9 Romantic Honeymoon Place Recommendations in Bali

To decide honeymoon places is certainly written on the list of planning for the new couples who will get married. Bali Island definitely is one of the places which still become favorite for honeymoon. It is not only for holiday at the end of year in Bali but also, this Dewata island is always crowded at various times. Besides, those places have an affordable price, Bali also has many suitable choices as a honeymoon destination. There are so many romantic honeymoon places in Bali. We also can get a blend of beautiful nature and culture in this Dewata island.

By all facilities and infrastructure that have been more complete, this island becomes a top choice as the tourist destination of honeymoon in the country. Therefore, there are some choices of romantic honeymoon place in Bali which are:

1. Green Bowl Beach

One of the attraction from Bali is the beautiful beach. Bali really has so many beautiful beaches and suitable for a honeymoon place. One of those beautiful beaches is Green Bowl Beach which is located in Badung. This beach will give you a comfortable atmosphere with its white sands and green sea water. Green Bowl Beach also has waves that can be used for surfing. So, If you love surfing, this beach is one of the surfing places that deserves for trying it.

The important thing if you want to visit this beach is you should prepare a sufficient supply of food and beverage. Since there is no food and beverage seller around the beach. Therefore, you have to go down approximately 400 m through the stairs in order to reach the shore.

2. Jimbaran Beach

If you and partner are searching for the scenery of a beautiful sunset, you have to visit Jimbaran Beach. Besides, this beach has white fine sand, to see the scenery of sunset become an important reason coming to Jimbaran beach.

An atmosphere of beautiful sunset plus with the swish of waves is the main attraction for you to visit this place. In addition, you can enjoy chili sauces while eating delicious seafood. Another added value from this beach is many lodgings around the beach. This matter, you do not need to go far to look for the places in order to stay overnight around Jimbaran Beach.


3. Gunung Payung Beach

If you and partner want the atmosphere of quiet beach, Gunung Payung Beach will very suitable for you and partner that selects this beach as one of your destinations. Gunung Payung Beach is located in South Kuta and this beach is not too popular yet like other beaches in Bali. However, you are guaranteed to get a scenery of the beautiful beach here.

Furthermore, the clear sea water and sand beach make you getting convenience and serenity at Gunung Payung Beach. Besides, you can try paragliding as a Bali game at this beach. This Gunung Payung Beach also provides the rental place of paragliding for visitors who want to see lovely scenery at this beach from altitude place.

4. Terasering Tegalalang

If you ever had watched Eat, Pray, Love film which is played by Julia Robert so, you can certainly imagine the beauty of Terasering Tegalalang. This place will become the romantic honeymoon place in Bali with the atmosphere of a beautiful village. In addition, Terasering Tegalalang will present the scenery of the stratified fields that will refresh your eyes. You not only enjoy the scenery but also, you can go down directly to see the various people’s activities around this place up close.

Terasering Tegalalang also provides other facilities like a cafe. It makes you quieter to enjoy the scenery. There is no particular time to visit this place but, some people give their opinions that the afternoon is the best time to visit.

5. Temukus Village

If you feel bored just visiting the same places and intend to search for other honeymoon places in Bali, you can try to visit Temukus Village. You and partner will get the atmosphere of a very beautiful and comfortable village in this place. Moreover, you also will be shown the lovely of Kasna flower garden at Temukus Village. Besides, there still Gemitir Garden which is also not less beautiful with Kasna flower garden. This Temukus Village will become one of the honeymoon destinations if you and partner want to visit romantic places.

6. Molenteng Tree House

If you are looking for beautiful scenery and a place for a honeymoon, you can try to visit Molenteng Tree House or Rumah Pohon Molenteng.

In addition, you can enjoy one of fabulous beauty which is the beauty of Atuh Beach.

7. Batur Lake

Batur Lake or Danau Batur is another romantic honeymoon place. This lake has an area of about almost 16 square kilometers that will give you a marvelous scenery.

Furthermore, you can see Mount Batur directly from this lake. Besides, the scenery of a beautiful lake with greenish-blue water and one of an attraction from this Batur Lake is you are able to see the scenery of sunset which is not less beautiful.


8. Campuhan Ridge Walk

If you and partner want a scenery of beautiful nature at the lovely and cozy place, you can come to Campuhan Ridge Walk. The location of this place is quite far from downtown that makes beautiful and comfortable. Furthermore, we will get fresh air and lovely scenery in the morning. You can reach the peak from this ridge by walking or riding a bicycle. Campuhan Ridge Walk is one of the trekking tours in Bali. There is also a temple in this place or it is generally called by Gunung Lembah Temple.

9. Sukawati Art Market

If you and partner like art goods, Sukawati Art Market is one of the romantic honeymoon places in Bali that you can visit. It does not wonder if Sukawati Art Market is always crowded because this place has been famous in the various corner of world. There are various kinds of goods from Bali in this market such as food, clothes, and others. Usually, all the goods which are on sale in this market can be negotiated so that, those prices are affordable.

Anyway, that is all about some romantic honeymoon places in Bali that can be as the recommendations for you and partner.