7 Ways How to Avoid Flood in Jakarta

It has already well known that Jakarta is the city with the highest rate of population in Indonesia. Once you visit Jakarta, you will see a lot of the high buildings. As a capital city, Jakarta becomes the center of economy in Indonesia. Much people live in Jakarta to get their good livings. In fact, the rate of poverty in Jakarta keeps increasing.

As the metropolis city, Jakarta has the good development for infrastructure. We would like give you suggestion not to come to Jakarta in rainy season, unless you will get trapped on the flood. As you know, Jakarta is still bad at sanitation system. That is why Jakarta is susceptible toward the flood. The flood is the most common of Natural Disaster in Indonesia. However, we would like to give you some tips of 7 How to Avoid Flood in Jakarta.

For Those who Live in Jakarta

Here are the do and don’ts to avoid flood for those who permanently live in Jakarta.

  1. Dispose the garbage in the proper place

Almost of the causes of flood in Jakarta is the people habit of disposing the garbage in the wrong place. Don’t dispose any garbage in the river or drain. It may cause to block the water flow when it is raining. As the result, the water will be out from the river or drain and caused a flood.

Make sure to gather the garbage in a big dustbin. Usually, the janitor of Jakarta will take the garbage once in three days. If there is no janitor passing your house, you could dispose the rubbish into TPA or final disposal that available in your area.

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2. Go Green

Go green campaign is really well known at this time. The lack of the tree in Jakarta is one causes of the flood. When there is no tree, the soil could not absorb the water well. That is why the flood comes.

You could solve it by making a small green area at your home. Leave a small space at your house. Then, continue to plan it with some flowery plants or tree. It would not only beautify your house, but also give a lot of benefits to avoid the flood. However, it would not work unless you ask the people around you to do the same. You could do the small campaign of go green by asking your neighbors and your family to plant some trees on their houses.

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3. Make a good drainage system

In many cases of flood, the area with the high possibility of flood has the bad drainage system. Some of houses in Jakarta even don’t have any drain. Once you live in Jakarta and build a house, make sure to make the good drainage system in around your house. It could help you to avoid flood when it is heavy rain. Make sure to make a good gutter and flow the water into the drain.

Don’t forget to clean the gutter and drain periodically. You should clean them at least once fortnight. The clean of the drainage system would let the water flow well. When you never clean the drain or gutter, the flow of water will be blocked by some dirt or garbage. It would cause the flood.

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4. Making the bio-pore holes and paving stone

The bio-pore holes is the methods of making the vertical and cylindrical hole in the soil as the water infiltration media. The biopore holes aimed to increase the absorption of the ground. It could be the beneficial method for the area with the crowded population. You could make the biopore holes in front of your house.

The next method, you could apply the paving stone in some area of your houses. The soil could absorb the rain water well. This method has already been applied in some areas of elite complex in Jakarta. You could follow the method to avoid flood.

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5. Heighten the house

 For those who live in the flood area, you could heighten your house. This is the last choice for you when the method to avoid floods doesn’t work. You should renovate your house by heightening the construction and the foundation of your house. Besides it would cost a lot of money, you should be patient enough to wait the long process.

You could start to renovate your house in dry season. Manage the schedule of renovation system before the rainy season comes.

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For Those who Visit Jakarta

 If you are a visitor of Jakarta and planning to stay for a while there, it would better to notice some ways to avoid flood in Jakarta below.

  1. Search the flood information through internet or television

When you would visit Jakarta, make sure to get some information of flood through some internet news article or Television. It is not good choice if you visit Jakarta in October-March. It is rainy season, so the possibility of flood will increase. Avoid pass North Jakarta and Central Jakarta since they are the area with flood-prone.

Once you stay in Jakarta at the rainy season, don’t forget to always see the forecast before going out from the hotel or apartment. Remember that the heavy rain may cause the flood. Prepare the umbrella and sandals just in case you caught at the rain.

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2. Don’t drive in the flood area

When you drive a car, avoid the flood area. You will get the higher risk for the death engine of your car. The high puddle of water could break your car engine system. Once you have to pass the flood area, look at the other cars which pass the flood first. It could be your reference whether the flood is safe enough to be passed.

Make sure to choose the right route and path in the flood. It would better to pass the low puddle. Keep away the strong current of the flood unless your car will be dragged by flood. Take the constant speed when passing a puddle. Keep the distance toward another car. Don’t be so closed with another car while passing a flood.

However, driving in the flood area is the last option. While you could still avoid the flood area, you could search the alternative road which is safe from flood.

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The flood could give the bad effect for the livings. That is why it would better for you to avoid the flood with the smart solutions. Although the flood in Jakarta is not too dangerous, you should take care your self well during the flood.