12 Special Kinds of Food Served in Bali

Apart from being a culinary, in Hindu-Balinese religion, food plays an important role in ritual and worship. The food dedicated to the gods is called “Prasada” which in Sanskrit means “mercy,” or God’s Divine Mercy. For Hindu-Balinese people, preparing food, offering food to the gods and gods, and eating the food they offer to be enjoyed together, is part of a powerful meditation of reflection. Here are kinds of foods served in Bali.

1. Entil

If Eid Mubarak has a serving of ketupat, then Nyepi has entil. This food is shaped like lontong wrapped in leaves. But the difference, entil not wrapped with banana leaf or coconut leaves, but wrapped with nyelep or talengidi leaves. This plant has wide and long leaves like turmeric leaves.

After the rice wrapped with nyelep leaves, entil then tied with bamboo straps. Entil is boiled for a long time, even longer than ketupat. This old boiling will make your taste more legit and long lasting. The longer boiled, the aroma and taste of entil will be more delicious. This is because there is aroma and taste of nyelep leaves that seep into the rice.

2. Cerorot

This type of cake is very common when you visit Bali. This cone-shaped and chocolate-colored cake has a sweet taste and a chewy texture. This cake is wrapped with a wrapped janur forming a cone. This cake is actually also found in Central Java and some other areas, including in Bali, Lombok, until Sarawak. It’s just a different mention.

In Bali Cerorot is a snack made from local rice flour (Bali) coconut sugar (bali sugar) and salt packed with coconut leaves (janur) are wrapped and steamed. This snack is often called jaja trumpet because the shape of the container is like a trumpet. This cerorot is used for dish and dish. As a dish is usually served as friends drinking Coffee Gapura Powder or tea

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3. Serombotan

Srombotan is a typical Balinese Klungkung vegetable. It made from young botanical fruit or nails, bean sprout, semi cooked cabbage. Thenit is given a spice called kalas. It consists of coconut milk that was collected turmeric, galangal, onion and garlic, coriander and a little kencur.

How to cook degan is cooking it until thick. Kalas is the hallmark of serombotan which if served must use fried beans and rice mixed with sweet potatoes. This vegetable is already worldwide, because some restaurants in Bali make it as the main dish on the menu.

4. Betutu

Betutu is a unique dish because each region in Bali has its own making techniques that sometimes vary much from one region to another. This special food made from meat from two-legged animals such as: chicken, duck and only two types of birds is believed to be most suitable as a material betutu than other types of poultry.

The hallmark of betutu lies in the use of many spices and various types, even more than spices to make lawar or babi guling. All these herbs are mixed and smeared into the meat that will be processed to absorb. Processing there are various kinds of boiled it until cooked then ready to serve the baked first then boiled, and often also the Balinese who boil the meat first with spices then after cooked meat on a grill over a pan then served. It all depends on taste and habit respectively, but the most important is the spice herbs soak in the meat so that when eaten the taste of meat is mixed with spices.

5. Sate Lilit

Sate is a famous food in almost all regions of the Indonesia. In the island of Bali, here you can enjoy a unique satay named Sate lilit. This name comes from the manufacturing technique that is dough meat and spices that have been mashed and then wrapped on a small bamboo stem / coconut bark (katik: bali language).

There are different types of sate wrestling in bali and this all depends on the meat ingredients used. Thera are two ways how to cook it; fried and baked. But it is believed that baked sata has more delicious and distinctive taste than if it is fried. This is usualy served at Bainese’s home while there is big event.

6. Pulung Nyepi

Pulung Nyepi has a form similar to the cholera seed compote without sugar and coconut milk. Traditional food dish is usually always ahead of pengerupukan. This dish is typical food of Sukasada Village. This cake is made from rice flour and starch and steamed. Once cooked, this dough is round and slightly oval. Once ready, the dough is boiled. To eat it, Nyepi pulp is served with extra grated young coconut.

