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13 Hectic Places to avoid in Jakarta that Travelers Should Know

by Yulie Kusuma

Among many cities in Indonesia Bali and Jakarta stand out in front of the world mind. Jakarta as the capital city offers great business opportunities and a window to enter this archipelago country. While another part of Indonesia offers great natural resources, natural wonders, and amazing social culture, Jakarta is the most modern of them all. These are more reason why it is good to do business in Indonesia

Places to Avoid

The city where the Betawi lives contains several culture of Jakarta. Whereas other part includes crowded market, tall buildings, traffic jams, foreign culture center, huge malls, recreation center an so on. As the trademark of any capital city, there are many interesting places in Jakarta. However, there are things need to avoid in Jakarta due to their risk for safety, well-being, and crimes. It is very important to avoid some places for your own safety. Here are some of the places that people need to avoid.

1.Jalan Jaksa

The number one recommended place to stay for backpacker. It has been known for years and still is. However, they have become over touristy, and in time the price doesn’t really suit for backpacker anymore. Hostels, dorms and house rents in this alley become more pricey.

Tourists from all over the world choose to stay at Jalan Jaksa. The sole reason why this street becomes popular to them is that they can feel the local culture here and specific Jakarta atmosphere that they couldn’t get in anywhere else.

2. Malls

There are many Malls in Jakarta, every 10 kilometers you can see other Malls, Supermarket or Hypermarket standing not far from each other. Jakarta has become the city of Malls where Malls are mushrooming condensing the city. It is best to avoid Malls hopping in Jakarta, there are more than numerous stores in a tall building that the city has to offers.

3. Jalan Sudirman

This main road in the heart of the city is often acting as a place for demonstrations or any rallies. Therefore, you can expect a huge long line of people walking down the street that really make the street unavailable to be used. This business part of Jakarta is best to be avoided. There are many small roads that you can choose or Ojek (motorbike) that can take you to go through the busy street. The street also leads to Monas and other famous places. 

4. Street Stall

Unless you have a strong stomach or a costume to Asian food, it is best to avoid eating from the street food stalls. It has a friendly vibe and they do smell great. However, for tourist traveling through the city, it may not be a good idea. Moreover, heavy pollution worsens the quality of food and eating comfort. In addition, street stalls that don’t have many costumes should raise more awareness. Mostly, the foods sold here are economical and not pricey. So, it may be your last options if you don’t have enough money on your last day trip.

5. Trans Jakarta

Jakarta is a city where nobody wants to walk. In areas where Trans jakarta operate, people would prefer to walk on their long corridor and packed in a crowded bus then just take those steps to the closest areas. Even when everyone is using some kind of transportation does not mean you have to. Avoid going to Trans jakarta place if you can just walk your way into it. Although the bus stop is very cramped, most locals choose this transportation because it’s comfortable and affordable.


It is the highlight of almost every foreign tourist visiting Jakarta. There are many nightclubs in this capital city that it is crucial to choose clubs to hang out. Popular clubs with many recommendations is a safe option to go compared to smaller clubs somewhere a little of rural area that you don’t know.

Be careful not taking any offers from locals. In these places where tourist often got offer for drinks, drugs and many more. it is best to keep them away in no time. 

7.Sunda Kelapa

Avoid this place in your trip to Jakarta. The Harbourside Slums offers heartbreaking sceneries. You will see the locals live a basic lifestyle with brownish and unclear water surrounding. If you are not used to these kinds of sighting going to this place is best not. 

8.Flood Area

The packed city experience has flooded in certain areas, they are usually located in the low places or near the rivers. During the rainy seasons, where Indonesia has two kinds of seasons, it is best to know where you are going. Getting stuck in a flood is not a great experience to have. There are many types of  floods in Jakarta and other cities waiting for you.

When you are traveling to Jakarta, try to avoid them as much as possible. Locals like to litter everywhere, even on the street, is one of many reasons this could happen.

9. Kemang Area

it is a premium place of living in Jakarta where there are many foreigners here. You can easily spot many foreigners walking around or going to cafes. it is a nusance to keep meeting fellow backpacker there. If you are going to Jakarta than check out where there are many locals and immerse in their language and habit. Therefore, you can gain more valuable experience by staying a non-touristy kemang are can be. 

10. Supermarket at night

Avoid going to a convenience store at night. Although it is safe to have a late night cuisine. But going to the supermarket in the area especially if you go through the dark alley. It is considered super dangerous. It is better to take delivery services which are not popping out in cities across the globe. it is a worldwide sensation but also bet to avoid.

Sometimes you could run out of time and decide to visit supermarket at night but we suggest you not to. Visit them in the afternoon may be a good option since the locals are working at that hour.

11. Bundaran HI

This roundabout in Sudirman street is a popular place to do protest. Therefore people should avoid going through this place to avoid in a mist of stuck vehicles. Usually, monitoring the news and social media can give heads up on protest occurrence in Jakarta. You can check LewatMana. com on Google. It’s the best Live Traffic CCTV service that’s mostly used by locals.

For your information, MRT station is located here, so it must be crowded at the operation time.

12. Block M

This mega blocks of series malls are famous among tourist. This here capture the wealth gaps of several premium Malls nearby with the street market in the edge of the streets. The huge differences here making the place filled with pickpockets or purse snatcher. 

13.Street under the flyover

These street are often quite and only vehicles crossing by this place. There are several robbery and crime in these areas. The occurrence mostly happen when the red light is on. Try to stay alert on the road is the best policy.

There you have it, some hectic places in Jakarta that are best to avoid going or even thinking about it. Safety rules actually apply for everybody from anywhere. Before going to Jakarta, check things out before doing anything. Traffic cams, scams and robbery are the last lines that act as a great concern while traveling. 

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