6 Tourist Attractions with a Heart Symbol for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Have you ever celebrated valentine’s day with your partner? you should try to take a vacation by visiting fun tourist locations. It can be the alternative of fun valentine’s day celebration and also it becomes unforgettable moments. You do not need go abroad since there are a lot of the best tourist locations in Indonesia for taking a vacation with your partner. You should try to visit the tourist locations in Indonesia that have a love or heart symbol in order to make suitable with the theme of valentine’s day. This symbol can be also as the background of your photo with partner. Here some tourist locations which have a heart symbol in Indonesia.

1. Batu Flower Garden

Batu Flower Garden is one of romantic tourist location for valentine’s day in Malang which is recommeded for you. This location is located in Kota Batu, East Java. Batu Flower Garden is built on Perhutani area and it is more precisely on mount Panderman slope at height 1.100 – 1.200 mdpl. It does not wonder if its weather and air in this tourist location that is quite cool and fresh. In the beginning, Batu flower garden is waterfall tourism which is called Coban Rais and a campground. However, the manager builds Batu Flower Garden overtime. It is as the additional tourist attraction which certainly makes the tourists interesting. This tourist location is located between Coban Rais waterfall and ticket counter. If you want to visit Batu Flower Garden, you have to walk approximately 750 m in order to reach this romantic tourist location. Batu Flower Garden here offers the view of various flower kinds. In addition, there a lot of great photo spots and presents exotic views. For instance, Flower hill is the place for the visitors who want to take a photo in the middle of flowers. The last, the most favorite photo place for couples who come to this tourist location is taking photos on the wooden board by having the love shape and it is created the sentence “I Love You”.

2. Bukit Cinta

Your eyes can see the various scenery from the top Bukit Cinta such as hills, the mountains are covered by clouds, swerving streets, and blue beach with its white sands. Bukit Cinta is one of a tourist location in East Nusa Tenggara. It is exactly located at Bour Village, Nubatukan sub-district, Lembata district, East Nusa Tenggara. There is an inscription that is written “Love” in this tourist location and it is on the hilltop. In addition, there are concrete stairs, a couple of statues on the two alphabets “O” and “V”, also it is seen the giant fingers are converging and shaping love symbol. You can invite your partner to take a vacation in this natural tourism while celebrating valentine’s day and refreshing for a while from the activities in the city. If you are outside of Lembata district, you can board a ship or a plane in order to reach this tourist attraction. The traveling time from Kupang city to Lembata approximately takes 8 hours by ship and 40 minutes by plane. After that, you can use a motorcycle taxi service with your partner from Wunipito Lewoleba airport and the cost approximately is Rp 30.000 – 50.000. You should know that there is no public transportation towards Bukit Cinta. You can use travel services besides a motorcycle taxi service with the cost of Rp 100.000 – 500.000.

3. Pulo Cinta

If you want a calm atmosphere that can be enjoyed together with your partner, maybe Pulo Cinta can be the best recommendation. One of this exotic island in Indonesia is often become honeymoon destination by couples. A small island in Gorontalo is called Pulo Cinta since a row of villas that are built. Then, this a row surrounds and resembles a heart symbol. Therefore, this natural view is looked charming and exotic. Even though Pulo Cinta only offers 13 cottages, this location is still in demand by tourists. You are not only shown with beautiful greenish-blue water sea but also, you can see the view undersea that is still well maintained. In addition, there still other romantic activities which you can do with your partner. For example, to see the view of stars is spreading out in the night. Can you imagine how this romantic moment is? Another thing is you can invite your partner to dine & wine around this island. You can feel candlelight dinner moment which is very romantic while accompanying with a slight breeze and calm sea. However, there is a myth that Pulo Cinta is a meeting place for a prince of Gorontalo and a Dutch princess behind the beauty of this location. Moreover, the relationship between a prince of Gorontalo and a Dutch princess are forbidden love so that, they decide to escape to this place.

4. Love Lake Jayapura

Now, we move on to talk about the tourist attraction in Papua. There is another tourist attraction to have a love symbol that can be visited. Love Lake or Telaga Cinta in Bahasa, basically is a hidden paradise place in Papua and this starts to be known by people. The local residents call this tourist attraction as Danau imfote in Sentani, Papua. One of nomination in the category of new and popular tourist destination in API (Anugerah Pesona Indonesia II) in 2017 offers the wonderful views. This tourist attraction in Papua belongs to Sentani Timur area and border on Keerom district and Jayapura city. Along the way, we will see the wide pasture and its view is very beautiful. For those who want to visit this Love Lake approximately takes 30 minutes traveling from Sentani city. The location of Love Lake exactly is in Kampung Puai, Distrik Yokini, Jayapura District. Although it takes a long time to go, you do not worry because this traveling toward tourist attraction will be fun. Along the way, you will be accompanied by a straight way and beautiful views also this traveling will be satisfied when you arrive at Love Lake. Even though this lake is not very wide, this lake is looked attractive because of resembling a heart symbol. Furthermore, it is not only the view of a beautiful lake but also, the natural view around it. The rows of hills loom and line up will be looked fresh.

5. Bopong Beach

Bopong Beach is an interesting tourist location for teenagers who love taking photos in order to fill their Instagram feeds. There is a heart symbol that becomes a famous spot. The manager creates a bridge for crossing Laguna and it is called Hepiii bridge. After crossing a bridge, the visitors will see the view of the beach from above the height through the place for looking at the beautiful view. This has been provided by the manager on the sandhill. In addition, there is a photo spot that resembles a heart symbol and it is written “Reflika Lve Heppiii”. Bopong Beach is in Surorejan Village, Puring sub-district, Kebumen district, Central Java. You can take this traveling from Kebumen city with a distance of 24 km in order to reach this tourist attraction. Then, how much Bopong beach tickets? it is very cheap only Rp 5.000. Furthermore. The additional information, for the visitors who bring their vehicles, it will incur parking fee Rp 5000/ motorcycle and Rp 10.000/ car. If you are taking a vacation in Central Java, do not miss to visit this tourist attraction in Kebumen.

6. Barusen Hills

Barusen Hills becomes the recommendation of romantic tourist attraction. This location is in Cisondari Village, Ciwidey district, Bandung, West Java. This garden is very suitable for couples who want to take a photo with romantic backgrounds. You will be spoiled by the photo spots with “Love” theme in this location. Besides, Barusen Hills is completed by sufficient facilities for supporting the comfort of visitors. For instance, a wide parking area, the gazebos for taking a rest, rinse rooms, restrooms, culinary which offers the affordable food menu. Barusen Hills opens every day at 8 AM – 5 PM. You can take the route of Kopo toll road then, heading for Soreang – Ciwidey or you can take an alternative way from Cimahi through Baros and you will arrive in Soreang sub-district. Barusen Hills ticket is quite affordable that is Rp 20.000 on weekdays and Rp 25.000 on weekend.

Anyway, that is all 6 tourist attractions which have a heart symbol in Indonesia and those are very suitable to be visited by together with your parner while celebrating Valentine’s day. Please create the romantic vacation moments become unforgettable moments by visiting the best tourist attractions.