15 Interesting Facts about Bali Beaches

Talking about beaches in Bali will never disappoint. There are many interesting and amazing things that can be found while on vacation in Bali.

Things that cannot be missed while vacationing in Bali are the beaches.

In order for your vacation to be memorable, there are many things that need to be known so that you can choose the best place for you to be a place to relax and relax with your family. Hence the best beaches in Bali for swimming recommended trying.

You are the first time to visit Bali and want to find out which beach tours you can enjoy. Let’s find out some Facts About Bali Beaches that can be used as your reference when vacationing in Bali, guaranteed you will be surprised and curious to see also enjoy the beauty:

1. Bali has a beautiful type of beach

There are many beautiful beaches in Bali, not only famous but also having beautiful panoramas. Many tourists, both local and foreign, are curious to enjoy the beauty of the beach.

Besides being beautiful, the beach offers a lot of underwater beauty and an atmosphere that is suitable to be enjoyed with family as well as couples. The following are the best beaches in Indonesia near Singapore.

2. Clean and Safe Beach

Besides the beautiful beaches, the beaches in Bali are also very clean. Very safe for children, and also you can enjoy sitting on the beach without fear of being dirty. It is very important to maintain the cleanliness of the beach, awareness of each visitor to treat and dispose of garbage in its place.

A clean beach is a tourist attraction so many tourists feel comfortable and also feel at home on the beach.

3. Many Beaches That Have Charming White Sand

Facts About Bali Beaches that you need to know besides the above is the beach in Bali has a collection of beautiful white sand and also clean.

White sand is clean and safe to play on the beach for long periods, especially playing with children. Besides that, the beach also looks very rarely trash scattered on the road or in the water. Some examples best beaches in Bali for snorkeling you must try.

4. See Sunset Directly on the Beach

Another interesting thing to enjoy is the beautiful sunset on the beach. Suitable to enjoy with your partner, especially those of you who are on a honeymoon, enjoying the atmosphere of the beach, the lights, the sound of the waves coupled with romantic music as well as a nice dinner. You will be very impressed with the beautiful sunset and cradle your feelings.

5. Beach Becomes Sacred in Bali

Beaches in Bali besides being used as a center for tourism and games. On the beach, it is also used as a place to perform Balinese rituals and religion. You can see there are many offerings, temples and also the custom of Balinese doing religious rituals on the beach.

Wherever you are, the beach will be used as a sacred place and tourists will be asked to respect every ritual there. So don’t be surprised if you see certain items will be placed on the beach around the island of Bali. Here are some fascinating facts about Indonesian beaches you must to know.

6. Beautiful Underwater Beauty

The scenery is not only beautiful on the beach but also keeps a lot of beauty in the sea. You can dive, or just enjoy the beauty of the sea from a boat prepared specifically for tourists.

The sea that is still beautiful, as well as the coral reefs, is so fascinating, so diving enthusiasts will be very interested in exporting the underwater world while in Bali.

7. There Are Still Many Touchable Beaches in Bali

Next is Facts About Bali Beaches, which is no less interesting, that is knowing that Bali has a beach that has not been touched by tourists. There are several beaches that are still very beautiful for you to visit such as Nyang Nyang beach, Bias Tugel beach, Geger beach and there are still a number of other beaches.

So you should make it your preferred tourist destination if you want to enjoy a different beach atmosphere from the others. The recommendation the best places you visit in Indonesia for couples.

8. Beaches Become A Place For Sunbathing Foreign Tourists

Many foreign tourists who deliberately vacation on the beach just want to sunbathe. Warm the body or just play water while enjoying the beauty of the beach in Bali.

Especially for foreign tourists, there are many places that are provided for sunbathing, playing water and so on. So that the beaches in Bali become famous and become a pleasant sunbathing mascot.

9. Many Art Performances on the Beach

In addition to playing and sunbathing, it turns out that on the coast of Bali many offer attractive Monday activities. You can enjoy the types of dance, puppet, drama, painting, tattoo art, hair braid art, and many others.

Only on the island of Bali can this be found, so that many foreign and local tourists feel comfortable and at home for long holidays in Bali.

In addition to the many entertainments, local residents are also very friendly to welcome the tourists. Hence the exploring the must-visit cities in Bali you have to know.

10. Variety of Water Games on the Beach

If you want to play many types of water games, it is very appropriate if you choose the beach. In Bali, you can find many interesting beach attractions, such as boat games, speedboats, swimming, diving, snorkeling and so on.

This sport is suitable for those of you who like adventure and thrilling challenges. In addition, there is a surfing training center that you can try. Before doing the attraction directly you have to study first by friendly and professional instructors.


From the explanation above, there are a number of other Facts About Bali Beaches that you can know as below:

  • On the beach, you can enjoy many facilities besides games and sights such as Balinese specialties, massage, hair braids, tattoos and so on. Which is definitely fun and makes you relax. You can enjoy and 16 tastiest best seafood in Jimbaran Bali.
  • Beaches in Bali also have many beautiful seas, which can be used as pre-wedding photos, photography, and many more. Besides that, the beaches in Bali are so comfortable and fun, you can enjoy the beautiful natural beauty and make you calm.
  • Generally, beaches in Bali have many lodging that can be used as your place to stay. The distance between the beach and the inn is very close, so you can immediately see the view of the sea at close range.
  • Rock is rarely found as long as you are on the beach. Some of them have very few beaches in Bali that have rocks, all the beaches are beautiful and very charming. At least you can capture every moment by taking photos or videos while in Bali. The reason why is Bali a good place to visit.
  • Vacationing on the beach of Bali, you can meet many tourists from various countries. Both European countries, Asia, America and so on, you can get acquainted and add to the association while practicing your foreign language directly to the person.

So some explanations about the Facts About Bali Beaches, hopefully, the following articles can be your benefits and references during your vacation to the island of Bali.