Best Places to See Sunrise in Indonesia : Hills, Temples, and Gems of Indonesia

Well, nature can always make us happier and somewhat calmer. Watching natural phenomenons can make somebody realizes how beautiful the world they live in. And a simple thing like sunrise, maybe the thing that people are always waiting for. Even they want to come especially for this purpose only, to an area that is a whole new for them, for enjoying the gift of nature.

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Those places are also exist in this very country, where people from all corners of the world are coming to see this special moment. You know, this thing even documented as best places to see sunrise, best spots to see the gift from God, and many other beautiful titles. And today, we’re gonna share it with you, the best places to see sunrise in Indonesia. Are you ready for this?

1 – Sikunir Hill, Dieng

One this list, we may include some interestinf locations that mostly exist in the Central Java province. This province is actually famous for having those beautiful spots that can be the exclusive places to watch the best view of a sunrise. One of them is this hill called Sikunir Hill in the area of Dieng.

This Sikunir Hill is located in a village named Sembungan in Dieng, Wonosobo, on the exact location from 2.360 mdpl. The village even granted a title as the highest village in Java island. To reach this hill, you need to take some steps from the village. Then, you can reserve a spot for you on the top, along with the other sunrise hunters.

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2 – Mount Prau, Dieng

The next location is a mountain called Mount Prau. No wonder why people are visiting the mountains to see a sunrise. It’s so high so anything can’t hid the sunrise from your lens. Mount Prau still located inside the area of Wonosobo, a little further from the Sikunir Hill that we’ve mentioned before.

The location is also not to steep, so it must be suitable even for the people in common. The best time to visit it is starting from December to January, when you can have a very clear view of the morning. The sunrise will give its shine to the other mountains as well like Mount Sindoro, Mount Sumbing, and the others.

3 – Borobudur Temple

Who knows that the next best places to see sunrise in Indonesia is Borobudur temple? Yes, you may be very familiar with this location. The seven wonders temple of the world is said to be the must visit location in Central Java province. So you must not miss it, especially if you truly love the Javanese culture and want to see a perfect sunrise view at an epic location.

There’s a specific time, a time when you should be ready to capture the moment. You should come there before 4 am. Beyond that, the place is getting crowder and crowder and you can easily miss the sunrise shots. You also need an additional cost for this, because anyone who wants to see the sunrise at Borobudur should pay about Rp200.000,- at the least.

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4 – Savana Bekol in Situbondo

Savana Bekol is one place located in Situbondo. It’s part of a gigantic Baluran National Park, the best conservation place in the province. Aside from seeing the animals who already eating something during the morning, you and your camera can capture a picture or two of a perfect sunrise landscape.

If you’re lucky enough, you can get a shot of a group of deers alongside with the sun that starting to rise. In fact, you can get better shot in a place that provided by the management of the National Park. A little effort needed to reach it, you need to conquer some steps to be able to reach the top side of it.

5 – Toba Lake

Leaving the Java island, we want to take you to the neighbor island called Sumatra. There, you can see one of the best natural attractions in Indonesia, an iconic Toba Lake. The lake is not only famous for its legendary folk lore. But, for the people who love to capture the sunrise moments, this one can be a perfect location.

Almost all the spots around Toba Lake are the great spots to look for the sunrise. You can just set your camera in a strategic place that can see it clearly. But, if you want to have a better view, you can go to Tele Tower located nearby. With only Rp5.000,-, you can reach the top and wait there to capture the actual best shot of a sunrise.

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6 – Mount Papandayan, West Java

From now on, we’re gonna mention the moutains in Indonesia that can be used for seeing the great sunrise in the start of the morning. The first mountain is Mount Papandayan in the province of West Java. Aside from being a spectacular active volcano, Mount Papandayan is also became a known place for camping and outbound activities.

This including the special session of watching the sunrise. This mountain is located in Garut and very easy to access. So you can basically go there with ease by going with your own vehicle. Well, there’s a perfect time to see the sunrise, without the fog from the rain and cold weather. That time is between August and September.

7 – Mount Kerinci, Jambi

Do you want to see a sunrise in the most spectacular place possible in this country? Then the Mount Kerinci should be included in your bucket list because this mountain can give you an amazing experience of hiking, trekking, camping, and finally seeing the sunrise on the horizon. But, are you familiar with this mountain?

The Mount Kerincie is one great mountain in Jambi, mostly famous for its folk lore and also beautiful spots to do camping. From this mountain, you can also see the other attractions located nearby, including the famous Gunung Tujuh Lakae that not too far away from this mountain.

8 – Mount Ijen

Now let us show you one place in the best places to see sunrise in Indonesia called Mount Ijen. If you’re a hiker, this location may be very familiar to you. Many hikers or photographers are love to be in this mountain. They can feel and capture all the beautiful moments such as the view of the blu lava, and also meteor rain.

But, one thing that surely not be missed is to witnessing the sunrise. You can witness is greatly in this mountain that has a very wide area, about 5,4 hectares. Of course the most fitting spot fot this is on the peak of Mount Ijen. Sometimes, people are building camps there and wait from 2 to 4 am to be able to watch a sunrise.

9 – Mount Bromo

For the people who live around Malang city, this mountain became a favorite destination for holiday. Even some people claimed that it’s a waste of time if you’re visiting East Java without actually trying to visit this great mountain. The mountain has several spots called Penanjakan.

And there are some Penanjakan like Penanjakan 1 and Penanjakan Two. Those two are the most suitable spots to watch sunrise in this mountain area. Other than that, you can also witness the sunrise too in Bukit Cinta or Kingokong Hill. Usually, the hikers are aiming for Penanjakan 1 to see the best sunrise.

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10 – Mount Semeru

And then the mountain that shouldn’t be missed when you’re looking for a spectacular place to watch sunrise is Mount Semeru. Mount Semeru is always being a favorite location for many people in Indonesia and the world.  With advanced technology, many people are documenting the mountain’s beauty and spread it to the world.

The result, many people are coming from all over the globe, from Canada, Japan, America, France, and many more. They want one thing, to watch the sunrise with the greatness of Mount Semeru. There’s one amazing spot called Ranu Kumbolo, a place that always crowded with camps and wonderful people.

Just like our usual thing, we want to include the rest of the places inside a smaller list that will be mentioning some of the best alternavies for you as the best places to see sunrise in Indonesia. So you can also visit those locations, such as :

1. Puthuk Sitembu Hill

2. Mount Rinjani

3. Mount Batur

4. Mount Kelimutu

5. Mount Tambora

So that’s our topis about the best places to see sunrise in Indonesia. Most of them are already included in some best websites for tourism like TripAdvisor, with some supporting reviews from many people around to globe claiming them to be the best spots if you want to witness the sunrise in Indonesia.

Even the sunrise is the usual thing that happens in every single day, from a different point of view, you can realize how beautiful is this world. Simple things can give more wonderful results if you see it from a different point of views.