This food is usually served when the residents celebrate Nyepi. That is one day before Nyepi holiday. The ingredients of rice flour mixed with a little starch, then steamed. After the cold is crushed and rolled over, slightly rounded and oval elongated, then boiled until the nyepi pulp rises to the boiling water surface, drained and served with grated young coconut leaves.

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7. Nasi tepeng

Nasi tepeng is one of the heavy meals at Nyepi. Nasi tepeng itself comes from Gianyar. One variant of this Balinese rice has a spicy flavor and pepper spicy bite. Usually, a portion of tepeng rice served with various vegetables such as beans, red beans, young jackfruit, eggplant, moringa leaves, and grated coconut. The serving is not placed in the plate but grounded banana leaf.

Although this culinary-based rice, but formulated in different ways will produce a new flavor and will certainly provide its own flavor that makes addictive. The way of presentation is still very traditional, namely by using banana leaves as a container. Rice Tepeng this became one of the mandatory breakfast of the citizens of Gianyar.

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8. Nasi Campur

Nasi Campur is one of the most popular Balinese foods. For native Balinese, this is their daily foods. Sate lilit, the sprinkle of shredded chicken with Basa Genep Bali seasoning, vegetable urap, and chicken lawar ready to eat accompanying warm white rice. Eating Nasi Campur will be more delicious, when you mix it with sambel matah or sambel embe typical of Balinese.

Interestingly, this menu always comes with a variety of dishes in every restaurant in Bali, for example there are serving with chicken betutu, tomato chili egg, fried chicken skin, spicy tuber leaves, pindang fish, and sprinkling fried peanuts.

9. Babi Guling

The brownish brown skin color of pork is really crunchy on the tongue. Moreover, the meat is so soft and rich in spices. Uniquely, the genesis of Balinese base flavor and cassava leaf vegetable is put into the pig’s belly and rolled over the embers.

The menu of Babi Guling usually served with warm white rice with lawar, satay wrap, and a bowl of jukut ares. It should be underlined to Muslims, that this  food is not halal. Even so, this food is the main culinary destination for the people of Bali and local tourists.

10. Bubur Mengguh

The Bubur Mengguh comes from Buleleng Regency, Bali Province. Typically, these foods are served during custom or religious ceremonies in the area. The main ingredients of this porridge are rice and coconut milk which is presented with seasoned chicken sauce, then sprinkled with thick sauce.

Uniquely, these preparations are eaten with vegetable oils served separately. So, the taste that created very complete. The combination of savory and slightly spicy and crunchy urap make Bubur Mengguh not to be missed during a visit to the Island of the Gods.

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11. Sate Plecing

Sate Plecing is different from other satay. If the satay is usually combined with peanut sauce or soy sauce, Sate Plecing used a typical Balinese sauce. This sambal is made from chili mixed with garlic, hazelnut, paste, then sprinkled with oil and lime. For those who like spicy food, this satay will certainly be a favorite culinary.

Once baked on hot charcoal, satay served with spicy or sweet plecing sambal according to taste. Plecing is a typical Balinese sauce made from the concoction of tomatoes, chili, salt, and shrimp paste into one. Then give it a good spicy flavor. Sambal Plecing is usually served with foods such as vegetables or meat both fish and livestock.

12. Lawar

This is a mixture of vegetables and minced meat flavored evenly from Bali. These foods are commonly served in households in Bali or sold widely in restaurants such as lawar Bali.

Lawar is a typical Balinese dish in the form of a mixture of various vegetables and meat are chopped and spiced with a variety of spices. Meat used for lawar can be tailored to taste, such as beef, chicken, and pork. One of the uniqueness of this dish is because there is blood from the meat in it. Lawar Cow will use cow’s blood to give the taste and red color to the dish.

Those are the kinds of foods are served in Bali. You can find all these kinds of foods in almost of the restaurants or food stalls in Bali. However, you would be lucky to get it from the local people of Bali if you visit Bali during the big days of Hindus.