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Find Your Beautiful Moments in These Most Popular Bars in Bali

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Bali is always a good time. During the day, the tourists can enjoy their visit by coming to places like the beach, temples, and also souvenir shops. They also visit the one and only most popular cultural market in Bali called Sukowati.


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But, during the night, there will be more fun coming because many bars already open their venue. Bali is a great place for enjoying night life because of its varieties of entertainment like these bars for example. For you who look for the best bar in Bali, maybe you can consider our pick in the most popular bars in Bali below :

1. Rock Bar

The first bar in Bali, the popular one in  Bali is Rock Bar. Rock Bar is the place where people always gathering on every eveningo enjoy the sunset and the very friendly environment that the venue provided for them.

The structure of this building looks so modern. Especially because they add the rocky elements of the cliff and also there’s one popular spot in here that used in some movies. The catchy beats by DJs here can always bring up the good mood.

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2. WooBar

Woobar is one unique bar located around Seminyak area. You can spot it easily by hanging around W Bali Seminyak. The bar sells a lot of good things in here, including the exclusive sea side view for the their customers.

The element of relaxation also added with the existence of the palm tress and, making the bar more immersive. Thanks to that, visiting Woobar will be a great experience, especially if you also order their unique cocktails like Coco Locco.

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3. The Bamboo Bar

Bali has several places for doing an activity of Yoga. Doing Yoga in Bali felt so special because the green environment that Bali has always can making it more fresh. Plus, some of the Yoga spots also use the element of nature to their structure.

The usage of the natural composition also used by Bamboo Bar, which mostly used bamboo basically everywhere. Beside the very natural looking that it sells, Bamboo bar also provided some of the best drinks like Mocktails. If you’re hungy, you can order its crust pizzas.

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4. Potato Head Beach Club

The name rings a bell a just a lil bit. If you already watched the legendary movie of Toy Story, you can remember one name familiar with this bar, Potato Head. But it’s not related whatsoever with this venue.

The Potato Head Beach Club located at the lane of the street in Seminyak. You can find it on the Petingetet Street, Seminyak. This is also a beachfront bar. Sometimes, the place is more crowded than the other because of an event that invited famous celebrities or DJs.

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5. King Cole Bar

If you looking for a luxurious type of a bar, you can switch to King Cole Bar that located in Nusa Dua. Having a classic atmosphere, it has similarities with the known bar in New York, St.Regis New York Bar in that city.

In here, there are some displays of puppets and some motifs of Batik which represent the richness of Balinese art and culture. The place is perfect for having a calm and classy place for having a champagne accompanied with luxurious chandelier and wonderful view.

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6. Ku De Ta

Seminyak has so many bars that have a beach view on their good list. But, if you want to see the original beach club around Seminyak, the one and only,  which is the pioneer of them all, is The Ku De Ta bar.

Ku De Ta is actually a place for having kinds of entertainment while sipping or enjoying your drinks, accompanied by the view of sunset. The design is still modern, which is suitable for teenagers and such. There’s a pool and two restaurants ready to serve what the customers want.

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7. Single Malt Whiskey

Some say that whiskey is the most  “beautiful” drink in the world. In Bali, there’s one place for exploring the world of whiskey, Single Malt Whiskey. The place will serve the curious tourists with its huge collections of whiskey.

They can choose up to 60 whiskeys with different types on all category like rare ones. Hvaing a sip of whiskey here wil be a new experience because of how immersive the building is, and of course whiskeys. It’s having this modern structure which is famous in the 90’s, but combined with classy atmosphere inside with vintage rugs and lamps.

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8. Azul Beach Club

The number of bamboo bar in Bali is not only one. So, if you visiti one area of Bali, you might have a chance to find another bamboo bar on the way. For example, in Kuta, there’s one called Azul Beach Club.

It has the almost the same structures asn any other bamboo or Tiki bar in the island. But it has three floors, so you can pick wherever you wish. If you want to have a perfect view of a sunset, you can go to the three floor where you can see it clearly.

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9. Single Fin Bar

Next popular bar is the Single Fin Bar. For you who don’t know, Single Fin Bar is actually a popular one that loved by tourists and surfers. Locals also like to hanging out in this venue actually especially when the sun setting down.

During the day, the place looks less crowded, maybe filled with some people only. But once the sun finally sets, the atmosphere is changing into a wonderful one. Music can be heard everywhere, and people burning the dance floor with their moves. All is well.

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10. Sundara

Another one bar to choose is the Sundara bar. Only a few steps away from Jimbaran beach, Sundara looks so comfy with its modern and calming flair. Outside, there’s a pool that has a border like 15 cm thick, dividing it with the sand of Jimbaran beach.

Enjoying a sunset in here is more relaxing because of the sofas prepared near the pool. People will gather there hour before the sun set. So, you can pick your favorite spot there, the most cozy one before them.

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11. Sling Bar

There’s one hotel in Bali called Double Six Luxury Hotel. As part of that building, Sling Bar still exists. Having a mini scale room, the bar still providing a nice atmosphere because of the additional stuff. There’s reasons why people can enjoy the place still.

One of them is because of the decorations. The place is basically full with them. There are paintings, motif on the floor and walls. It’s very aesthetic to see. Beside, you can enjoy all the choices in here like champagnes, wines, and other international drinks.

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12. The BARber

In the area of Jimbaran Bali, there’s one location that is pretty unique called The BARber. The place is basically a combination between a barber, place for modifying your hair, and also a bar. The name contains both of them.

The design of the place is very modern with having this kind of 20’s era, when the woods materials are usually used in that time. There’s also a promo in here that can not be missed, which is buy 1 get 1 promo during 3 to 6 pm everyday.

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13. El Kabron

And finally it’s time to party in a place that is very cozy and one of the most popular bars in Bali named El Kabron. The name will be much familiar for the foreign tourists, because usually the place will filled with them every single day. The thing is, the view on top of El Kabron is really amazing.

Beside having a good set of drinks, you can also have some meals, special meals, in here. They serve spanish cuisines in here which have their own unique taste. The burger in here is also quite good and very stomach filling.

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Aside form the 13 different bars above, we also want to introduce you to the other list that is also containing a seven other locations. Here’s some of the best ones out there like La Favela, Melting Pot Saloon, and many more.

  1. Blu Restaurant
  2. Puri Santrian Bar
  3. Melting Pot Saloon
  4. Bush Telegraph Pub
  5. Baker Street Social
  6. Double Six Club
  7. La Favela

So what do you think about the most popular bars in Bali above? Which bar you’re gonna visit first? Let us know in the comment section below. If you travelling to Bali, better you have some friends with you, because visiting the bars will be so much fun that way.

But don’t worry if you go there alone, you can have a chance to get bunch of friends or connections in one night. The association in the club or bar is not as bad as many people think. Some of them even friendlier and more open minded than other people out there.

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