13 Famous Places to Visit in Jakarta Indonesia

Jakarta offers a variety of tourist destinations for all people. Ranging from family attractions, nature, culture, education, to culinary.

Various tourist attractions in Jakarta are also regional icons, suitable for beginner travelers who want to get the best experience, especially if there is little vacation time. Here are Famous Places To Visit In Jakarta Indonesia :

1. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is an iconic amusement park with Indonesian themes popular since the 90s.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of rides and facilities such as the Regional Pavilion, cable car, 4D.

Theater, museum, the IMong Keong Mas Theater, and many more.

All facilities, buildings, rides and decorations at tourist attractions in Jakarta are miniature of 33 provinces in Indonesia. Read also the others places to visit in Indonesia

2. Ancol Beach

Ancol Beach is a tourist beach route consisting of five beaches, namely Pantai Indah, Elok, Ria, Ancol Festival, and Carnival Ancol.

Tourist attractions in Jakarta this one is open for 24 hours and offers beautiful panoramas, places to eat, and an ideal location to see the sunrise or sunset.

Visitors can take pictures, play sand, jog, or eat at one of the restaurants in this integrated tourist area.

Various points in tourist attractions in Jakarta this one is also suitable to enliven your Instagram album.

3. Ocean Dream Ocean (Gelanggang Samudra)

Ocean Dream Samudra or also known as Gelanggang Samudra, is a tourist spot in Jakarta with sea themes and is located in the Ancol Jaya Dreamland area.

Gelanggang Samudra offers attractions of animals such as dolphins and sea lions, Bird Paradise Park.

As well as thrilling performances such as Scorpion Rides, to rides to play like Ubur-Ubur and Boto-Boto.

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4. Fantasy world

Dunia Fantasi is a family amusement park in the area of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol.

The park offers a variety of rides, ranging from thrilling ones such as Tornado, Halilintar and Hysteria, to those suitable for all ages such as Sloping Houses, Poci-Poci, Turangga Rangga, and Pontang-Pontang.

Tourist attractions in Jakarta also offer special themes for example Ice Age Arctic Adventure, Treasureland, Dufan Glow, Fantasy Lights: Magic of Dufan, and Hello Kitty Adventure.

Sound, light and appearance effects of animatronic robots and actors will make these rides more lively.

5. Allianz Ecopark

Allianz Ecopark, also known as Ocean Ecopark, is a natural and family tourism park in the Ancol Jaya Dreamland area.

The park is surrounded by shady trees and beautiful rivers. In addition, there are pathways for sports, playgrounds, lake tours, mini zoos, relaxing gazebos, as well as canoes and paddle boats.

Visitors can play while studying in places such as the Bee House, Faunaland, and Rumah Energi. Outbondholic and paintball arena will also give fun for all ages.

There is also a Learning Farm which offers learning packages for farming for children. Eco-market facilities and food stalls will complement the excitement at tourist attractions in Jakarta.

6. Alive Museum

Located at Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Alive Museum is a unique visual museum network from Korea that presents wax figures of famous figures.

Then, it similar to Tussaud Madam Museum in Bangkok, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Singapore.

The various statues depict famous entertainment figures from Korean pop singers to famous western singers and Hollywood stars.

There is also a collection of visual illusions with creative images, so this tourist spot is suitable for filling in your Instagram album. See also most luxury mall in Jakarta.

7. Waterbom

Waterbom is a popular water park located on Pantai Indah Kapuk. Waterbom offers various swimming pools for all ages, with varying levels of tension.

Waterbom Jakarta offers exciting rides such as Twizter, Speedslide, and The Hairpin.

One of the iconic rides is Aquatube, a huge 118-meter long winding slide. There are also rides suitable for young visitors, such as shallow swimming pools, bulk buckets, and relaxing flow pools.

8. Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Zoo is a family and educational destination suitable for all ages.

Ragunan not only stores a collection of more than 290 species of animals, but also various entertainment and educational facilities. Currently, Ragunan has the Orang Utan World and Schmutzer Primate Center, an educational facility about primates.

In addition to museums and information centers, visitors can also interact with live orangutans. There is also a playground and Children Zoo, which is a mini zoo where children can interact with small benign animals.

9. Indonesian National Museum

The Indonesian National Museum is a museum in Central Jakarta that holds a collection of inscriptions, statues, traditional weapons, textiles, pottery, manuscripts, archaeological excavations, and other ancient objects from various regions of the archipelago.

Tourist attractions in Central Jakarta were established in 1778, and are now known as one of the largest museums in Southeast Asia.

The National Museum is also known as the “Elephant Museum”, because of the elephant statue in the yard. The Indonesian National Museum offers educational and artistic activities for the community every weekend. Visitors can learn traditional dance and batik, or watch art and fairy tales. You can read also most expensive properties in Jakarta

10. The Fatahillah Museum

The Fatahillah Museum is a popular name for the Jakarta History Museum.

Established in 1712, this tourist attraction in Jakarta stores relics of the Kingdom era Pajajaran and Tarumanegara, a collection of rickshaws from various eras, Betawai cultural products, and colonial heritage.

There is also a collection of ancient furniture in various styles, ranging from Java, China, to the Netherlands.

The Fatahillah Museum also has historical and cultural education programs, such as the Nusantara Art Program, historical museum seminars, and historical reconstruction activities.

11. National Monument Monument (Monas)

Monas is a “mandatory” destination for people outside Jakarta to take pictures.

Monas is surrounded by beautiful gardens on the outside, and on the inside shows dioramas of the Indonesian struggle for independence.

There is also an elevator that will take visitors to climb to the top of the monument and view the panorama of Jakarta from a height.

Since 2016, the provincial government of DKI Jakarta has opened a National Monument at night, so that visitors can enjoy night tours. Visitors can enter the tourist area in Jakarta by using the tourist train from the Jakarta Lenggang Door, especially at night.

12. Istiqlal Mosque

This mosque is one of the icons of Jakarta which is located adjacent to the State Palace and National Monument.

Inaugurated in 1978, the largest mosque in Southeast Asia is a “National Mosque” which was built to commemorate Indonesia’s independence.

The architecture is magnificent and is often the object of photos of national and international photographers. This mosque is not only beautiful, but also comfortable and able to accommodate around 200,000 people.

13. Cathedral Church

The Cathedral Church is located not far from the Istiqlal Mosque, so it becomes a symbol of inter-religious harmony. This church has a typical European style design, with a pointed tower typical of the Gothic church.

The Cathedral Church is open to both Catholics and public visitors who want to see the beauty of the building.

The unique and distinctive design of the Cathedral Church also makes it popular as a pre-wedding photo location.

Its strategic location makes it easy to reach by Trans Jakarta bus and public transportation.

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