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13 Devastating Effects of Air Pollution in Jakarta

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Air Pollution is a condition of air contaminated with the presence of materials, foreign substances or other components in the air causing the change of air order by human activities or by natural processes. There is no doubt, that urban air is far from a clean word. Motor vehicle exhaust emissions as one of the largest sources of air pollution is potentially harmful to health because it triggers the emergence of various chronic diseases. WHO 2016 data places Jakarta and Bandung in the top ten cities with the worst air pollution in Southeast Asia. Moreover, air effects of pollution in Jakarta could be so harmful for us. Here are the list of the effects air pollution in Jakarta.

  1. Stroke and coronary heart disease

Currently the people can add another risk factor related to heart attacks, namely air pollution. Air pollution will affect the contraction and expansion of the blood vessels causing blood pressure to rise. According to French researchers, the Paris Cardiovascular Research Center, elevated levels of pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and other particles can affect the heart. The more terrible is the fact that if every major pollutant increases by 10 micrograms per cubic meter, you will not know the difference when you inhale it. But an increase in the weight of these air pollutants will increase the risk of heart attack by 1-3%.

  1. Human respiratory system in danger

The first can interfere with the health especially breathing. Dirty air contains carbon dioxide gas and other toxic gases that are very harmful to the respiratory system in humans. Dirty air entering the body through the breathing can cause acute respiratory infections such as bronchitis and asthma. If we are exposed to contaminated air constantly, then the result is very fatal to the lung cancer.

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  1. Eyes health

In Jakarta the level of pollution is quite high, caused by the number of factories, the number of motor vehicle fumes, the lack of green plants, and many others. This is what can disturb your health such as respiratory disorders and in particular can be a disorder of eye health, throat, and even internal organs such as heart, lungs, and stomach. There are several eye symptoms associated with air pollution. Symptoms can range from simple irritation to severe allergies, cataracts and even cancer.

  1. The increasing temperature in Jakarta

Increased air temperatures are strongly associated with increasing deforestation due to illegal logging and forest fires. This increases the levels of carbon dioxide. Furthermore, human activity that produces motor vehicle fumes and cigarette smoke also increases CO2 levels. Increasing atmospheric CO2 levels will be difficult to defraud, ultimately causing the greenhouse effect. The presence of CO2 in space is very much. Thus, the sunlight that reaches the surface of the earth, then reflected to the numbers was held up by a layer of CO2 gas, and finally reflected back to the surface of the earth. This causes the surface temperature of the earth to be higher.

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  1. Plants are difficult to grow

Plants that grow in areas with high levels of air pollution can be disrupted growth. Plants are also prone to diseases, including chlorosis, necrosis, and black spots. Substances that stick to the surface of plants can inhibit the process of photosynthesis. Plants will lack nutrients because the polluting wastes of the soil have killed decomposing organisms. The organisms include bacteria, fungi, and worms, to the rest of living things, such as pieces of wood, piles of grass that can not be decomposed into inorganic.

  1. The government make some policy to decrease the air polution

To overcome the problem of pollution, the Jakarta government has issued several regional regulations and the governor’s decisions related to the cleanliness and environment issues. The addition of facilities has also been done by the local government to reduce the pollution that occurred in Jakarta, such as the existence of three in one area, increase the number of corridors and TransJakarta buses, provide running toilets, increase the number of stove suction cars. In addition, the greening efforts undertaken by the Government of DKI Jakarta, among others through the program “planting a million trees” in five areas of Jakarta. Each body or substance is required to maintain plants, plant trees along protocol roads & create parks in crowded places.

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  1. The campaign for using of friendly-environment product is trending

In development, the need for a balance between development with nature to keep the environment comfortable to live in. One of the institutions that encourage the use of environmentally friendly building materials is Green Product Council Indonesia (GPCI). In the process of producing a product or material, it takes raw materials, energy and water, and generates waste or waste. Source of environmentally friendly materials become added value in a product or material in preserving the environment of the earth.

  1. The extreme weather

Extreme weather in Jakarta often happens on recent days. This is the impact of air pollution released into the air causing ecosystem imbalances in Jakarta. No wonder, if suddenly there is hail in Jakarta with frequent ice. Or maybe the temperature rise reaches 38 degrees Celsius which is very hot on human skin.

  1. The regulations of Industry in Jakarta are tightened

Monitoring the industrial in Jakarta is one way to cover the gaps of legislation and regulation. This monitoring is especially important in factories that have large air pollutant disposal capacity. The purpose of this oversight itself is to suppress the occurrence of cheating by factories that are not concerned with the environment. Because there are still many factories where the factory does not use the appropriate filter or air chimney filter, and some even do not install it.

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  1. Reduce Visibility

The thick smoke of vehicles and industries often reduce our visibility so that all activities become disturbed. Even today air pollution in Beijing has caused visibility to drop to just a few dozen meters. The cause of air pollution there is not due to forest fires, but because of the rampant industrial plant and the increasingly prevalent motor vehicle fumes. Activities at the airport are also disrupted due to reduced visibility.

  1. Main Causes of Global Warming

Global warming (global warming) resulted in rising earth temperatures so that seawater rose. Earth temperature rises due to damaged ozone layer. Ozone layer is useful to keep the temperature of the earth so it is not too hot or not too cold. This layer is damaged by air pollution mainly from CFC substances or chlorofluorocarbons. Such substances are common in refrigerators, air conditioners, and aerosols (spray). The way to prevent it is by purchasing the product labeled Non-CFC.

  1. Depletion of ozone layer

The ozone layer is used to filter out harmful sunlight that is ultraviolet rays, besides this layer is responsible for controlling the amount of heat in the atmosphere. Damage to ozone can lead to rising temperatures in the atmosphere, thereby increasing global warming on this earth.

Causes of ozone damage due to excessive use of harmful gas by humans. The gases are Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), CFCs used in refrigeration systems such as refrigerators and air conditioners, aerosols and Styrofoam. Earth’s atmosphere is a layer of gas or air that is useful for filtering sunlight and light. This air layer consists of dust, gas and water vapor. The more the earth’s atmosphere becomes more polluted due to human activities. The more cars, factories, and homes that have sprung up, the more pollution increases.

  1. Bad Impact For Child Growth

Children inhale more air per kilo of their body weight than adults. At the same time, respiratory organs-including their lungs-are not fully developed and highly sensitive to pollutant attacks. Meanwhile, UNICEF data show about 300 million children, of which 220 million are in Asia, live in an environment where air pollution is 6 times worse than the World Health Organization (WHO).

Those are the effects of air polution in Jakarta. If you live in jakarta, you could use mask to cover your nose and mouth while going out. The use of masks is a primary prevention effort to protect themselves from pollutants that can reduce a person’s health condition. However, its use should be tailored to the needs.

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