14 Ecotourism Activities in Lombok : The True Natural Refresher

In Indonesia, there are so many possible explorable locations. The tourists will be accommodated with different kinds of the island, including the big ones such as Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Papua, and don’t forget the Bali island. But sometimes those locations are always crowded and sometimes making the other tourists look for the other alternatives, like Lombok Island for example.

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Lombok is an island located on the East side of Bali island, only divided by Lombok Strait. The island has a round-shape with little thingy like a tail on the South West part. Lombok sometimes used for romantic activities mostly honeymoon. The awesome natural things and the ecotourism activities in Lombok can surely surprise you, such as :

1 – Pusuk Sembalun National Park

The first one on the list of ecotourism activities in Lombok is a place called Pusuk Sembalun National Park or you may say as Eco Park. Pusuk Sembalun has a view that looks like a setting in movies, like Jurassic Park. The green great mountains surrounding the park, while the visitors can have a good time staring on a platform that already provided.

The platform is actually very small, it can fit for only one person. Taking pictures on this location would be a great idea because the view is really amazing.

Location: Sembalun Bumbung, East Lombok

Opening Hours: 7 am to 5 pm

Average Cost: Rp15.000,-

2 – Lingkoq Datu

You know, sometimes trying the most extreme thing can be someone’s goal in life. You can see people jumping into the water on this location called Lingkoq Datu. This location is basically cliffs that have natural jumping platforms. Those platforms are located on some spots, and they’re a bit far to each other.

If you want to try it, you can jump from that spot and dive right into the water. But you should be careful about the condition of the waves.

Location: Sekaroh village

Opening Hours: Always opens

Average Cost: Free entry

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3 – Pergasingan Hill

The next location on ecotourism activities in Lombok is a hilly area called Pergasingan Hill. You know, this place is actually quite similar to the rice terraces on Bali island. They look so beautiful, especially in the morning. Usually, the people will climb the hill first in order to get a perfect view of those rice fields.

But first, they need to go to the nearby village in order to reach the entrance. After that, they can continue their way to the Pergasingan Hill.

Location: Sembalun village, Sembaluk, East Lombok

Opening Hours: Always opens

Average Cost: Rp10.000,-

4 – Setangi Beach

At first glance, the Setangi beach looks like those exotic and hidden beaches located around Lombok. The beach is not surrounded by coconut trees. Instead, you can see the green forest behind it, hiding the beach from the outside world. If you want a better view, you can come to Ghost Villa located nearby.

The villa is basically an abandoned structure of a hotel. It looks scary, even during the day. But without it, you can’t get a perfect shot of Setangi beach.

Location: Senggigi

Opening Hours: Opens 24 hours

Average Cost: Rp5.000,- parking ticket

5 – Semeti Beach

The next beach is Semeti Beach. Really different from the other one, Semeti beach has this kind of stone cliff that looks like a crystal wall. This spot is actually the highlight of this beach, aside from its blue clear water of course. Many people actually love to take some pictures on the crystal wall.

Even though it looks really dangerous, but the pics actually quite good. Because of these walls, Semeti beach also called as Krypton beach by some foreigners.

Location: West Praya, Central Lombok

Opening Hours: Opens 24 Hours

Average Cost: Rp5.000,-

6 – Nambung Beach

Another thing in the list of ecotourism activities in Lombok is a beach called Nambung beach. This beach also has different features than the other two beaches mentioned before. Nambung beach has this kind of cliff that can make waterfalls from the ocean water. When the water hit the cliff, the water is going down slowly from the top of the cliff.

To get the best shot of that natural waterfall, you need to go down to the low part of the cliff. Make sure that your bag is waterproof.

Location: Sekotong, Central Lombok

Opening Hours: Opens 24 hours

Average Cost: Free entry

7 – Poki Bay

Want to see the bigger water splash? Just go to a place called Poki Bay. On this location, you can see the water that can reach up to 10 meters right in front of you. That’s why swimming is clearly not possible. Instead, you can get epic pictures from the rising water splash that actually looks so good.

