The Best Beaches in Indonesia Near Singapore

Indonesia is indeed famous for having natural attractions. Inside it, you can find many varieties of them in the form of waterfall, lake, or even the beach. And talking about the beach, almost every island in Indonesia always having at least one best beach of their own. That’s why the number of beach in this country is so many, you may lost count.

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For the people who would like to visit thise beautiful beaches, they can can check the westen part of Indonesia which is Sumatra island. In Sumatra, you can find so many beaches, that are also happen to be located near the country of Singapore. So you may have a chance to see that country from the beaches in Sumatra. If you still confuse what are those beaches that are ready to be visited and well preserved for visitors, we prepare some options for you inside the best beaches in Indonesia near Singapore below :

1. Iboih Beach

As the first best beaches in Indonesia near Singapore, we have one beautiful beach called Iboih beach. Iboih beach located in the area of Aceh, which is the northern part of Sumatra island. This is actually one of  many virgin beaches on this island, with its natural environment that still looks so great and untouched by human hands.

People will really enjoy the condition of this beach because beside there’s a soft sand that is pretty safe for basically everyone, the water is clear enough to do some activities like swimming or snorkeling. There’s some diving spots in here actually, that becoming a reason why many divers are always want to Iboih beach to see its heavenly underwater view.

2. Carocok Beach

Another beach you can find in the land of Sumatra island is Carocok beach. Unlike the beach above, Carocok beach is more improved by the management. They add some architectures here and there like the wooder bridge, or even a stage for performing. Usually there’s some events that held in this very location, usually it’s a reggae music festival.

Aside from its popularity in the world of musical event, Carocok beach also has something special to you. Not far from the beach, you can see one single island. It’s small, but holds a great history inside it. The name of that island is Cingkuak, where you can find the remains of old Deustch fort that located in the island.

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3. Jemur Island Beach

Next beach is a beach in the island that named Jemur Island. Located in Riau province, it’s a little bit hard to reach it because you’ll need a decent ship to get there. This island located right near the Malaka strait and having 250 hectares wide. For an island, that’s pretty wide. Inside it, you can find a beach that also be enjoyed by you.

The place is not having much improvement or the additional services like bathroom, restaurants, oreven stalls. So, if you want to go to this specific island, better to bring your stuff, including food. You can enjoy this island from the morning to evening. You won’t spend your night time in here because there’s not a villa or lodging in here that can be used for resting.

4. Trikora Beach

Still around the island areas of Riau, we want to visit the other beautiful beach, the natural and special one called Trikora Beach. This beach said to be the most beautiful beach on Sumatra island. There’s so many reasons for that. First, it’s because the colour of the sand which is really different from any other beach.

It’s white and bright. And also, the beach completed with several aspects like restaurant, fancy resorts, and also some watersports. It’s indeed a heavenly experience when vacationing in this specific beach. Beside you can get the most gorgeous view of a beach, you can also have fun enjoying all of the supporting facilities.

5. Sorake Beach

Number 5 on the list is Sorake Beach. Sorake beach is like the most challenging beach in Sumatra, especially for anyone who dares to challenge the great waves in here. For that, many surfers interested and finally making their decision to come here, to meet and enjoy the waves themself. Thanks to that, the popularity of this beach keeps increasing, even now.

Sometimes, the locals are challenging foreign tourists to show their skills on the water. It’s fun to watch them, but it’s way fun when you try to conquer the waves yourself. During a year, there’s an even called Nias Open, a surfing championship where everyone can join in. It’s a word class championship that any surfer wouldn’t miss.

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6. Lampuuk Beach

Next one is Lampuuk beach. Lampuuk beach was a primadona of Aceh area, especially before tsunami was going on in 2004 ago. To find it, you need to go for West side of Aceh in a small village called Meunasah Masjid. From Banda Aceh, it’ll take about 20 km from that city. You need to rent a jeep or an suv to cross the area though.

Talking about the Lampuuk beach, it’s one of thes best that you can find in the area of West Aceh. The colour of the water has greenish tone in it, making it looks so much fresh. The tourists here are usually hunting the water sports that can be done in this location. There are so many like banana boat and surfing. People who also like golf can also spend time around the beach by visiting Sulawah Golf Park that located near it.

7. Rupat Beach

Moving from there, we’re going to Rupat Beach. Many say that this Rupat beach is not less beautiful than the other beaches you can find in the island of Bali. Even this beach has something more special in it. During some times of a year, there will be a special ceremony that always held in this beach, called Mandi Shafar.

Along the beach, you can find a white soft sand which is pretty safe for kids. In the sand, sometimes you can find small creature called Umang-umang. Sometimes, this Umang-umang gathering around on the sand and forming a red coloured formation. So you notice a red colored thingy on the sand, it can be this Umang-umang.

8. Bintan Beach

Near Bali, there’s a beautiful island called Bintan. People usually refer this island to be a special spot for fishing. You can catch many kinds of fish in here including GT or Giant Travelly. Also, if you want to enter the island, maybe you need a permission first because some parts of the island are owned privately by some poeple.

They also welcome everyone who wants to visit their own exclusive resorts that made on the island. Looking at the island now, Bintan actually has a form of lodgings that ready to be filled in with the tourists. So, if we’re talking about services here, they are very complete and cozy for anyone who would visit Bintan island.

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9. Penyengat Beach

Still located around the area of Riau, there’s an island that located near Bintan island called Penyengat island. This is one of many hustorical islands in Indonesia. Penyengat saves the history about the great Riau Kingdom. So, if you want to learn about that history completely, you better hire a proper guide to help you.

Along the location, you can witness some buildings that have very unique architecture. They are actually look very contrast with the residents around them. But, they are still very instagrammable and worth some shots. Also if you want to enjoy the beach here, the locals will provide you with the best services they have, like equipment rental and boat rent.

10. Tanjung Tinggi Beach

Tanjung tinggi is a beach that located inside the area of Bangka Belitung island. It’s locatrd right in the middle of two capes named Kelayang and Pendam. Tanjung tinggi also not far from neares beach, Tanjung Kelayang beach. From the city of Tanjung Pandan, this beach is only about 31km from there, and surprisingly easy to reach.

The beach is also has a very unique form. On this beach, you can find several big rocks which make the place looks more interesting. Tanjung Tinggi beach is actually quite wide, it has 80 hectares wide, covered in a white sand. This beach is also used as setting for an Indonesian movie, Sang Pemimpi and Laskar Pelangi. Thanks to those movies, the beach is more popular now.

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Aside from the beaches mentioned above, we also have some options for you especially who have a little more time to stay in Sumatra island. The beaches below are located near to each other, so visiting them in a week would be a very good idea to do after visiting the beaches we already mentioned on paragraphs above. So, here’s the other best beaches in Indonesia near SIngapore

  1. Tapak Tuan Beach
  2. Pasir Putih Beach
  3. Berhala Island
  4. Mentawai Island
  5. Panjang Beach

So those are the best beaches in Indonesia near Singapore that anyone from either Indonesia or Singapore can visit. The good thing is, most of them are still very natural. And when human meets the nature, it’ll be a very mindblowing and refreshing situation, a condition that everyone hopes for.