11 Interesting Things from Malang City You Have to Buy

When we visit a city, usually we want to buy interesting things from that city as the souvenirs. It’s also the same when we visit Malang city, East Java, that has many interesting things. Here are 11 interesting things from Malang city you have to buy as souvenirs for yourself or other people:

1. Malangan Mask

The first interesting thing that you need to buy from Malang city is Malangan mask. This is a typical mask from Malang and has cultural values on it. Malangan mask is traditional art that passed down from their ancestors and still be well-maintained until today. Malangan mask will be a suitable thing to buy for you who like artistic and cultural stuff, or for people around you who likes this kind of stuff.

2. Bamboo Craft

When you buy bamboo craft; you’re not only buying artistic craft, but also participate in eco-friendly campaign. Bamboo craft is made from bamboo woods waste which is used to make the pretty and unique craft. There are various kind of bamboo craft, such as key chains, miniature, cigarette ashtray, and many more.

3. Mask Craft

Another mask-related souvenir from Malang is mask craft, the original craft of Kedung Monggo village. Mask craft are usually crafted based on puppet characters, such as Bima, Arjuna, Yudhistira, and other characters. This craft is made from a good quality of wood and often used as wall display in the house.

4. Wijaya Wood Handicraft

The next one of 11 interesting things from Malang city you have to buy is Wijaya Wood Handicraft. This handicraft can be found at Mojorejo village, or in several souvenir places in Malang city. Wijaya Wood Handicraft is one of typical souvenir from Malang that also well-known in foreign countries, as it has been exported to Japan and Korea.

5. Dinoyo Ceramics

When you pass through MT. Haryono Street in Malang, you can stop by to buy Dinoyo Ceramics. Dinoyo Ceramics is a beautiful and artistic ceramics that will be a fit for decorate your home, or to give as a gift to your loved ones and friends. There are various kind of Dinoyo Ceramics; from vase, jars, plates, to wall-decoration ornaments.

6. Earthenware Craft

Another craft that will be suitable for collection or a gift is earthenware craft. This craft is made from earthenware and known by some people as clay, terracotta, or loam. Earthenware craft is an interesting thing because of its uniqueness and artistic value, along with cultural value. The craft like earthenware craft was made by traditional methods that passed down from generation to generation, so we need to participate in conserve it.

7. Cobek Stone Craft

If you’re wondering what gift that will be fit for your mother, aunt, or grandmother; you can give them cobek stone craft. In Malang, cobek stone craft is famous as a craft from Toyomarto village. Cobek stone craft is usually used as cooking ware, like for making chili sauce or seasoning from spices. Cobek stone craft is also durable, so you will save some money by buying it.

8. Landmark Miniature

When we visit a city, we can find there are several place that became the signature places of that city. It’s the same in Malang, whereas the city has signature place like city monument or in Bahasa known as Tugu Kota. This signature place was made into landmark miniature as the souvenir to the visitor when they visit Malang.

9. Malang Batik

Indonesia is famous for its batik and batik can be found in various region including Malang city. The style of Malang batik is generally using bright colors, and the most popular batik is Malang Kucecwara. You can find Malang batik in Klojen village, Sumbermanjing Wetan districts, as the central manufacture. Or if you can’t go there, you still can find Malang batik in several souvenir places in Malang city.

10. Stove Industry

The next one of 11 interesting things from Malang city you have to buy is stove industry. This thing is kind of unique souvenir to buy, but it’s what make Malang city special. The stove industry is well known in Malang city, precisely at Dadapraja village.

11. Malang Typical T-shirt

It didn’t feel complete when you didn’t buy typical T-shirt from the city you visit, especially Malang. Malang city has its signature T-shirt brand called Soak Ngalam, and it’s actually the opposite word of Kaos Malang (Malang T-shirt). You can find the official store of Soak Ngalam at Street Kawi Atas No. 24, Gading Kasri, Klojen.

Those are 11 interesting things from Malang city you have to buy. Hope this information is hopeful for you!