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Best Beaches in Java Indonesia – Gems You Can Find

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Meeting us again in this beautiful night to talk some more about the wonderful facts of our beloved country, Indonesia. After telling you those amazing places that suitable for snorkeling, surfing, and any other water sports in Bali, now we want to take you back to the Java island, to find all the beach attractions.


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The Java island alone has about six different provices that filled with a lot of attractions. It’s  hard to imagine all the numbers of them. Inside those provinces like Banten, East Java, Central Java, West Java, Special Region of Yogyakarta, and Special Capital Region of Jakarta, you can find like more than dozens different beach on each region. But of course we’re not gonna include all of them in our list. It wouln’t fit nicely.

That’s why, we want to tell you just about the best ones that you can visit. In total, we have about 12 beaches that you can included in your bucket list. Here’s the best beaches in Java Indonesia :

1 – Batu Hiu Beach

As the first beach on the list, we want to introduce one of the best beaches in Indonesia, Batu Hiu Beach. Batu Hiu basically means sharks stone. So are there sharks in here? Sadly, nope. This Batu Hiu beach is located in the area of Ciliang Village in Pangandaran, West Java. There’s a reason behind the naming of this beach.

As you can see, there’s a big stone that present on the area that looks really similar to shark fins. That’s why, people are naming the beach, the shark fin beach (Batu Hiu). Usually, people are going up to the hill to see the full form of the shark fin stones. But aside from that, the beach serves a one of a kind natural view.

2 – Batu Karas Beach

The next beach in the article of best beaches in Java Indonesia is Batu Karas Beach. This is one of many beachs that has the name of “Batu” in them. However, this Batu Karas Beach is located still in Pangandaran area of West Java, not that far from the Pangandaran Beach. The exact location of this beach is Batu Karas village in Cijulang.

Unlike the other fierce beaches in Bali or Lombok where you can see the giant waves splashing everywhere, the situation around this Batu Karas beach is actually pretty calm. This beach is mostly visited by families who need the VitaminSea, having a nice holiday in a very comfortable beach that is safe for everyone.

3 – Ujung Genteng Beach

Ujung Genteng is the next beach you should visit in this holiday. You can continue your journey from the Pangandaran area to Sukabumi to visit all the interesting beaches, including this one. This beach is a bit different, we say that Ujung Genteng is truly a nice beach because of the things that offered to the visitors.

The beach has the soft white sand, perfectly safe and comfortable to step on. The other famous things are of course not from the beach’s condition only, but the ecosystem around it. Many people would come to the beach for seeking the underwater view with fishes, colorful corals, and even the small friendly crabs.

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4 – Karang Nini Beach

Another one in best beaches in Java Indonesia is Karang Nini Beach. The beach is located in the area of Pangandaran, not that far from the other beaches in this area that already mentioned above. But, there’s one reason of why this beach can be said more popular than the other ones.

The main reason is the location. Karang Nini is located in the village of Emplak Village, Kalipucang, which is a forest area in Pangandaran. The beach is located hidden after the thick forest just after the village. You need to take a trip for about 2 km long from the village to the beach to be able to reach this beautiful beach.

5 – Pasir Putih Beach

Still in the area of Pangandaran West Java, we want to introduce you to one gem of this area, The Pasir Putih beach. The attraction is located inside the conservation area on the west side of Penanjung Conservation Area. The area still looks very clean and comfortable, thanks to the government development.

However, unlike the other beaches in Pangandaran, Pasir Putih Beach does have the white sand. In fact, this is the only beach that has it. Around the beach, there are always packs of monkey that always wondering the area. Sometimes, tourists are spending their time to interact with them, taking many funny pictures in the process.

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6 – Madasari Beach

So, as you may know already, in Pangandaran area, there are some worth-visiting beaches that even located close to each other. For example, there’s a beach called Madasari Beach, which is about few kilometers from Batu Karas Beach. You can even just walk to visit those two beaches in a day.

However, for more exclusive view of a beach, this Madasari is always very recommended. It’s because the existence of those small islands that can bring a new color to the beach. Each of those islands have little green forests which is really interesting to see. Anyway, for you who interested, you can always visit Masawah village in order to get a direct amazing experience.

7 – Klayar Beach

In the seventh place of best beaches in Java Indonesia, there’s Klayar Beach. If you want to take some nice pictures with a beach as a background, than this Klayar beach should be included in your bucket list. This beach that located in Pacitan, East Java, has an outstanding view that surely can’t be found anywhere else.

That thing is the existence of the cliffs around it. Not only around it, but some stones are also present on the water. At the same time, they give this Klayar beach a one of a kind view but also very dangerous for people to swim. So, tourists usually come in here for taking pictures with the iconic cliffs.

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8 – The Green Bay Beach

The next beach is the Green Bay Beach that located in Banyuwangi, East Java. It’s actually a city that located just across the island of Bali. However, the Green Bay Beach has a really nice view. It’s even similar with the beach that located around exotic islands like Lombok or East Nusa Tenggara province.

Around the beach is the green forest that seems to be healthy. They don’t build anything on this beach, so it looks so natural, which is a good thing. Even though there isn’t any additional supporting facilities, people are still coming to visit it in order to get a refreshing location at the end of the week.

9 – Kukup Beach

After telling you about the best beaches in Java Indonesia in the area of East and West Java provinces, now we will go to Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta to visit a beautiful beach there, the Kukup Beach. At first, the beach looks a bit similar to Balekambang or Tanah Lot, because of a brigdge that connecting the land to a small building in the middle.

The building there is not a temple or holy place. It’s a place that used for resting, so many people do come inside in order to feel the sea breeze and take the amazing pictures of the sea. However, it’s not recommended to swim here, because waves around Kukup Beach area are considered dangerous, especially during tide.

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10 – Jolosutro Beach

For the tenth beach on the list, we have this Jolosutro beach. It’s one of the beautiful beaches around Blitar city. The exact location of it is in the Ringenrejo village of Wates, approximately 45 kilometers from the city of Blitar. It’s included inside the Southern Beaches that has very big and dangerous waves.

However, the area of Jolosutro beach is actually surrounded with small hills. You can go there if you want to have better pictures of the beach. It also has the black sand, but it’s soft enough to step on. For you who have the skill,surfing in here wouldn’t be a bad idea, those big waves are surely challenging.

Aside from the ten different beaches above, we also want to tell you that we have another list that containing the other two wonderful locations that you can use as alternatives to seek for the best beaches in Java Island, like :

1. Lampon Beach

2. Balekambang Beach

So that’s the topic about the best beaches in Java Indonesia. Of course, if you think that there are other beaches that look great and worth to visit, feel free to put your opinions in the comment section below.Share your best experience with all the other travelers only on the Facts of Indonesia.com. Make sure to stay tune for our latest news about Indonesia. See you later !

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