10 Common Type of Mango in Indonesia

It is not only in Indonesia mango becomes one of the favorite fruits in the world. For mango problem, Indonesia is the 4th mango producing country in the world with an average production of 2 million tons / year. Interestingly, in Indonesia, mango is the second largest agricultural commodity after banana.

Malayalam maanga or i Indonesian mango is favorite fruit in some countries. Indonesia is one of them. This fruit belongs to the clan of Mangifera. The fruit is dominated with sour and sweet taste can have a stem that reaches 10-40 meters high.  Even in the countryside, every house has a mango tree in its yard. Therefore, it is not a false assumption to say that almost everyone in Indonesia has ever tasted the favors and fresh fruits of mango. Here are 10 types of Mango in Indonesia.

  1. Malgova mango fruit

Malgova mango fruit is also one type of mango grown in Indonesia. This mango is round-shaped, slightly elliptical like an apple. The malgova mango has a dark green skin tinge with a red tinge and covered with a layer of wax. The flesh is thick, yellow, and contains plenty of water.

Malgova mango has a sour taste when it is young, but if being picked when it is ripe it does not taste so sour. These mangoes are also often in the export of other countries’ kerk, because mango malgova trees often bear fruit.

  1. Manalagi Mango

Manalagi mango has a sense of fusion between mangoes golek and mango harumanis. This mango has a size smaller than Golek mango. The skin color of manalagi mango is young green and when it is raped the color is also still green but rather gray.

This mango skin is also filled with white spots that are much more when compared with other types of mangoes. This mango has a sweet taste with thick, solid and fibrous meat.

  1. Harumanis

Mango harumanis is a mango originating from Probolinggo East Java. It is a sweet and fragrant when it is mature that become typical sweet aroma in accordance with its name fragrant and sweet.

The fruit is jorong-shaped, beaked slightly, and the tip is tapered. The old dark-skinned fruit is covered in a waxy coat so it is gray-green in color. In ripe fruit, the base is yellowish green with a thickness.

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  1. Gedong Gincu Mango

Mango Gedong Gincu comes from cirebon area, the name is quite unique, skin color and flesh is dominated by reddish yellow and looks striking, so it looks beautiful and attractive.

The skin is thin rounded shape with no grooves, thick meat and fine fibrous taste sweet and fragrant. The fruit of mango gedong gincy is also quite famous and selling in overseas market.

  1. Golek India Mango

Mango Golek India has a long tapered shape but no beak, it tastes sweet and when ripe the skin remains green. It has a thick flesh tastes sweet and fragrant sharp, dark yellow, soft, not fibrous, and if sliced a lot of water.

Mango golek India is already famous in the area of West Java. It becomes the favorite for most of Indonesians since the unique taste of this fruit. This long shape and sweet taste of the fruit makes many people fall in love with this fruit.

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  1. Apple Mango

It is called apple mango because it is round like an apple. Singapore mango is reddish green. Unique shape makes this fruit a lot of fruits made when there is a wedding.

There are two types of apple mangoes, namely red and green. Green apple mango has a sour taste and is perfect for rujak. Meanwhile, the red scented is very fragrant and the texture of the meat is very smooth. While you visit Indonesia, you should taste this type of mango.

  1. Honey Mango

At a glance the honey mango resembles a gedong mango, except the whole skin is bright yellow when ripe. This mango is very sweet like honey, although the fruit is still white.

The fruit of honey mango has a size similar to that of manalagi. Lots of honey mango from all countries, such as India, Thailand, Hawaii, Florida, and South Africa in the market.

  1. Avocado Mango

This Pasuruan mango is the later viral. This mango is unique because its way of eating is similar to avocado.

No need to bother peeling, you just cut the middle part. No doubt it feels, avocado mango is the result of cross-breeding of mango gadung and mango honey. Mango avocado priced in around IDR 35 thousand per kilogram.

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  1. Golek Mango

This species is popular among mango lovers with its oval shape. This superior mango has a sweet taste with the texture of the fruit is not fibrous. The golek often sought because it is considered as a local mango superior variety. The most famous Manga golek comes from Probolinggo, Indramayu, and Pasuruan.

Basically, this golek mango has a long fruit shape and also the tip slightly tapered. In addition, this mango fruit is unique because it is not beaked like other types of mangoes. The color of this mango when young is green and when ripe yellowish, especially at the base. The skin of this manga golek is not too thick, it is smooth and if observed you will find gland spots with a slightly greenish white color. If the mango golek has ripe, then the white spots will turn into dark brown.

  1. Mango Chokanan

Chokanan is one of the leading mango varieties originating from Thailand. Mango Chokanan has an advantage with a sweet taste that always feels sticking on your tongue.

Chokanan Mango is the most favorite Mango of all people. It can be consumed when ripe perfect and when still young. Even so sweet, this mango is often nicknamed sweet mango. The taste of young chokanan mango is not the same as the other young mangoes.

Those are the types of Mango in Indonesia. You can taste them once you visit Indonesia. Then, you can compare which one of the type is the most delicious.

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