10 Instagrammable Mall Recommendations in Jakarta

There are so many ways to relieve fatigue, one of these ways are going to historical tourism in Jakarta. However, some people relieve their fatigue by visiting mall. In addition, a few people assume that visiting mall is a usual routine to be done. Mall is not only for shopping but also, it becomes an entertainment centre which is simple to visit. There are a lot of malls in the big city like Jakarta that surely makes many various selections. Nowadays, people choose a mall which is not only about the completeness and convenience but also, whether those malls have good designs for instagrammable or not.

Posting at social media becomes a necessity especially Instagram. Instagram makes some options to decide place and mall is always part of this choice. Here, some instagrammable malls in Jakarta which can be as the recommendations for you.

1. Gandaria City

If we talk about instagrammable mall in Jakarta especially in South Jakarta so, you can visit Gandaria City mall. This mall is located on Jln Sultan Iskandar Muda, Kebayoran Lama and it has a lot of attractive photo spots which certainly are very suitable to upload on your Instagram feed. Gandaria City has a strategic location and this place never makes quiet. One of attractive photo spots in this mall is an artwork by Yayoi Kusama. It is a pumpkin installation that has a big size. Gandaria City also has complete food courts so that, it does not make wonder if this mall becomes one of the favorite places to break fasting.

2. Pondok Indah Mall

Pondok Indah Mall is one of elite areas in Jakarta. This mall is not only to have high-class visitors but also, Pondok Indah Mall has been popular for a long time and it as one of the malls never quiet.

Pondok Indah Mall or it is usually abbreviated with PIM becomes one of the interesting mall for those who want to look for entertainment. Moreover, this place is one of the widest malls in Jakarta and having a lot of complete shopping places. Besides, there are so many photo spots which you can use for taking photos in the mall.

3. Kota Kasablanka

South Jakarta never runs out attractive places. Kota Kasablanka is another example of malls in South Jakarta that is also included the category of instagrammable mall in Jakarta. This mall is located on Jalan Casablanca which is also often used as a place to search for interesting photos in order to be uploaded on Instagram.

Kota Kasablanka is not only looked interesting place but also, this mall provides a variety of complete shopping places. Besides, Kota Kasablanka has wide halls on the upstairs. It is often used for the various shows and one of them is the concerts.

4. Pacific Place

Pacific Place is another example of malls in Jakarta that you can visit to look for interesting photo spots. This mall is located in SCBD (Sudirman Central Business District) area which has the interesting places for you to take photos. Its location in SCBD area is ensured that this Pacific Place is always crowded by visitors.

Pacific Place with the concept interior of skyscrapers has so many interesting parts. For example, in the middle of the mall or in the atrium, it is usually decorated with artwork installation in various sizes. These artworks are not only looked beautiful but also, those give other characteristics for this mall.

5. Grand Indonesia

One of other instagrammable malls in Indonesia is Grand Indonesia that is located in Central Jakarta. This big mall consists of the main two parts which are east mall and west mall and those are connected with sky bridge. This becomes one of the malls in Central Jakarta that is included a class A mall.

Grand Indonesia becomes a mall which is often used to be a place for taking photos since a few of interior designs in this mall is created Europe style. This mall is located on Jalan M.H Thamrin that also often held a variety of attractive artworks performance.

6. Plaza Senayan

Plaza Senayan is another mall in South Jakarta that has the best place for taking photos. In addition, this mall also has a lot of attractive and iconic photo spots which can be used for visitors to take photos. Besides, Plaza Senayan has a unique interior design and it often adds the various art installations each its corner so that, this art increases interesting values in the mall.

This mall usually becomes one of the places to take a vacation at the end of semester for people who is lazy to go outside the city.

7. Central Park

As if the malls in West Jakarta do not want to lose with the malls in South Jakarta. West Jakarta also has instagrammable malls and one of them is Central Park. This mall is located on Jalan Letjen S parman. Inside the mall, there are surely integrated areas such as occupancies, office spaces, and the various support amenities.

Central Park also has a sky bridge in order to connect the mall building with Neo Soho. This mall not only has unique places but also, it has a complete central entertainment. There is also central culinary besides shopping place.

8. Taman Anggrek Mall

There still an instagrammable mall that is as good as other malls in other Jakarta areas. This mall is Taman Anggrek Mall which is not far from Central Park. Taman Anggrek Mall that is popular with its giant screen in the outside part becomes one of the malls full of visitors in Jakarta. This mall also has so many interesting photo spots that you can try.

One of the attractiveness of this mall is an ice rink rental in the mall. Taman Anggrek also often makes the various art installation which can be as your photo spot.

9. Kelapa Gading Mall

Now we move on talking about Malls in North Jakarta that you can still visit and one of them is Kelapa Gading Mall. This mall is located on Jalan Boulevard Raya and Kelapa Gading is one of instagrammable mall in North Jakarta area. There are a lot of photo spots that you can use in this mall.

Furthermore, the mall manager often adds other ornaments on the interior so that, it makes this mall to be more interesting for posting on visitors’ media social. Even though Kelapa Gading Mall is quite wide, this mall is never quiet.

10. Mall of Indonesia

There still other instagrammables mall which is not far from Kelapa Gading Mall and this mall is Mall of Indonesia. Mall of Indonesia has been created an archipelago characteristic design, it is always called with a miniature of Indonesia in the mall. This characteristic becomes the attractiveness for people to visit this mall. Besides, Mall of Indonesia has complete shopping places and food courts.

Anyway, that is all instagrammable mall in Jakarta which you can visit to relieve your fatigue.