made of ginger but here it is made of mushroom.

8. Pecel Yogya

this spicy traditional food is considered as a healthy dish because it is made of boiled vegetables such as spinach leaves, bean sprouts, and long beans.

Meanwhile, for the side dish you can choose tofu, tempe, or egg. It can pop up the original taste of this pecel.

This this is a favorite food for vegetarians in Yogyakarta. We know that Yogyakarta has its gudeg dish which has strong sweet taste, this pecel can be alternative fro you to move from sweet dishes.  Read here to know more about Traditional Foods of Yogyakarta

9. Kedai Kolondjono

Kolondjono is the name of cattle’s food, this restaurant introduces a healthy lifestyle which is far from MSG and food coloring synthetic. Various vegetables and fruits here are organic. For those who like food combaining, salad here can be your solution.

You can also order fish katsu and matah sauce for the main dishes. Raw gado-gado is served with peanut sauce, this dish will erich your Yogyakrta healthy culinary tour. For the beverage, you can order a herbal drink called semar kuning herbal which is made of passion fruit, turmeric and honey.

10. Lusidus Vegetarian Resto

Although it provides vegetarian foods which do not contain animal and meat elements, the menu here are varied. For vegetarians, there are cah kangkung (kelp), cah mushroom, broccoli, fried noodle, fried rice, and various dishes from tofu. In addition, crispy tempe, corn soup, ad asparagus are also served here.

For the foodies who are looking for alternative dishes without meat elements, you can find artificial processed food which contain gluten (processed flour) that resembles meat. You can order satay, fried ham, salmon, sardines, beef chunk, lamb meat, sausage, even sweet and sour fish. All of those menus contain no meat so the visitors who want to find foods which substitute meat will be satisfied.


  • Kranggan Veggie House: This is a perfect place for people who look for vegetarian ingredient such as proteina, gluten, and other organic ingredients. Read about Appetizing Indonesian Snacks
  • Warung Murni Sehat: This place provides non-meat dishes and rendang which is made of mushroom.
  • Loving Hut: Loving hut is place which full of creativity You can find several unique dishes which are processed without meat, without MSG, use soybean and mushroom as the main ingredients, and use red organic rice.
  • Mie Sehat Pelangi: This noodles processed without any addictive elements which endanger human body. Rainbow noodle is healthy, rich of protein, and less cholesterol because it is made of carrot, spinach, and dragon fruit.
  • Soma Yoga: Here you can find foods with no MSG, meat, egg, milk, and honey.

Beside what I explained above, here the information from tourist that already visit some restaurant in Yogyakarta which served healthy food you can eat. Check the video.

Those are complete explanation about how many healthy foods in Yogyakarta that you can eat. It’s really recommended for those who are vegetarian and need healthy food to eat when you stay in Yogyakarta.