11 Fascinating Places to Visit in Ubud to Heal Your Soul

Ubud and Kuta, two popular destinations that you can find in Bali, Indonesia. The difference is Ubud has more traditional sentiment instead of Kuta. While Kuta has more modern approach such as restaurants, hotels, and some beaches located near street, Ubud offers some natural and traditional way in offering the visit.

You can find traditional artistry whether it is hand craft industry or performance art clubhouse. The scenery also feels closer to the nature since most of Ubud is built upon field. There are also traditional markets that you can visit to understand what local people do in their daily activity.

There are also some places in Ubud that can make you feel relaxed and happy. Not only in day time, Ubud also offers various places to visit at night.Here are the highlight from the cheapest place to affordable-to-expensive place to visit in Ubud.

1. Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud

Pura (shrine) is a common place that you can find in Bali since the majority of its people believe in Hindu. One of the most popular shrine there is Pura Taman Saraswati that’s located in the centre of Ubud, specifically in Kajeng Ubud Street. Most of the visitors spend their time taking photos with Balinese architecture as the background.

The shrine doesn’t charge money to enter, however there’s certain dress code that tourist should obey. They must wear sarong (traditional cloth from Indonesia) and a shawl that’s tied in the waist. There are also local dance performance every night but it’s charged for the ticket. The best time to visit this place starts from 15:30 p.m.

2. Alam Sari Agrotruism

Agrotourism, a tourism activity involving the process of agricultural activity, is rising in Bali. One of its strong identity is Alam sari. When you visit there, you’ll find big coffee field in the production process. There are many type of coffee seed that local people cultivate here. Alam Sari offers the tour of how local people cultivate various kinds of coffee. From planting the seed to harvest season. They also cultivate special type of coffee, Luwak coffee.

Visitors are also invited to try their product for free, but not Luwak coffee, they need to buy it first. The site also doesn’t charge ticket to enter which means it’s free to enter. The best time to visit this place is around 15:00 p.m. local time.

3. Campuhan Hill

This hills is quite popular among visitors in Ubud. In Fact, local youth names this site a love hill, there are no specific reason why they do such thing. But, as an assumption, most of local youth find their first love here. It doesn’t matter actually because the secret ingredient that attracts people to visit this place is its scenery, no doubt. It has green field as long as you could see. You also can feel warm breeze blowing your hair and body while spending your time with friends and families.

Campuhan Hill is very easy to find. You need to visit Warwick Ibah Luxury Villa and Spa, then after you arrive at the gate, there’s a little route in the left side called Bangkiang Sidem Street. You take the route until you find the hill and enjoy the trip. There’s no charge to enter the hill and the best time to visit it is at 16:30 p.m. local time.

4. Rice Field in Petulu Village

It’s not ordinary rice field that you usually find in Indonesia. When the sun sets, a group of heron birds will fly back to its home after all day working. It will give beautiful scenery to the tourist. This type of heron birds is called Kokokan by local people. Even though you can see the birds in midday, it’s recommended to approach them in afternoon before the sun sets to witness the beauty of this creature and the feeling of sunset in a village sentiment. Not only that, but Indonesia also has various type of rice field that produces main ingredient for Indonesian food.

5. Puri Saren Ubud

This is one of the iconic landmark if you visit Ubud. Puri Saren is Palace of King of Ubud. This site is located in Jalan Raya Ubud (Downtown). Here, tourist can experience Balinese architecture and beautiful garden surround it. This palace is not only royal palace in Indonesia, there are more palaces in Indonesia that has been preserved as national heritage.

There are no price charge to enter this building and it’s open to everyone who wants to know history of Bali. If you’re lucky, you can watch local community exercise their local dance in the palace. The best time to visit this place is at 15:30 p.m. local time.

6. Artistic Market Ubud

Going on a trip doesn’t feel right when you don’t buy local souvenirs. Ubud artistic market exist to provide that needs. Located in the centre of Ubud, this place offer various local souvenirs ready to buy. It opens from 6 a.m. in the morning until 6 p.m. in the evening local time.

If you want to get cheapest price possible, it’s recommended to be patient while bargaining your desired product. Also, it’s recommended to visit this place in the morning since there are fewer people and usually the merchant sells their product at lower price in the morning. There are also some interesting activities that local people do outside the market during the day.

7. Threads of Life Ubud

Threads of Life is a gallery dedicated to showcase the hand craft of textile product from centre and eastern Indonesia. Located near the Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud, this place offers ancient and rare woven fabric that could only find in certain places in Indonesia. There are also no price charged if you want to visit this site.

8. Sawah Terasering Tegalalang Ubud

This place is the most visited site in Ubud. It consists of terraced fields that draws very beautiful scenery from the top. Favourite location according to visitors is in the street that’s usually used for taking photo with the terraced field as the background. There’s no price charged if you take the photo from there. However, if you want to go to discover the terraced field, there’s ticket entry.

Overall, this place is very popular in Ubud, so don’t miss it when you visit there.

9. Bali Swings

This site is the rising star in Ubud. It’s quiet new site but it draws many attentions from travellers because of Instagram effect. There are many tourism site that offers swinging, but in Ubud, there’s one specific place that offers this facility. It’s Bongsaka. It’s located in Badung, Bali and offers various type of swinging from 10 meters to 78 meters height. For the one who loves to challenge their adrenaline, this one is for you.

10. Tegenungan Waterfall

This waterfall is not specifically located in Ubud, instead it’s located in Gianyar, Bali, but people say this one is Ubud’s probably because Tegenungan Waterfall is located near the tourism complex in Ubud. The waterfall has 15 meters in height with beautiful scenery surrounds it. This place is recommended to be visited in summer since the water is cleaner and warmer. The track is also not muddy and slippery unlike when it’s rainy season.

The waterfall has entry ticket unlike some of the site above, but it’s not very expensive. For a person, it’s only charged IDR 15.000 ($1). With that cheap ticket, everyone can experience beautiful waterfall with breath-taking scenery. Other than waterfall, Ubud is located near some beautiful beaches that you can visit which makes Ubud has complete itinerary to your trip.

11. Monkey Forest

There are two popular tourism site in Ubud if you ask local people, It’s either Tegalalang terraced field or Monkey forest. It’s located in Jalan Forest Monkey Gianyar, Bali. It’s a Sacred Forest Sanctuary that’s a preservation area for monkey. Besides watching many monkeys live their life freely, it has one of sacred shrine in Bali, Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal.

There are charged ticket to enter the site, but as soon as you enter the forest, the feeling of breeze air and natural odour will surround your journey. Also, as mentioned in its name, you’ll witness many monkeys doing whatever they want. Some of them might be nosy so be careful with your belongings.

Those are some of the finest tourism sites that can be your option when you visit Ubud, Bali. It’s one of beautiful place consisting of various tourism site that can satisfy your soul from natural, cultural to modern aspect. From Pura Taman Saraswati to Monkey Forest, Ubud will make your trip to Bali very memorable and lovely.