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Indonesian Civet Coffee – History, Process, and Development

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So, do you like the taste of coffee? If you like it so much, then Indonesia, might be the best place for you to looking for them. Why is that? Why Indonesia? The answer is simple, because Indonesia has many varieties of Coffee you never tasted before.


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Ever heard of Lanang coffee or Toraja coffee? Yes those are the example of the coffee products in Indonesia. But there’s also one coffee that no one can not miss, the Civet Coffee. The coffee is also called with another name, the popular one is Kopi Luwak. And we are here to tell you about the history, and the beneficial information about the Indonesian Civet Coffee itself and the process of making it. So, stay tune to know some more!


Talking about the history about Civet coffee itself, we need to start to take a look at the history of Indonesia at the Colonial Era, where there were Spain, Deustch, and other countries who want to spread their claws in Asia. In the 17th century, the Deustch started growing its influence in Indonesia by forcing the Indonesian labor to palnt and grow the coffee plantations. They were focus on planting in two big islands of Indonesia, the Sumatra island and Java island.

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Because of Indonesia didn’t have much coffee seeds, Deustch bough them illegally from Yaman, and start to grow them in the fertile land Indonesia has. Because of th price of a coffee is very high during that time, the local people didn’t have much choice to enjoy a sip of coffee, so they started to look for an alternative.

By the time going on eventually, they finally knew the fact that there’s a civet that can eat coffee seeds and process it into civet coffee seeds. At first, there were some brave farmers who took the dump, clean it, and then processed it  to become a really good drink.

And because of that, the popularity of the Civet Coffee is keep growing in all regions in South East Asia. They make it to a fair coffee business. After awhile, the coffee experts thought about how is this Civer coffee can be this good. There are two reasons actually, the choice of Civet and its digestion process. Inside the digestion, the coffee seeds can absorb some of the enzym and acid to be fermented. Once the fermented done, then the Civet Coffee seeds can be processed to the next step.

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Do you know that there are actually some certain types of Cive that you can use to produce the best Civet Coffee. Not any Civet can use in this process, because the taste will be different if you use not certain Civet in the processing. There are actually two Civets based on the coffee experts that can produce the best Civet Coffee with the best and the beast taste possible.

1. Musang Pandan

The first one is Musang Pandan, or Pandan Civet. In Indonesian, this animal called as Civet Luwak, or Musang Luwak. The coffee that can be produced by this kind of Civet is consideres as high quality of Civet Coffee, because having the pandanus smell. Also, this Civet is very rare, because of the numbers of hunting it is always increasing.

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And like its name, this Civet has the Pandan smell in its body. For the phycial features, you can se that this Musang Pandan has a little fur on top of their head in brownish colour. They colour may change, from red to greenish brown. And on the back side it’s more darker and having dark lines or dots on it. And on its face, you can see the white colour in the forehead spot, and a little degradated black colour on its nose. This Civet also having a head shape like cats.

2. Musang Bulan

Next one after that Civet, is this Musang Bulan. Musang Bulanor the Moon Civet is originated from East Asia and South East Asia and a omnivore. The price of this Musang Bulan is its intellegence. Musang Bulan can choose what is the best seed for itself. And because of that, the coffee seeds that produced from it is always having a great quality.

Ths Musang Bulan has really high level of intellegence and considered as friendlier animal than the Civet before. The colour of its body is usually brown and having white colour on its head. It also having the white line in the nose up to the forehead.

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Process of Making

The process of making a great Civet Coffee is consisting of some steps. The firest one is, to harvest the coffee fruits that  already ripe. This is important because the civets will only eat the ripe fruits and always ignoring the raw one. That’s why, after picking the correct ripe coffee fruits, the next step to do is sorting, which is the fruits that still raw and the ripe ones.

The second step is giving the fruits to civets. The perfect time to do it is in the morning and the evening. While in the afternoon, you can get them another fruits like vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods. And making sure that the place is quiet is also important, so the civets will not stressed out.

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The third step, is to collect the dump. Looks disgusting indedd, but it’s important step. You can use  a mask and gloves to make it more effective for you.

And moving to the next step, is cleaning the coffee seeds. One should make the seeds really clean because they will be processed later. When the cleaned seeds indications come out, the good smell, and coloured in bright yellow, then the cleaing is done.

And the last step of processing the Civet coffee seeds is by drying them. The sun light is needed in this process, and can be help with another drying machine if the weather is not good. And usually the Civet Coffee will be sold in a seeds form, so the makers can test the smell first before actually processing it to be a coffee.


The plantation of the seeds before making it into the civet coffee seeds ia actually pretty simple. At start, you need the pant the high quality of seeds, not the bad one because you want the civet coffee with the best quality, right? And that’s how you do it. It’s suggested that  the people use the robusta type which already has very high quality and then can be made into a very good civet coffee that has the higher quality.


In these days, the making of civet coffee is more and more efficient. Even they can make the civet coffee, without having a civet at all. There was this study about the fermentation, by Dr. Erliza Noor, the fermentation process can be done by having the celulotic bacteria, proteolitic,and xilanolitic bacterias. With adapting the digestion system of a civet, the researchers hope that this can be an alternative of making a good civet coffee by not including the rare species of civet animals, but still having a really good taste not different from the original.

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So those are some information about the Indonesian Civet Coffee. Even though it came from the fermented coffee seeds that came out of the civet body, the taste is so much better than its look. And some people avoiding it because feel disgusted about it. That’s nonsense actually.

To drink it properly, you must clear your mind first about the civet “thing”, and just go for enjoying the coffee by its smell first. After breath in some smells of it, you can do another procession, sipping it. And by trying it, you can get the full experience of tasting an Indonesian civet coffee that everyone always talk about.

And for note only, there are maybe some Civet coffee products that sold in branded pack, which very much affordable price of course. But if you truly want to experience it fully, you should go for the original Civet Coffee, which has higher price, but really worth to try.

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