Aside from taking pictures, this location is sometimes used for fishing, especially by the locals. You can try it too if you want it.

Location: Jerowaru, East Lombok

Opening Hours: Opens 24 Hours

Average Cost: Rp10.000,-

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8 – Tebing Beach

Lombok is indeed a heavenly place to find all the interesting settings. Sometimes, they can make us scratch our head in confusion, wondering how those wonderful places were made, just like this location called Tebing beach. The beach itself looks like another place not in our world, but in movies or video games.

The epic cliff walls are really amazing. That’s why the tourists usually walking along the beach and start to take some pictures.

Location: Gangga, North Lombok

Opening Hours: Opens 24 Hours

Average Cost: Rp25.000,-

9 – Batu Payung

Another place that looks so wonderful is the Batu Payung. If you look closely at the picture on the left side, you may start to wonder why the stone is able to stand with such a tiny body and a really big head. It feels impossible to ever miss the Batu Payung on your weekend list in Lombok.

The most interesting thing is, the stone actually has different shapes, depending on the direction. If you look from the front, the stone resembles a face-like shape which is extraordinary.

Location: Kuta Lombok

Opening Hours: Opens 24 hours

Average Cost: Rp100.000,-

10 – Gunung Tunak Eco Park

If you want to see the view of Central Lombok closer, you can actually visit the place called Gunung Tunak Eco Park. The park has a really great landscape with the beach that has the white sand, the green hill areas, and also the limestone cliffs that look awesome during the day. But there’s one thing here.

You can go to the tall white tower located in the center. It takes bravery to reach for the top. But it’s really wonderful once you up there.

Location: Pujut, Central Lombok

Opening Hours: 7 am to 6 pm

Average Cost:Rp10.000,-

11 – Penimbungan Waterfall

On this part of ecotourism activities in Lombok, we want to introduce you to another type of natural attraction, which is the waterfall. Now, you can find some waterfalls around Lombok and all of them are still in there very natural state. Like this one, for example, a waterfall named Penimbungan.

The location of Penimbungan is a bit extreme because you need to go down to the mountain in order to reach the bottom of Penimbungan. You can also take the pictures from above, especially when the day is clear enough.

Location: Rinjani

Opening Hours: Opens 24 hours

Average Cost: Rp250.000,-

12 – Benang Kelambu Waterfall

Really contrast to one waterfall above, Benang Kembalu is actually way calmer and cozier. The water in Benang Kembalu is not just coming from up to bottom. But, the water is flowing through the green vegetations that covering the waterfall’s line. There’s also a stair-like structure for reaching the bottom of the waterfall.

But the thing is, reaching this waterfall is not that easy. The road access is far from good. That’s why you need an extra muscle to be able to reach Benang Kelambu.

Location: North Batukliang, Central Lombok

Opening Hours: Opens 24 hours

Average Cost: No entrance fee

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13 – Mangku Sakti Waterfall

And the last waterfall on the list is this Mangku Sakti Waterfall. The view of Mangku Sakti looks really similar to the hidden canyon in Bali. The stone walls are surrounding you while the water is flowing in the center. But, the water is Mangku Sakti is way brighter. Sometimes, the color is showing a light blue color.

The water that flows from Mount Rinjani is believed to be the cure for many skin diseases. That’s why many people would consider taking a bath in the location.

Location: Sembalun, East Lombok

Opening Hours: Opens 24 hours

Average Cost: Rp5.000,-

14 – Tanjung Bloam Beach

The last location we must know before ending this article is a place called Tanjung Bloam Beach. Tanjung Bloam is the sand and stony beach located around East Lombok. The sand is not that smooth, and the stones are basically covering the beach surface. But, there’s actually a stone that became an icon of this place, the big stone located on a separated island.

To go there, you need to walk on a very tiny stone road. It’s way easier if you don’t look down.

Location: Jerowaru, East Lombok

Opening Hours: 6 am to 8 pm

Average Cost: Free entry