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12 Best Beaches Near Kuta Lombok You Should Visit

by Tri Agustina

Lombok is a place where you can find very original landscapes, active volcanoes, tobacco gardens, white sand beaches and other cultural properties owned by people living in the area on Lombok. There are many interesting things that you can enjoy there, one of which is the beauty of the beach that is not inferior to the island of Bali. Hence you must visit beaches in Lombok.

Many people who do not know Lombok so deeply, tourists only know that the island of Bali is a very beautiful island among islands in Indonesia. However, it turns out Lombok is no less interesting as the island of Bali. Well, here you should try a vacation to Lombok because there are many interesting things. Examples are like the best beaches near Kuta Lombok that you can explore the following:

1. Telawas Beach

Telawas Beach is surrounded by large rock mountains which are always eroded by waves, producing natural carvings on the walls. When the sea tides, most rocks are lost to the sea. But when it recedes, you can jump from one stone to another to reach the small island near there. The road to Telawas Beach is rocky and not suitable for those who give up easily. Located on Prabu, Pujut, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. The best food in Lombok with delicious taste.

2.  Bilasayak Beach

Bilasayak Beach which is located between the mountains of this big rock, you will feel how beautiful this beach is. When the waves roll from the Indian Ocean to the mountains and rocks that soar in the middle of the ocean, you will realize that maybe that paradise does exist in this world, precisely at Bilasayak Beach. When water is receding, small pools will form between the rocks. It is perfect for soaking in the warm water while looking away into the vast ocean. The location is on the beach Bilasayak TWA Gunung Tunak, Mertak, Pujut West Nusa Tenggara, you can enjoy the sun from the white sand beach.

3. Tanjung Poki Beach

Next is the best beaches near Kuta Lombok, namely Tanjung Poki Beach. Admiring the natural beauty around Tanjung Poki, you still have to be aware of the huge waves. Even so large, the resulting blow can reach an altitude of 10 meters into the air. Such conditions automatically make the waters of this region unsafe for swimming. But you can still enjoy it in other ways such as fishing and enjoying the beach scenery. Around this beach, there are also coral cliffs that are fun to take pictures of, located in Sekaroh Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok. Hence the best sunrise in Lombok you must see.

4. Nambung Beach

This unique natural phenomenon is created due to the big waves that hit the coral wall and then fall back into the sea like a waterfall. If you are interested in surfing, don’t forget to bring your own equipment because there is no rental available here. The waters around this beach are also very clear so it is cool to swim. Located in Pengantap Hamlet, Buwun Emas Village, Sekotong District, West Lombok. The beach is really fun to visit because of its beautiful and charming location.

5. Tebing Beach

The towering cliffs on this black sandy beach look so unique and exotic. At first glance, it reminds us of the canyons in the Grand Canyon of America. This cliff with a curved texture like carvings originated from the massive eruption of Gunung Rinjani Tua or Samalas in 1257 ago. Cloud deposits that carry various materials and then meet with the coldness of seawater and then ejected to the land so that a hill formed on the Cliff Coast. The location is in Luk Hamlet, Sambiq Bangkol Village, Gangga District, North Lombok. Here they are the family activities in Lombok you can do.

6.  Batu Payung, Tanjung Aan Beach

The best beaches near Kuta Lombok, namely Batu Payung, Tanjung Aan Beach. A stone resembling this tower looks very striking compared to its surroundings. Uniquely, if viewed from different directions, the shape will also change as well. Even from one side, its appearance will resemble the profile of a human face. You can find this stone about 1 kilometer east of Tanjung Aan. Along the way there you can see the sights of high cliffs inhabited by birds and bats. The location is on Jalan Kuta Lombok, Central Lombok.

7. Tanjung Bloam Beach

In the south of Lombok, there is a beach that is still rarely touched by travelers, namely Cape Bloam Beach. The main attraction of this white sand beach is the rocks around it, including two cliffs that stick out and flank them. The contrast of black from the rocks and the golden color of the cliff combined with the blue of the sea produces a composition that is truly charming. The waves on Tanjung Bloam Beach are big, so it’s quite risky to swim or to surf. The location is in Tangsi Hamlet, Temeak Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok. Hence the brief history of Lombok Island you can learn.

8. Tanjung Bongo Beach

Tanjung Bongo is located hidden behind the Teletubbies Hill located in Merese Hill, south of Lombok in the east of Kuta. Most explorers come to see the beautiful scenery on Bukit Merese and find a beautiful beach where you can swim and snorkel. Few people managed to find Tanjung Bongo. It is recommended to prepare to travel to this isolated beach. If you find it, you will be treated to a view of volcanic rock in the middle of sugar-white beach sand, surrounded by green hills and blue seas. Located at Tanjung Bongo, Kuta, Pujut, Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

9. Selong Belanak Beach

Seong Belanak is a beach with winding lips surrounded by green hills at the edge of the blue ocean. You can observe the activities of local people: the fishermen who go looking for fish and farmers lead buffaloes to the sea. Green rocks from the middle of the ocean soared in contact with the clouds. A scene that will surely make you stunned. Located in Selong Belanak Village, West Praya District, Central Lombok. The restricted things to avoid in Lombok.

10. Munah Beach

Between the two large rocks, lies a beautiful beach, where the waves from the deep sea wrestle towards the rocks, creating waterfalls and small pools. Some stones even have a unique shape like a chair, so it becomes a perfect spot for you to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery while the waves from the ocean rumble. Located in Munah, Mekarsari, Central Lombok Praya, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

Besides that, there are several other best beaches near Kuta Lombok that you can know like the example below:

  •  This Pink Beach is one of the seven beaches in the world with pink sand, called Pantai Pink because of this beach and consists of a mixture of white sand and red sand from coral as well as reddish-colored shells of marine foraminifera organisms. The location is in Sekaroh Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok. Hence the surprising facts about Lombok Indonesia you must know.
  • Senggigi Beach where the atmosphere of the beach is so beautiful and natural is also the most ideal location to enjoy the sunset. When dusk arrives you can see the highest mountain silhouette on the island of Bali, Mount Agung, a beach that many visitors are interested in because of its beauty.

These are some examples of the best beaches near Kuta Lombok that you should know and visit. Hopefully, it can be a recommendation when you are on holiday to Lombok Island.

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