12 Must Visit Beaches in Lombok

Indonesia has been known for its natural beauty and people friendliness since so long.

Moreover one of the big cities in Indonesia is becoming a tourist attraction,which is, Bali.

However there are still many places in Indonesia available with each distinct beauty.

One of the aforementioned aboveis Lombok. Lombok is located near Bali approximately in West Nusa Tenggara province.

Different with Bali, the tourist attractions here are still authentic because it does not has visitors as much as Bali.

In fact the view in Lombok is no less than Bali. For example, here are 12 must visited beaches in Bali that need to be added into your wish list.

1. Tanjung Aan

Tanjung Aan is also known as theCarribean Sea of Lombok.

It has a crystal clear turquoise water and also a wide white sand view.

This beach is perfect for you if you wanted to have your me time alone in the beach.

There are a place for you to be alone as well as a space for you to have fun, swimming with your colleagues or family members. The bays are separated by a hill.

You can climb to the hill and you will get an amazing view if you take a look at the whole surrounding.

You will definitely have an un-forgetable view right there. Tanjung Aan locates in Pengembur Village, Pujut, Lombok.

2. Selong Belanak

The water color combines blue and green color.

Moreover the white sand alongside the beach makes the view more jaw dropping.

Selong Belanak beach is especially popular among the surfers. Read more about Best Food in Lombok Indonesia

Not only popular for its stunning view, Selong Belanak beach is a paradise for the surfers (either the beginner or the experienced one).

The insiders recommending a bestplace to see the gorgeous view around the beach. Read more about Best Breakfast in Lombok

There is a view point only few kilometers northeast away from the beach. You will get a stunning view in Selong Belanak beach.

3. Mawun Beach

Mawun beach has a distinct feature that makes it different with the other beaches in Lombok.

People barely come to visit this place therefore the beach is still beautiful and clean. People called this beach as pearl beach due to its beauty.

The waves are very strong so if you wanted to swim, you should refrain from going to the middle part. Read more about Best Coffee in Lombok

According to the topography, the wave in the western part is relatively calm, suitable for you to play with your family. It locates 60 km from Mataram so you need one and half hour from Mataram to Mawun beach. 

4. Pandanan Beach

Pandanan beach locates 28 km from Mataram and it is another paradise for travelers in Lombok Island.

Despite of its natural beauty the visitors are still lacking.

Most of the visitors are the local people who visit the beach during late afternoon or simply before sunset. 

Pandanan beach is perfect for a loner or for families who want to have quality time together. You will feel like owning a private beach because there are no many people around. Read more about Facts about Lombok Indonesia

You can play anything as long as you want here. Many visitors said that this place is paradise for family recreation. 

5. Pink Beach

Apart from the beautiful and turquoise clear water, there’s one thing that makes this beach so interesting: at some places the sand is a bit pink colored.

The sand is pinkish apparently because it gets affected by some kind of seaweed. Also, the “Pantai Pink” – that’s how the locals like to call it – is a true insiders’ tip and not many tourists come here.

Similar to Tanjung Aan, there is a hill or rock that you can climb up and have an amazing view at the 2 adjoining bays and beaches.

Especially from up there you can see the pink color of the beach very good. Additional information, there are 3 Pink Beach in Lombok.

6. The Gili Island

Almost everybody who travels or wants to travel to Lombok (or Bali) probably won’t miss the 3 famous islands which is Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

These islands are the highlight in every travel guide. Read more about Family Activities in Lombok

No surprise, they are indeed a little paradise that attracts more and more tourists every year. 
Nevertheless, you will find there many beautiful beaches especially on Gili Meno. 

However only few people know that there are many more Gili Islands in Lombok that remains undiscovered.

 Most of the islands are located near the peninsula of Sekotong, which by the way also has nice beaches to offer.

7. Batu Payung

Batu Payung isn’t like any other beach on the island of Lombok.

It gets gorgeous blue seawater, but there’s no white sand, only rocks.

This is making the beach different from others. But what it does have is a humungous rock rising out of the beach.

Depending on the direction from which you approach the formation, it looks like a profile of a craggy face; others say the formation resembles an umbrella.

Umbrella means Payung in Indonesian language that is why the beach is called as Batu Payung; because the stone resembles umbrella.

8. Senggigi Beach

If ending the day with a gorgeous sunset appeals you, head to Senggigi Beach with its west-facing beaches.

After the sunset, nightlife action starts in the central part of town. Senggigi town is a traditional resort destination on Lombok.

Here you’ll find enough bars, pool tables, TV screens with sports broadcasts, relaxing lounge areas and beach side restaurants to keep you occupied for a few days. Read more about Traditional Ceremonies in Lombok

It’s a picturesque beach, with the white sand sandwiched between gorgeous blue water and swaying palm trees.

If you need a break from beach combing, you can visit Puta Batu Bolong, a Hindu temple with 14 altars overlooking the beach.

9. Mangsit Beach

You only need a five minutes drive to the north from Sengigi to visit Mangsit beach.

Mangsit beach remains a quiet place even though there are hotels and restaurants around.

The sand in this beach is not fully white sand. Much of the sand in this beach is volcanic therefore you will see sparkling black sand in places.

Mangsit Beach has a laid-back vibe and is the perfect place to swim, sunbathe or grab drinks at sunset.

If you’re learning to surf, Mangsit Beach is a great choice for beginners as the waves aren’t too big and there are teachers and surfboards available for hire. Read more about Best Sunrise in Lombok

10. Nipah Beach

Drive to the north part from Mangsit and you will discover one more beautiful beach named Nipah Beach.

Just like the other beaches, tourists are barely coming to this place so you will only see the local people in the afternoon to watch the sunset. 

This spot is great for swimming as the waves are calm, and there is virtually no coral.

If you’re hungry, it is worth visiting one of the many bamboo shacks along the sand, where you can choose your own fish, which is then grilled and served with assorted side dishes.


  • Sire Beach: Sire beach is located in the northern part of Lombok. This beach shows the view of Mount Rinjani rising up in the background. The calm waters also make it an ideal choice for swimming, canoeing, snorkelling and even fishing. 
  • Kaliantan Beach: Also located on the southeastern part of the island is a stunning beach that, perhaps incredibly, only a few people seem to visit. Most of the time you’ll get the entire length of fine sand and glistening water all to yourself. Why not have a go at kite-surfing? Kalimantan Kite-surf operates on this beach and is the only licensed kite-surfing school in Lombok.