14 Places to Visit In Indonesia With Family

Long holidays will soon arrive, you and your family must have determined some tourist attractions that will be used as a joint tourist spot.

However, if only that place again, of course, you will feel bored. Want to feel some new atmosphere and a place for family fun and fun. The following are the family activities in Lombok you can do.

This time we will discuss places to visit in Indonesia with the most phenomenal family and make the family vacation more memorable. To find out what places are, here are some examples that can be used as a trip for you and your family:

A. Jakarta City

1. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

This Beautiful Indonesia Mini Park has a very large area, and what is in it is complete. You will find pavilions from every province in Indonesia, including their traditional houses, more than 15 museums, parks, theaters and also playgrounds.

This place is highly recommended for you and your family, one of the most phenomenal rides is the ‘Legend Park’, which contains various dinosaurs.

2. Waterboom Jakarta

The place to visit in Indonesia with family is the Jakarta Waterbom, which is located on a vast land, built with tropical and beautiful garden themes.

The inside is filled with extraordinary slides and slides, such as Speed Slide, or Twitzer, which has a circular route and ends in a pond. Wahana is very suitable when considering the distance from the city center and being one of the places with complete and fun water rides for families. This is explanation about family life in Bali you may know.

3. Fantasy world ( Dufan )

This playground is the most famous attraction in Jakarta which of course can be enjoyed by children and your family. Dunia Fantasi (or abbreviated as DuFan) became one of the first playgrounds in Indonesia, besides Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Dufan is a playground in North Jakarta, you can enjoy more than 30 activities, from thrilling rides (such as Tornado or Hysteria) to friendly rides and some entertainment venues suitable for children, choose age-appropriate rides. This place is still one area with the Ancol Jaya Dream Park, you can also enjoy a lot of games as well as various marine animals here.

4. Kidzania Jakarta

One place to visit in Indonesia with a family that is good for you and your family is Kidzania. Kidzania Jakarta is designed and built to describe the city in real terms, but on a small scale for children.

This vehicle is equipped with highways, city facilities such as supermarket hospitals, salons, cinemas, factories, and many others.

In this city, children can play with certain professions, such as being a doctor, pilot, banker, actor, singer, police, chef, scientist, archeologist, firefighters, and many others according to their talents and hobbies. Here they are the unique family customs in Indonesia.

B. Bandung, West Java

5. Tafso Barn

Tafso Barn in the Ciumbuleuit area, which is the latest culinary tour that must be visited. Had a great view of Bandung, this unique cafe has a mini-golf course, white bird cages, vintage swings, and cozy mini tents.

This place is very beautiful, comfortable and also fun to relax with family, there are children rides and also the scenery around the cool and beautiful.

6. Rainbow Garden Lembang

Located in the famous Floating Market Lembang, this park complex offers a diverse collection of hundreds of types of flowers, of which 80 percent can be eaten.

Flowers at Rainbow Garden are also specially arranged so that they can look like rainbows, like the name of the garden. Not only a beautiful blend of colors but also a variety of decorations provided, you can enjoy them comfortably and pleasantly. Here are some family activities in Bandung you must try.

7. Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park

Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park is a tourist spot that is beautiful and suitable for families, located right at the foot of the mountain in the Situ Lembang area with very fresh and clean air. Even to go to this park you still have to take a shuttle from the parking lot.

You can participate in various activities, from air ballooning to canoeing while enjoying the fresh mountain air. You can stay in a lakefront cottage which is made of wood. For those who are more adventurous, can also rent a tent.

C. Bali

8. Bali Waterboom

The next place to visit in Indonesia with a nice family in Bali is Waterboom, this place offers a lot of fun and fun activities.

There are many rides and a water game center that is safe for early childhood as well as adults, you can enjoy every available game. And you can also try some fun shows that are usually held in that place. This place is suitable for you and your family who want to play water and so on. The following is an explanation of family life in Bali you must know.

9. Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park is the largest conservation and bird conservation park in Indonesia. There are many collections of thousands of birds from 250 species which are divided into 7 habitat zones. Ranging from birds from South America, Africa, protected birds from Indonesia are found in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Papua, and Bali, to the owl house.

Visitors can watch various bird attractions, feed birds, and play with exotic birds. Another facility at Bali Bird Park is a 4-Dimensional cinema that shows films about birds, open-air restaurants and can eat accompanied by bird songs, as well as souvenir shops.

10. Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park is a fauna tourist attraction that consists of various types of animals, around 50 species, including endangered species and protected stars.

Tourist attractions in Bali for children are designed with ambiance or typical Balinese ornaments. Many performances can be seen in this place, which is certainly very fun and safe for children. There is also a night safari package, which is more tense and challenging. You and your family will certainly feel memorable vacationing in this place. Hence the habit of family activities in Bali Indonesia.

Furthermore, places to visit in Indonesia with a family that you can enjoy apart from the explanation and example above are:

D. Bogor, West Java

  • De Ranch in the Puncak area offers fun entertainment for families, has cool mountain air and a rural atmosphere in Europe, complete with castles and flower gardens. Various rides such as candy houses, hobbit houses, fairy bridges, and rabbit houses, cowboy games, restaurants, and many others.
  • Jungleland Adventure Theme Park is a place with a variety of exciting family rides. Available facilities offer 41 exciting rides that can be explored in four areas: Carnivalia, Explora, and Mysteria, water games, dinosaur parks, and another beauty of this place is the natural river that splits right in the middle, with the charm of Gunung Pancar. You can try the best places for nightlife activities in Bogor Indonesia.
  • Cimory Riverside is a place to visit in Indonesia with a family that you can try. You can enjoy the beauty of the river from the riverwalk, a wooden bridge jutting into the river, with delicious restaurant menus, dairy products, and yogurt that are good for children and other facilities that are very fun to enjoy with family.
  • Cisaruah Safari Park is a place that offers a variety of animals that can be seen through caravans. There are also animals that perform shows and other attractions of these animals. You can also enjoy a challenging and fun night Safari. Equipped with family restaurants and beautiful views, cool and charming. Here they are the best and nice things you only see in Indonesia.

Such are some examples and explanations about places to visit in Indonesia with family. Hopefully, it becomes a recommendation for you and your family to take a vacation and visit the place. Have a good vacation.