You will find it easy to find food in Jakarta. This capital city of Indonesia serves as a melting pot for Indonesian and International cuisine. It is one of the advantages of living in Jakarta and experiencing all of its perks. There is always something for everyone, the seafood lover, the street food, vegetarian or the fancy dinner.

There is a various restaurant in Jakarta. There are numerous vegetarian restaurants, International cafes, simple rustic street vendors and many more. International restaurants in Jakarta is among the best in the country, with International chains, elegant atmosphere, and a world-class prestige.

One of them is the remarkable Japanese cuisines. You can easily find a wide variety of fancy  Japanese restaurant, seafood, and desserts. Jakarta has a soft spot for Japanese food. Their unique presentation and taste appeal and receive a great response in the city.

Best Cheesecake in Jakarta

The Japanese cheesecake has been favorite for sweet dessert fans. Jakarta also has many places that serve the best cheesecake in the city. Moreover, the power of social media enables these cheesecake shop to be recognized by other people outside the city. many come to Jakarta just to taste these amazing cheesecakes. Here are some of the best cheesecake in Jakarta serving the legendary bites.

1.Pablo Cheesecake

Pablo store in Gandaria City, this has been a Jakarta favorite cheesecake place despite the long queues.  Their iconic cheesecakes come in two sizes. Normal and mini. The classical Japanese cheesecake has a soft feature with a mild flavor.

The store has various taste to try such as matcha, chocolate, and premium (with crunchy creme brulee taste). Costumers can also find this store in Pablo Neo Soho, in West Jakarta.