12 Tips To Stay in Bali Island For Two Weeks

Visiting the island of Bali will give you many beautiful and memorable memories. Besides able to enjoy the beauty of nature, there are also some customs that are varying and full of uniqueness . You will never bored to come and visit Bali again. Besides the low cost, cheap accommodation and many other things makes it worth to visit. The Instagram spots in Bali that people don’t know yet. 

Well, for those of you who want to have a vacation in Bali for like 2 weeks. Then there are many things that need to be prepared so that your vacation will be more memorable with your family, partner, and friends. Here are some tips for staying in Bali island for two weeks so that your holiday becomes more enjoyable:

1. Prepare budgets needed

Important tips to stay in Bali Island for two weeks is you have to save enough money to travel. This includes the cost of airplane tickets, lodging, food, travel, shopping and so on. If you cannot allocate the number of funds properly, then you will be in trouble. Of course, don’t let your vacation be chaotic just because you made a mistake. If you had counted your spending properly beforehand, then you won’t feel run out of money.

Therefore, you should always make a careful list of finances and all the things that you will need for your stay in Bali. Hence the traditional Village in Bali must visit during the holiday.

2. Get to know the purpose of your vacation

Before you decide to take a vacation in Bali, you must have determined the purpose of your vacation. No need to be bewildered about where to go, your travel partner, lodging and so on. Make a complete list of activity for a week in Bali. Because of the limited time, if you don’t make a schedule properly, then you will waste your time, especially in Bali.

It’s a shame if your vacation becomes less exciting because of limited time. You can find a cheap, cool and complete information via the internet or recommendations from your travel websites.

3. Make a list of activities for your stay in Bali

Next is useful tips for staying in Bali island for two weeks, that is, make a list an exciting activities when you are in Bali. It’s to avoid the time to wander while you are in Bali. Learn what you are interested in and will there. With a list of activities, it will be easy to carry out regular, disciplined and well-scheduled activities. At least in your free time, go for a walk, take some rest, enjoy a full meal, and so on. The best Bali gardens and wonderful things you should know.

4. Choose an affordable and inexpensive Hotel

When you stay in Bali for two weeks, it would be nice to list out your detailed budget to book your accommodation. Surely  it will cost a lot of money, if you prefer a backpacker style, then you have to specify cheap costs in accordance with the funds. It will be different if you want to enjoy luxury facilities while high cost is not a problem.

Determine the accommodation according to your needs, starting from the funds, location, facilities, and comfort. Do not let yourself feel disappointed with the hotel that you have decided on before! There are many cheap and best hotel options that you can find in Bali.

5. Find interesting things

Next, the tips for staying in Bali island for two weeks are look for the best things that are related to Bali. You can find everything via internet, friend references, advertisements, travel website and so on. The best places to create romance vibes with a partner in Bali.

Bali has attracted many people whether it’s for its tourist attractions, food, cultures, citizens, history or others. After you find out what amuses you about Bali, then you definitely won’t go back home any time sooner. There are many interesting things about Bali that every tourists will enjoy.

6. Prepare life necessities while in Bali

It is better to prepare all basic needs, such as food, drinks, extra clothes and so on. This is to avoid being confused in taking care of all those needs. During your vacation in Bali, of course, you won’t want to be disturbed by this things where you should go out there enjoying the view. Therefore, it is better to prepare and also take into account every simple things. If you had prepared everything beforehand, you will feel comfortable during your vacation.

7. Choose the type of transportation

In Bali, there are many types of transportation that you can use during the trip. But of course, you hope that this type of fleet is easy, cheap and fast. Apart from using the fleet such as cars, taxis, travel, you can also use a motorcycle. There are many rental places in Bali that usually provide motorbike rental services. That way you can do a trip wherever you want in an affordable cost and limited time. So make sure you are smart to choose which fleet is suitable for your vacation. Here are easy and applicable tips to rent villa in Bali.

8. Find a pleasant hangout in Bali

The tips to stay in Bali island for two weeks is to have fun in pleasant hangouts. If you have prepare an enough funds to find a cozy place, of course, you need to prepare other extra funds too. You can get a lot of new atmospheres, new friends, new experiences by spending time in a fun hangout. In Bali, there are many hangouts that will relax your mind and make you enjoy a new atmosphere in Bali. Spending times by hanging out in a fun place can make you happier.

9. Bring the important documents

Another thing that is no less important when you are on holiday in Bali is carrying important documents, such as ID cards, ATMs, airline tickets, health insurance and so on. Just in case if something happens, you don’t get panic and confused. Make sure you keep your important documents in a safe place. So that when it is needed, it is easier to look for it, and also avoid being easily scattered or even lost. When you leave the hotel, check whether you have the document with you or not. The Bali-halal restaurants you must try whenever you come to Bali.

10. Taste the tempting Bali specialties

When having a vacation in Bali, it is a must to enjoy and taste all the special foods there. There are many types of traditional tastes cuisine that are delicious and yummy. In addition, there are many culinary delights in Bali that are fresh and healthy. Lots of restaurants and cafes that you can hang out at Bali. This will definitely make you feel want to come back for another vacation in Bali.

Apart from the examples and explanations above regarding tips to stay in Bali island for two weeks, here is another example that you have to know:

  • Enjoy tourist attractions that is recommended while in Bali. Find interesting things that can make you feel relaxed and comfortable, you can choose a nature adventure or others.
  • Keep ethics when you are in a public place, place of worship and a place that is required to comply with the rules. In Bali, the customs and culture of local wisdom are well-known, so you must be able to adapt and behave kindly along with the local population. The useful guides to do scuba diving in Bali all you need to know.
  • You can learn a lot about culture, history, and customs regarding Bali. Whether it’s residents and all things related to culture because in Bali there are many interesting things that you can know as insight and also your knowledge.

This is also an example of an explanation of tips to stay in Bali island for two weeks. Hopefully, this can be used as your reference for a vacation to Bali together with family and loved ones. Have fun!