12 Tips How to Live Healthy in Indonesia

Indonesia is a nice country with many beautiful views and natures. Living in Indonesia could be the good news for some people. However, it could also be a bad news for other people. Living in Indonesia means get the new experience. Some persons are also afraid of getting sick or unhealthy due to a lot of differences in Indonesia. As you know, Indonesia is really a warm country. You can be easily adapts well in Indonesia since everything is good here. That is why I want to share tips how to live healthy in Indonesia.

  1. Don’t eat fast food too often

You can find fast food stall in Indonesia everywhere. In department stall, you can even find more than 5 fast foods court. Although they seem fancy and delicious, don’t try to eat all of them. They would not be good for your health. Moreover, fast food in Indonesia is typically fried in hot temperature oil. It can add more fat to your body and you can lose your ideal weight. You can trick it by making the schedule of eating fast food in a month. As the example you can just eat fast food twice in a month in the certain date. Note that you have to obey the schedule.

  1. Instant noodle in Indonesia is truly delicious, but it would be dangerous in a long term

Everyone who comes to Indonesia must be familiar with the delicious taste of instant noodle. Instant noodle in Indonesia seems delicious. However, note that the ingredients of instant noodle are not good for your health in long term. You may eat instant noodle when there is no option to eat instant noodle. It like when you eat fast food, you can make the schedule when you may eat instant noodle in a month. Make sure not to eat instant noodle more than once in a week.

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  1. Work out

Working out to burn your fat is important. You can go to fitness center in the weekend and treat your muscle. By doing this routinely, you can get the ideal weight of your body. It also can make your body become fitter during weekdays. If you don’t have time to go fitness center, you can do some heavy workout at home. You can so sit up, back up, head stand etc. At least, your body is moved and you can burn your fat and being sweaty.

  1. Bike for work

Although there is no bicycle track in most cities in Indonesia, you can start to apply bike to for work. It means, you can go to work by bicycle instead of motor transportation. You can start to campaign go green to reduce the pollution in Indonesia. If you can start by yourself it would be possible that your friends in office will copy your lifestyle.

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  1. Perform regular body checks

The purpose of this healthy lifestyle is as much as possible if you don’t see a doctor only when you are sick. Various health tests you should have regularly according to the age and time period specified. This healthy lifestyle can capture potential problems in the body, thus avoiding you from terrible diseases.

  1. Get enough sleep

Having enough sleep is a must to get a good health. Make sure not to stay up at night and get your sleep no more than 8 hours in a day. If your sleep time is less than 4 hours in a day, it is really bad for your health. Sleeping is the time for your body to relax and take a rest. If you can’t go with it, some organ in your body will be damaged soon.

  1. Sunbath in the morning

One benefits of living in Indonesia is getting enough sunshine. That is why you need to sunbath in the morning. You can do this at around 07 – 09 AM before UV. Sunbath in the morning is good for your body, especially the bone. The sunshine in the morning contains vitamin D that support much for your bone, nail, and teeth. Not only that, sunbath is also good to change your skin to become exotics.

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  1. Take a vacation at least once in a month

Working during weekday sometimes could be boring and make your brain become stressed. At least once a month, you have to take a vacation in the quiet place to refresh your mind. Going to beach to see the perfect wave or climb the mountain to see the green views can be the option. However, you need to budget it before taking a picnic. Consider the accommodation first before going to travel.

  1. Cook your foods

Cook your own foods sometimes become the best option to keep the hygiene of your foods. It is cleaner and of course healthier. You can shop the raw vegetable or meat in traditional market that is available in your city. It will not only be cheaper, but also make you can control the ingredients of the foods that you eat.

  1. Don’t eat spicy food

You know that live in Indonesia means having a great deal with spicy foods. In most every foods of Indonesia there would be always the spicy one called sambal. If you never eat sambal in your country before, you might experience stomachache after that. That is why, it is important to order foods without sambal in every occasion. You can say to the food sellers you prefer without sambal.

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  1. Quit smoking

Smoking habits are often a barrier for some people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. In fact, smoking can trigger heart disease, oxidative stress, even DNA damage. If you want to live longer because you live a healthy lifestyle, stop smoking from now on.

  1. Wearing mask in outdoor

In some big cities of Indonesia, the pollution is massively spread in outdoor. While you walk in outdoor space, the dust and vehicle smoke are everywhere. Of course this is not good for your lungs health. You need to prepare a mask in your pocket or bag. Use it while the pollution could not be controlled anymore.

Those are the tips of how to live healthy in Indonesia. Make sure to apply these tips to make your body becomes fitter day by day. Life healthy in Indonesia is not something difficult, right?