5 Most Popular Indonesian Actresses

As a rapidly growing industry in Indonesia, the national film industry has attracted many women to participate in film productions as an actress. A lot have been developing their acting careers in this industry, and talented names have continued to stand out and become widely known as popular actresses in Indonesia. We all should have […]

13 Traditional Village in Bali Must Visit During Holiday

When you choose to have a vacation on the island of Bali that has a lot of beauty and well-known facilities. Then, of course, your goal is to find an atmosphere that is calm, peaceful yet pleasant. There are many recommendations in Bali that you should try, whether to spend a good time with family, […]

12 Most Popular Indonesian Cuisine You can Taste

Indonesia is a country with priceless wealth. Millions of local and foreign tourists fall in love not only with the beauty of Indonesian nature, but also Indonesian cuisine that has a distinctive taste. Indonesian cuisine is indeed one of Indonesia’s riches that never goes out. Many people who come all the way from outside the […]

13 Popular Cultures in Bali

Each place has its own charm. Likewise with Bali, which is visited by many people as a tourist destination. It’s no secret that Bali holds a myriad of uniqueness. Here we summarize some unique things you can only find in Bali. There are some popular culture in Bali : See also Importance of temple in […]

13 Most Popular Island in Bali You Have to Visit!

Bali is an escapist’s dream destination as there are so many places to visit. In Bali, going to a nearby island is just one boat ride away. There’s an island that’s perfect for those who like some quiet time, the nightlife scene or those who want to know more about the wildlife in Bali. Find […]

17 Reasons Why Badminton is Popular in Indonesia

Badminton in Indonesia is one of the upcoming big sports in the world played with a racket and a shuttlecock. The sport is particularly very popular and adored in Indonesia. Almost everyone knows what it is and how to play it. There are a lot of reasons for its rising popularity in the world and […]

Top 15 Famous Folk Dances in Indonesia

Indonesia is rich with tribes and customs therefore Indonesia has thousands local culture heritage which needs to be preserved. Cultural education can be done simply by spreading information related to the local cultures such as traditional foods, weapons, customs, dances, costumes, etc. The articles below will be an important information about the folk dances in […]

Top 13 Popular Celebration in Indonesia

Each year, Indonesia has its own special occasions that call for massive celebration. Due to the diversity that exists in Indonesia, there are many popular things that Indonesians are eager to celebrate. These celebrations have been around for years. Here are the 13 Popular Celebration in Indonesia which Indonesians love to celebrate every year. Read […]

12 Most Popular Holiday in Indonesia

There is an amazing amount of diversity in Indonesia. All the diversity brings many holidays in Indonesia. During these holidays, Indonesians do all kinds of celebrations. Here are 12 Most Popular Holiday in Indonesia. Read the many ways they welcome these holidays. 1. Eid Eid is one of the most celebrated holiday in Indonesia. It also […]