Best Snorkeling in Bali Indonesia – The Exclusive Locations You Should Visit

After we telling you so much about the best surfing locations in this country, we want to encourage you to visit other places that really suitable for doing this special watersport called snorkeling. Snorkeling is an activity that can be enjoyed by everybody. Unlike surfing, which requires bravery and skills, snorkeling is considered to be an easy sport that can be one with only one requirement, the ability to swim.

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Usually people will spend their time underwater for minutes. But is swimming really that essential? Not, it’s actually not. It’s better if you can swim for sure, but if you can’t, all you need to do is floating. With clear water, the visibity when you swimming will be much clearer. If you get it, now it’s time to search the best places in the country for you to snorkel. We want to take you back to the Bali island to find all the best snorkeling in Bali Indonesia, as mentioned on the list below :

1 – Tulamben Bali

The first location that really suitable for snorkeling is Tulamben Bali. Bali island is known to be a nice place for doing some snorkeling. Other than the popular locations like Kuta or Pandawa, Tulamben Bali should come to your mind if you want to visit a wonderful place for your special activity, snorkeling.

Tulamben is not an urban city like those two locations mentioned above. Instead, it’s actually a village that located one the North East side of Bali. The village seems calm though, even though there’s a gem hidden inside. Tulamben was an arena where one of American ships drowned after being hit by Japanese army. It became one of the best snorkeling spots in Bali now.

2 – Pemuteran

The next diving spot in our list is Pemuteran. This place is a recommended one that located in the Northern Bali. From Gilimanuk, the distance is about 30 km, and it’s located in the west side of Singaraja city. However, because of that far location, many people would choose the other alternatives that located nearer.

This give us the opportunity to enjoy to enjoy a very calm and quiet beach for snorkeling. Even though the location was destroyed by Crown of Thorns parasites, but it survived and became one of the best snorkeling location around the island. In this location, visitors mostly want to see the table corals and the unique lion fish.

3 – Menjangan Bali

Menjangan island is the small island that located between Bali and Banyuwangi. You can go here via both of them by hopping in a ferry. However, the Menjangan island is included as West Bali National Park area as one of its best high-lighted place for doing watersports like swimming and also snorkeling.

However, if you wondering, Menjangan Island is located in Teluk Terima of Terima Bay of Bali island, near the main street from Singaraja to Gilimanuk. Many tourists are delighted to see the colorful colors and beautiful fishes. For you who want to spend more than a day, there’s also a resort, a nice one, that reserved for all the visitors.

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4 – Nusa Penida

The next location that we should include on the list is Nusa Penida. If we’re talking about the best location to do snorkeling and diving, the first thing that comes up in mind is Nusa Penida. Here, there are two main locations that suitable for any divers out there, the beautiful Crystal Bay and mysterious Manta Point.

The Manta Point, however, is a set of the location where manta fishes live. The manta rays are 100% safe for the tourists because all of their exotic tails were removed before. That’s why swimming around them in the Manta Point is perfectly safe. The Crystal Bay is a home for so many fishes like Mola-mola fish and the others.

5- Banda Sea

Aside from those five locations above, we also want to include the other five locations in this first list that located a bit far from Bali island, but very popular as best snorkeling locations. As you may know already, Indonesia is located inside the Ring of Fire. Almost all the islands in Indonesia have the active volcano that can erupt at any time. One of them is the Banda Island, which also included as one little island that still has a very reactive volcano. However, the sea that located nearby, which is Banda Sea, can be said to be the best snorkeling in Bali Indonesia.

However, it’s not actually located around Bali island. That’s why, you still need some more time for preparing the accomodation to reach its location, which is in the Maluku Island. To go here, it should be an easy ride from Bali island. However, Banda Sea has the hidden underwater heaven that you should see exclusively.

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6 – Komodo National Park

The next place that should be included inside this list is the Komodo National Park, a little bit far from Bali island, but always worth it. Where else you can see the last dinosaur standing on this earth. The Komodo island is one of a kind, you can’t even find a similar island that close to this one. But of course, aside for seeing all the Komodos that inhabit the area, the tourist can also do another kind of activity, which is snorkeling.

Talking about the accomodation, even though the island seems very natural, the management of Komodo National Park also serves the tourists with resorts, tour guide, and even a rental place for renting swimming equipment, including for snorkeling. Exploring the wonderful underwater biota should be a fun thing to do here. Surely it’s not that far from Bali Island

7 – Raja Ampat

As one heavenly place on this earth, Raja Ampat is always a favorable place to go. Many people are always promoting it on social media, saying it’s a gem of the world, the true paradise, and many other nicknames that given by the tourists who already visited this area before. And of course, all of them are true of course.

Raja Ampat that located in Papua has the largest sea life concentration in this world. In this area alone, you can find about 75% of world coral species. Other than that, there are also about 1.500 different species of fish, turtle, and also sharks. Because of its wonderful sea life ecosystem, many consider it as the best snorkeling place in the world.

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8 – Bunaken

Next location that should be included inside the best snorkeling in Bali Indonesia is Bunaken. This locations is more popular with the name Taman Laut Bunaken, or the Bunaken Waterpark. However, this special place is located in North Sulawesi Island, which is only hours from Java island.

Many tourists would love to explore it because of many reasons. First, the area has a very wide area. It’s about 75 thousand hectares of an area that you can explore, fully underwater. This area is also filled with more than 13 kinds of coral. Some of them even have 25 to 30 meters depth. In there, you can see so many colorful fishes like coral sharks. Other than that, there are also 5 turtle species that also inhabit the area.

9 – Wakatobi National Park

Next one in best snorkeling in Bali Indonesia is Wakatobi National Park. Of course, everyone knows this one. The National Park is located in the area of South East Sulawesi, which is also not very far from the location of Bunaken that we mentioned above. However, the name Wakatobi is actually an acronym of some islands that combined into one.

Wakatobi is the combination of four different islands, the Wangi-wangi island, Kaledupa island, Tomia island, and the last one is Binongko. Wakatobi National Park has about 850 different species of underwater biota and also 750 coral species. Sometimes, you can even find the friendly neighborhood sperm whales that also playing in this location sometimes.

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We also have the other locations, in fact two of them that always can be considered as the best snorkeling in Bali Indonesia that you could try. They look gret as well as the other then locations above  that we already mentioned. Those locations are :

1. Nusa Lembongan

2. Serangan Island

3. Lovina Beach

So, that’s our article about the best snorkeling in Bali Indonesia, the amazing places for snorkeling on the special island of Bali. The island is indeed a gem of this country and all over the world. It’s always serving people with its best locations for vacation. Spending a day on this island is surely not enough. Especially when you want to find the best locations for snorkeling.