Find these 10 Experiences of Cheap Shopping in Indonesia!

Shopping is one of the fun activities when traveling to a country. While you choose Indonesia as your tourism destination, you can have some great experiences for shopping. Not only getting cheap living expenses, even hunting for souvenirs can be a fun thing when you can buy them at a cheap price. Every region in […]

The Development of Islamic Finance in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with the largest Muslim population in the world. The majority of the Muslim population makes Indonesia a potential market in the development of Islamic finance. One that has now begun to develop rapidly is the existence of banks whose operational activities use sharia principles. Islamic finance in Indonesia is projected to […]

13 Effects Of Globalization On Business In Indonesia

Globalization is the linkage and dependence between nations and between people throughout the world through trade, investment, travel and popular culture. Globalization is a process in which between individuals, between groups, and between countries interact, depend, relate, and influence each other across national boundaries. In many ways, globalization has many of the same characteristics as […]

12 Type of Business Entity in Indonesia

A business entity is an organizational and economic entity that has the purpose of obtaining profits or profits and providing services to the community. Or it can say that it is a juridical, technical and economic entity that has a purpose to seek profit or profit. A business activity that stands with the status of […]

10 Different Types of Agriculture in Indonesia

As an agricultural country, Indonesia is blessed with abundant natural wealth plus Indonesia’s position which is considered very strategic. Starting from the geographical side, Indonesia is located in a tropical region that has high rainfall so that many types of plants can live and grow quickly. Aquatic areas in Indonesia are rich in food sources […]

13 Most Common Jobs in Indonesia You can Find Everywhere

Struggling to get a job in Indonesia is not easy. Although Indonesia is rich country, but unemployment rate can still be considered as high. After graduating school, many young people have trouble finding work because of limited skills. There are many older workers in Indonesia. Some of the people of Indonesia prefer to work as […]

13 Reasons to Invest in Indonesia

The Indonesian economy is currently at the top. Economic growth in Indonesia is said to be better compared to previous years. The amount of capital or investment made by a number of countries in Indonesia is one reason why the economy in Indonesia is getting better and growing. Do you know the meaning of investment? […]

13 Reasons of Inflation in Indonesia

Inflation is defined as an increase in the general price level. In other words, the price of goods and services such as housing, clothing, food, transportation, and fuel should increase so that inflation occurs in the economy as a whole. If the price is just some kind of goods or service increases, there is not […]

12 Reasons Why is Indonesia Mixed Economy

A mixed economic system is a regulation of economic life that is managed jointly by the private and government. Mixed economic system is an economic system that combines the capitalist economic system and capitalist economic system. Indonesia can not be separated from the liberal economic system, because the economy of this country is still dependent […]

13 Reasons Why Indonesia is Good for Investment

Indonesia is increasingly targeted by foreign countries as an investment destination. This time, a report released Indonesia as the second best investment destination in the world. Indonesia is considered to have steady economic growth in the next few years. United Nations Conferrence on Trade and Development (UNCTD) data shows Indonesia as one of the promising […]