Best Ice Cream in Jakarta You Must Try

The capital city attracts people to come and stay because many benefits that come with it.

There are many working opportunities, entertainment attractions, wide range choices of cuisine are just some of the positive sides. This also applies to Indonesia. There are many advantages of living in Jakarta, for the inhabitants and also visitors.

There are many famous places in Jakarta to visit that attract Indonesia and even foreigners. The city also offers the best food, adventurous activities, cultural experiences, and very safe to live in Jakarta. Although the city is crowded, terrible traffic jams, a very hot temperature sometimes, Jakarta still attract many people. It is a city that people complain about, but don’t want to leave. Even if it hot there is always something to cool you down.

Best Ice Cream in Jakarta

South Asian Countries mostly have a tropical weather, including Indonesia. Therefore, you will experience an averages 30 celsius during the day. it is a condition that most foreigners love that they don’t get to have in their own countries. There is numerous ice cream store to freshen up the hot weather. There is no better way to dive in for ice cream on a hot day. Here are some popular ice cream places in Jakarta! 

1. Grom Gelato

Although Indonesia is a tropical country they don’t really have a long list of history of ice cream.

Their typical sweet cold delicacy is ice with some coconut milk. Therefore, it is no wonder that many International chains ice creams parlor flourish in this hot city.

One of them is Grom Gelato. A gelato parlor chains from italy. Gelato is an International well-known ice cream that many considers as one of the best in the world.

Grom Gelato serves high-quality fresh milk and cage-free eggs gelato. Other famous icy products include sorbets with 50% fruit and white cane sugar.

The parlor prepares all the liquid mixes at their laboratory in Turin, then get distributed to Jakarta stores, in several luxurious Malls in Jakarta. It claims to serve a refreshingly natural product that will melt your day.

2. Gaya Gelato

This ice cream stores hit the list of best dessert in Bali and melt their heart, before coming to Jakarta.

After it gains huge success cooling down tourists in Bali, Gaya Gelato take a spot among the busy street of Jakarta in 2017.

It opening up stores in Kelapa Gading, Pantai Indah Kapus and Grand Indonesia Mall in no time. As soon as it open, many people storm this cool place by long lines.

It literally indulges anyone by their popular gelatos and sorbets that not only free from colorings, additives, and preservatives but also very fresh. It claims to serves 100% quality local ingredients.

This ice cream parlor also highlights some authentic local ingredient such as lemon grass, passion fruit, Balinese durian, and tamarillo.

It is so fresh that their flavor based on the fruits that are in seasons. Moreover, to maintain the freshness all ingredient are cultivated and harvested on site, making the most of the raw materials of the beautiful land that hosts Gaya Gelato. Undoubtedly this fact also appeals for vegan lover out there.

3. Hello Sunday

If you are confused on what to eat in Jakarta this ice cream serves authentic Indonesian sweet and cold dishes.

Hello, Sunday is greeting their costumers in Menteng excursions.

Their delicious ice cream is guaranteed to cool you down in a hot and humid day. You will indulge by soft serve Indonesian-inspired ice cream:

Es Teler, Gula Melaka, Java Tea, and Kopi Tubruk served either flavored cone or waffle.

4. Gelato Secrets

Another import ice cream chain from Bali, Gelato Secrets also open their doors in Jakarta.

Gelato is all about fresh fruits and this ice cream place really do their flavors justices.

They hunt down the best fruits, vegetables, spices and other natural ingredients available in the rich natural resources of Indonesia. That kind mother earth has provided great selections of ingredient to put into their gelatos.

Try their all-natural famous classic items such as Tabanan chocolate, Toraja coffee, for Indonesian taste. if you are daring and willing to try east meet west ice cream flavors, choose either brown rice, charcoal, or even caramelized tempe.

5. BC Cone

You can have your ice cream in a cup, on a waffle or on a cone.

The combination of sweet cold ice cream and crunchy eatable come will tempt any ice cream lover. BC Cone parlor in Pantai Indah Kapukservese best ice cream in a cone.

Their burst of colorful ice cream surly can brighten anyone days. You can have layers of different color in one cone. The choices include Vanilla, Green Tea, Taro, Strawberry Candy and many more.

They also serve not so conventional flavors such as Black Charcoal, Cream Soda or Pink Rose cone.

Other ice choices to cool you down are their wide selections of Parfait and platter to immersed your heart content. In addition to the various topping, you also need to finish up your ice cream before the cone melt away.

6. Locarasa

Another classical Indonesian eatery in Kemang that serves classic Indonesian snacks and food.

It tries to please the ice cream fans with some fusion Indonesian Italian gelato.

Therefore, you get to try a unique taste from their popular ice creams such as Klepon Gelato, and even Martabak Manis Gelato.

They don’t just serve ice cream here, you can nibble some authentic Indonesian snacks such as tahu gejrot, traditional Indonesian kue with an interesting twist such as its rendang onde-onde.

Moreover, this cute little place also stock cookies, spread, and sambals, made of local ingredients from regions of Indonesia.

Grab your ice cream from one of these ice cream places in Jakarta and immerse the city bliss with refreshing cool snacks. Your stay will be fresh and the experience is surely breath-taking.

Jakarta food selection is vary in taste, forms and origins. The cool ice creams surprisingly go well with other Indonesia cuisines. It is undoubtedly a great choice to enjoy a cone of ice cream under the hot sunny day in Jakarta.