Top 15 Indonesian Herbal Medicine – Benefits

In Indonesia alone many types of medicinal plants are scattered in various regions. Each region has its own recipe in processing herbs into medicinal plants. However, by re-using natural medicine will certainly minimize the side effects of drugs used. In addition, knowing the various medicinal plants that are efficacious in treating the disease will eliminate […]

15 Exotic Fruits of Indonesia (#5 is Sweet)

Fruit is a kind of plantation which human and also animal used for one of the food resources. Beside the vitamins, you can also get the nutrition from it. That’s why the fruit also have many benefit for human metabolism. Meanwhile, for people who don’t like fruits, don’t hate this topic yet. Now, we’re got to […]

Top 23 List of Famous Indonesian Food (#5 is Most Delicious)

There are many examples of Indonesian food that you can choose especially the variety of unique food that will certainly spoil your taste buds because of the many types of Indonesian food availability. You can try to consume many types of Indonesia dishes available in restaurants around you. And I’ll list several healthy and widely […]

14 Most Popular Herbs in Indonesia (#2 is Popular)

Indonesian food is famous for its delicious and spicy taste. And the secret behind those famous delicious dishes is none other than the rich herbs and spices that are in it. We’re going to tell you about 15 of those herbs in Indonesia that are the most popular and often used for cooking, they’re the […]

10 Most Popular Spices in Indonesia (#4 is Common)

Indonesia is a country with so many cultures and traditions. You can find all kinds of unique stuffs to add to your dictionary about traditional knowledge of the world. One of these richness (and my favorites kind of richness) is of course : The food! You probably have heard of the deliciousness of our food, […]

Top 10 Traditional Drinks of Indonesia (Most Delicious)

Indonesia has a wide variety of tribes as well as cultures. With so many tribes, there are also many culinary types in each region. Although at a glance the food and drink in different are seems, but actually there is a distinctive sense of its own. In addition to food, drinks from each region are […]

Top 21 Famous Indonesian Street Food List

People often say that expensive food in a five-star restaurant is a prestige-filled meal. Made from selected ingredients and processed by the hands of chefs who have world-class licenses to make whatever food they serve that is considered good by the community but this opinion also applied to Indonesian street food. Because the diversity of […]

Indonesian Nutmeg – History and Production

Nutmeg, or also called Pala in Indonesian, is a spice that grows on an evergreen tree with the scientific classification Myristica fragrans. It is a native spice of Banda Islands in Indonesia and now is globally used. Commercial products derive from the nutmeg tree that are most commonly known are the seed (people refers it […]

Best 5 Indonesia Jamu Traditional Medicine – Uses and Benefits

Generally, Jamu is bitter like any other herbal medicine. In order to get rid of the bitterness, people usually put honey as an addition. In fact, some people use grape to lessen the bitterness of Jamu and warm the body. Sukoharjo district of Central Java is famous for being the sales centers of Jamu. Many […]

Top 17 Indonesian Tea – Characteristic & Benefits

Indonesia with all of its nature and the prosperity land, makes Indonesia becomes agrarian country with the richness of its biodiversity. The geography of Indonesia as the tropical country, makes Indonesia have a constant temperature and humidity on its highland which is very ideal for some plant to grow well. One of all those plants […]