Characteristics of Indonesian Geography, A Unique Archipelago

Indonesia is one of unique countries in the world because it consists of archipelagos separated by the sea. It has approximately 13000 archipelagos that divides in to 34 provinces. Most of them still undiscovered and haven’t been named. This numerous archipelagos brings positive benefits for Indonesia.

Indonesia is surrounded by four interesting border, the north side of Indonesia adjoins Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine, Thailand, Vietnam, and Pacific Ocean. In the east side, Indonesia borders with Papua New Guinea and Pacific Ocean. In the south side, Indonesia verges with Timor Leste and Indian Ocean and Australian Ocean. In the west side, Indonesia has Indian Ocean. Other than that, Indonesia also has political characteristic that’s also interesting to read.

These geographical characteristic gives Indonesia some benefits and they will be explained below

1. Astronomical Position

Indonesia is located on 6°NL (North Latitude) – 11°SL (South Latitude) and 95°EL (East Longitude)-141°ET (East Longitude). This position gives Indonesia some benefits. First, Indonesia has high level of humidity that’s really good for plantation. It also gives Indonesia three different time zone, WIB, Western Indonesia (GMT +7), WITA, Central Indonesia (GMT +8), and WIT, Eastern Indonesia (GMT +9).

Second, it gives Indonesia a land benefit as it has tropical rain forest ecosystem due to high amount of rain. Third, it gives Indonesia more summer time (the sun shines in a longer time).

2. Geological Position

Indonesia is located between two circum which is Circum-Mediterranean and Circum-Pasific. It is also surrounded by three main plates in the world, Pacific, Australian, and Eurasian. This position gives many benefits to Indonesia.

One of them is that the fact that in Indonesia has many volcanic mountain that spreads across the country. While it might be dangerous due to the explosion, but the magma from the mountain could make the soil fertile that’s good for agricultural activity.

3. Cultural and Social Position

Located in South East Asia, Indonesia is founding member of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nation) which is very beneficial to those country in terms of economy, politics, law and security, and social and culture.

Indonesia is also a home of many various culture and heritage which makes the country is very rich. Each province has many cultural events that can attract tourist to come and watch. This alone can be a big source for national devise.

Also, most of Indonesian is Moslem. That makes Indonesia respect Ramadan as one of biggest month Indonesia and Indonesian people celebrate it in a unique way.

4. Benefits of Position between Two Oceans

Indonesia is located between two ocean, Indian and Pacific. This makes Indonesia has three benefits from it. First, Indonesia becomes international trade routes since it has big harbor and airport which is two transportation that’s mostly used in international shipping.

Second, Indonesia becomes important international transit and cross line since Indonesia has some international airports. It also due to most of international airlines lands in Indonesia first before it departs again to the last destination. This makes Indonesia also has many beautiful beaches that has several interesting facts that’ll shock you.

5. A Rich Country Both in Land and in Sea

With astronomical and geological position, Indonesia is one of the richest countries in terms of natural resources. In land, most of Indonesian land consists of forest and farm that produces so many raw material that can be processed into finished good to be exported. the 120,35 hectare of forest is also considered of main lungs of the world because it pumps most of the oxygen in the world.

Also 70% of Indonesia is mostly a sea, and the data from ministry of maritime and fisheries states that only 48% of Indonesia’s sea resources is used, which is there are more resources that’s not been touched yet.

Indonesia is also located in the tropical climate that’s really good to produce agricultural goods, in addition, Indonesia has two climate every year, summer and rainy season which makes agricultural activity goes well every year. There are agricultural facts that might be interesting for you as well.

6. A Rich Country in terms of Its Mine Resource
Located between two ocean and two continent, Indonesia has huge mineral resource such as gasses, golds, and crude oils. This is why in Borneo and Eastern side of Indonesia, we can found mostly a company that runs to produce goods from mineral resource.

There are also interesting facts about several natural resources that could give you boarder knowledge about Indonesia.

7. High Potential of Tourism
A country with almost 13000 archipelagos, Indonesia has many places to visit and it makes Indonesia one of the most wanted country to visit in Asia to spend vacation. You want natural site with local culture? Indonesia has Bali. You want a very condensed cultural practice and experience some cultural attraction every weekend? Indonesia has Yogyakarta.

There are a lot of natural site that tourist could visit such as mountains, beaches, bays, villages, islands, even ancient castles. This is huge national treasure especially Indonesia had a history of monarchy system which leaves some artifacts that’s interesting to be observed. Tourism is one of the main devise resource for the country.

Those are the benefits of Indonesian characteristic in terms of geological and astronomical perspective. It also has some benefits coming from its natural resources and its history. Indonesia is rich country that’s need to be preserved in order to keep it alive from generation to generation.