7 Mountains Close In Malang City You Must Know

Malang city has many natural attractions that will make you love this city, including mountains. The geographical condition of Malang city that surrounded by mountaints will make the nature-lovers like this city. Here are 7 mountains close in Malang city you must know:

1. Bromo Mountain

One of the most famous mountains in Malang city is Bromo mountain, which is globally known in the worldwide. Bromo mountain has many attraction spots such as Pananjakan Peak, Berbisik Sand, Teletubbies Hill, and Bromo Crater. You can also see a beautiful sunrise from various spots, such as Dingklik Post, Love Hill, Kingkong Hill, and Pananjakan Peak.

The interesting thing when visit Bromo mountain maybe not the hiking or climbing, but driving the jeep for getting to the peak. The field of this jeep driving is really fun and exciting, so it will be an amazing experience for you. This jeep driving is also will accompany you to many spots in Bromo mountain, and it will make your trip easier.

2. Arjuno Mountain

Located on the northwest of Malang city, Arjuno mountain is usually used as basic hiking for nature-lovers. This mountain has 3339 masl height and three climbing spots: Lawang, Tretes, and Batu. Tretes climbing spot is actually belong to Pasuruan city, not an area in Malang city. But mostly people choose the Tretes climbing spot because it’s connecting to other mountain, Welirang Mountain. Beside that, the Tretes climbing spot has many shelters with water sources.

Arjuno mountain has several attraction spots, including Kakek Bodo waterfall. This mountain also has river springs called Brantas river, precisely located on Sumber Brantas village. As for the peak, Arjuno mountain’s peak called Ogal-agil. The name came from the story about a stone on the peak of Arjuno mountain that swayed by the wind.

3. Welirang Mountain

Next to Arjuno mountain, there is a mountain called Welirang mountain. Just like mentioned before, most people start climbing from Tretes to climb Arjuno and Welirang mountain at once. But if Arjuno is non-active mountain, Welirang is an active mountain that sometimes emit smoke and sulfur. And compared to Arjuno mountain, Welirang mountain has lower height with 3156 masl.

Welirang mountain is also known as the sulfur mining spot, so it’s not surpirising if you cross paths with the local miners. Welirang itself means belerang in Bahasa, or we know it as sulfur. The local miners usualy do the mining for several days, then they carry away the sulfur by jeep.

4. Semeru Mountain

Another one of 7 mountains close in Malang city you must know is Semeru mountain. Just like Bromo mountain, Semeru mountain is also one of most famous mountain that attract many hikers. Semeru is the highest mountain in Java island, the fact that made many nature-lovers want to conquer this mountain.

Not only to nature-lovers, the popularity of Semeru mountain is also spreading among wide community because of a hit movie “5 CM”. Many people start to wondering and get curious about this mountain, along with other interesting spots there. Such as the peak of Semeru mountain called Mahameru, the heaven of Semeru called Ranu Kumbolo, and many more.

5. Panderman Mountain

Panderman mountain is not as high as other mountains close to Malang city, but people still like to come there for get some air and refreshing. With the height of 2045 masl, you can get to the top for about three hours. The climbing spot start from Batu city, and you can set up the tent on the top of Panderman mountain. If the peak feels too far, you can also camp in Latar Ombo as the only shelter in Panderman mountain.

6. Butak Mountain

Located between Malang city and Blitar city, Butak mountain is the right choice for you who like adventures. Butak mountain has an extreme field and limited rest-post that will give you more exciting challenges. Just like Welirang mountain, Butak mountain is also an active mountain with the height of 2868 masl. In Butak mountain, your eyes will be treated by beautiful savanna and pretty edelweiss.

7. Kelud Mountain

With its not-too-high height, about 1731 masl, Kelud mountain is an option for you who prefer the easy hiking. The road to this mountain is well paved and passed by some transportation such as motorcycle-riding. This kinda an easy way to climbing the mountain, but long time ago this mountain often erupted until 30 times. Kelud mountain was surrounded by three peaks; Kelud peak, Sumbing peak, and Gajah Mangkur peak.

Those are 7 mountains close in Malang city you must know, and even try to climb it soon. Hope this information is helpful!