12 Different Immigrant Lifestyle in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that gives the freedom with some requirements for foreign people stay in Indonesia. If your reason staying Indonesia is for working, you might stay in this country for some periods of time. However, if our staying purpose in Indonesia is for studying, you can go home after your studying has finished. […]

12 Tips How to Live Healthy in Indonesia

Indonesia is a nice country with many beautiful views and natures. Living in Indonesia could be the good news for some people. However, it could also be a bad news for other people. Living in Indonesia means get the new experience. Some persons are also afraid of getting sick or unhealthy due to a lot […]

Best Cities in Indonesia to Live for You

Choosing a place to stay is maybe one of the thoughest decisions we ever made in our life. To be able to stay peacefully in a location that really suits us needs a deep thinking about the environment around and also the condition of the area. It’s much harder if you already have a family […]

30 Facts About Indonesian Lifestyle That Are Very Unique

We as humans of course live in a cycle that is always done every single day. Because of the evryday use of that cycle, we create like habits, which is sometimes the same and not the same with the other people on another countries. See also : Importance of Music in Indonesian Culture Social Cultures […]

12 Best Street Shopping in Jakarta

If there is one activity that should always be done tourists during the holidays in Jakarta, whoever you are, it is a shopping activity. Yes, shopping is an activity that you can not leave, is not it? The excitement of shopping is unforgettable. You will feel something is missing when you’re traveling somewhere and see […]

10 Benefits of Living Near Volcanoes in Indonesia

Many people of Indonesia choose to live in the area of volcano, especially on the island of Java. It is not a few residents who live and depend on the life of the volcano. Although the great risks threaten the population when the volcano erupts, there are several reasons why they survive to live in […]

13 Great Benefits of Living in Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is a metropolitan city where many industries are developing. That is why job opportunities in this city is increasing. It triggers many people to move to live in Jakarta. Day by day, the population in Jakarta is growing rapidly. Some people prefer to choose Jakarta as their […]

15 Unique Indonesian Traditional Lifestyle

Despite how modern the world has become, somehow Indonesia has managed to maintain most of its traditional lifestyle. Indonesians still practice and carry out these traditional activities in everything they do. Most turn them into a habit that are so ingrained to their daily life. People do them out of comfort, respect, social norm or […]

12 Useful Tips of How to Live Cheap in Indonesia

Living in Indonesia could be a dream for several people. This country  offers much experiences for those who like to stay. Moreover, it is no wonder that Indonesia is a home for many foreigners. The cost of living in Indonesia is considered as the lowest in South Asia. However, if you are foreigner and decide […]

15 Amazingly Spectacular Yoga Retreats in Bali

Sometimes, we want to be free from the stress that always haunts in almost everyday. Even though it’s easy to break it, some people need something fresh to make the mind more clear and steady for the next days. One of the anwers to release stress is doing some Yoga. Yoga is not a hard […]