10 Most Popular Beaches In Lombok That Must Be Visited

If you’re bored going to Bali for holiday, you can try visit Lombok that located near Bali. No less than Bali, Lombok is also has beautiful scenery and many tourist attractions. As an island area, Lombok has many pretty and beautiful beaches that will make your holiday unforgettable.

Here are 10 most popular beaches in Lombok that must be visited when you come to this island:

1. Gili Trawangan Beach

The first popular beach that you must visit in Lombok is Gili Trawangan beach, precisely located in Trawangan. This beach is known for its natural beauty and well-maintained ecosystem, so no wonder if snorkeling and scuba diving became favorite activities to do there. You can also try to ride cidomo, a typical horse cart of Lombok; or take pictures in beautiful photo spots.

2. Gili Meno Beach

Not too far from Gili Trawangan beach, you can find a beautiful and quiter beach called Gili Meno beach. If Gili Trawangan beach always has many visitors, Gili Meno beach is more like hidden paradise because it hasn’t visited much. There is a point called Gili Meno Wall there, a place for sea turtles to swimming every morning and evening.

3. Senggigi Beach

One of 10 popular beach that you must visit in Lombok is Senggigi beach that famous for its sand color gradation. Beside its gradation of black and white sand, Senggigi beach is also known for its beautiful sunset. If you come to Senggigi beach, you must also visit Batu Bolong and Bata Layar which are the cultural heritage in Lombok.

4. Tanjung Aan Beach

Located near to Marase hill, Tanjung Aan beach has exotic scenery combined from the green hills and the blue sea. Tanjung Aan beach has two different kind of sand beach, right side has the white sand and left side has the tender pepper-like sand. This beach is suitable for you who want to enjoy a quiet and peace time.

5. Tanjung Bloam Beach

Slighty different from other beaches that are known for its beauty and water activities, Tanjung Bloam beach is famous as sea turtle conservation. The location of Tanjung Bloam beach is rather remote, where you need to going through the teak forest and muddy road. Because the waves in Tanjung Bloam beach are pretty high, you need to be extra careful while doing the water activities there.

6. Tangsi Beach

If you ask around about Tangsi beach and no one know it, you need to ask in different name: Pink beach. Tangsi beach is also known as Pink beach because of its reddish sand beach that looks like pink from afar. The waves in Tangsi beach are not too high and pretty calm, so it’s safe for children to play around there.

7. Selong Belanak Beach

The next most popular beaches in Lombok that must be visited is Selong Beranak beach. Located in West Praya districts and rarely visited, Selong Beranak beach still maintained its natural scenery and has a beautiful sunset. This beach is also known for its seafood, so you can enjoy it after playing in the water.

8. Sekotong Beach

Sekotong beach has beautiful combination of exotic beach, well-maintained ecosystem, and amazing hill. You will find Padang Lamun, marine biota ecosystem as typical ecosystem in the shallow sea. You can also enjoy the pretty scenery of sunrise and sunset in the hill near Sekotong beach, with Mount Agung as the beautiful background view.

9. Nipah Beach

If you like to hunt pretty pictures in the beautiful photo spot, Nipah beach can be an alternative to do so. Nipah beach has the clear sea water in tosca color, fitting well with the coconut trees that soaring high and lined up there. The location of this beach is also accessable with well-paved road, you only need 20 minutes trip from Senggigi beach.

10. Kuta Lombok Beach

The last, but not least, one of 10 most popular beaches in Lombok that you must be visited is Kuta Lombok beach. Don’t mix this beach with Kuta beach in Bali, okay? Kuta Lombok beach located in Kuta village, Pujut disctricts, Central Lombok with a beautiful hill called Mandalika hill nearby. The sea water of Kuta Lombok is very clear, so you can see the coral reefs even by the naked eyes.

Those are 10 most popular beaches in Lombok that must be visited for your amazing traveling experiences. Every beach has its own beauty and uniqueness that will draw you in and make you impossible to forget. So, what beach that you want to visit first in Lombok?