14 Areas to Avoid in Bali

There are many popular famous destination in Bali and for many good reasons. However, sometimes you just want to experience the area like a true local and dodge all the tourists. This can be almost impossible with a constant wave of international travelers.

Nevertheless, there are a few hidden natural wonders in Bali that haven’t been tainted just yet. So grab a flight to Bali and check out the best places to avoid all the crowds and tourists in Bali.

Areas to avoid in Bali

Bali is not all warm fuzzy feelings, stunning terrain, yoga, surf, the importance of the temple in Bali, and holistic lifestyle. You’re not wrong, However, if you end up in the wrong part of town, Bali will be less mesmerizing.

Here is how to make sure you find the perfect Bali for you and avoid all the wrong areas.

1. Areas near the Airport

Anything near the airport may look great, but it’s not the real Bali. This area is every tourist were hoping to avoid, and also surprisingly mediocre beaches. The prices are high, people rave and tourist everywhere.  

2. Money Changer in Airport

There are many ways how to exchange money in Bali one of them is the money changer at the airport.

However, the exchange rate you receive there will be bad. Instead, it is better to wait until you get to your destination to exchange your money.

3. Money Changer is Narrow Alley

This is among the most alert scams to avoid in Bali. The scams rely on exchanging a huge amount of money than counting them multiple time.

Most likely if you didn’t keep your focus, you will leave with little short of money. Most money changer in the big street is quite legit. However, keep in mind this may not always be the case. 

If you want to change your money as it worth, the best way to change your money is by using the ATM. This may be a surprise but the ATM is more realiable compared to other money changers in Bali.

4. Tanah Lot

The temple is among the long list of popular culture in Bali. This tourist attraction has spiritual value and best sunset spots in Bali. 4

However, While the temple itself is impressive, the areas are flooded with people. Good luck finding your way inside the temple without pushing other people going the same direction.

Some people would skip this popular over the touristy spot from their Bali list. However, if you feel like may need to go, be prepared both physically and mentally. Stay hydrated from the sun and crowd and don’t be tempted for anyone asking more money to reach the temple.

5. Hotels

Bali is heaven for Airbnb, villas, and guesthouse. It offers great Bali experience and not so uptight strict like any hotels. Moreover, you can stretch your budget avoiding Hotels. 

6. Seminyak

Seminyak is a great spot for surfing and hanging out on the beach while watching the sunset. It is the best place to learn surfing and there are many places along the beach that rent boards and offer lessons.

Seminyak is quite a touristy part of Bali. Moreover, the area is close to the International airport. This might not be the best spot if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, as there are a lot of tourists and traffic. Due to the amount of tourist in the area, everything is slightly overpriced, from the hotels, restaurants, and transportation.  

7. Malls

Tours often list Malls as part of their travel destinations. However, it is the one area that you can totally skip for sure. There are many must visit markets in Bali that offer great stuff. 

8. Streets at Nights

Like any other places in the world. Walking alone at night is not always the best policy. Bali nightlife can be vibrant and lively. However, there are some areas which are very dark and dangerous to walk on at night. SOme part of Bali have bad lighting and even some areas has no light at all. This places sould be avoided due to its safety reason. 

9. Kuta

Imagine Seminyak and multiply all the negativity about it by ten. Kuta is the center party ambiance of Bali. While accommodation and drinks are all relatively cheap, the areas are full of bars, pubs, and nightclub. There are parties all night long each day with music and dancing.

The tourist influence is very strong and has very little of Balinese left. Coming to Kuta means ready to enjoy music and drink with most likely with other tourists. However, if you’re going to the land of gods looking for the best Bali party places, then Kuta is the place for you!

10. Sanur

Besides hanging around at the beach and hotel room, there are not many activities you can do there. Since Bali has numerous beaches, try to spot high packed beaches for more variety of activities. 

11. Legian

The place is too touristy with endless shopping shops with high price tag. The place caters foreigner and rich tourist well. However, the same items in other places can have extremely lower prices. 

12. Local Arak shops

You may come across a traditional local drink known as Arak, made from toddy palm trees. Unfortunately, there have been multiple reports of dodgy Arak with methanol and causing severe illness, or even permanent blindness. We recommend avoiding places that sell this drink completely, since there is no guarantee it can be drunk safely.

13. Monkey Forest Bali

There are hundreds of adorable monkeys in this place. You do however need to be very careful because these little cuties can get quite aggressive if provoked.

It is best to avoid coming in contact with any animals in Bali due to health hazardous issues. 

14. Shady warungs

Small stall by the beach can be very tricky. These little places most likely will try to sell anything to tourist. Moreover, they often don’t take no for an answer. Best to avoid it completely.

Anyone who has traveled to Bali has their own personal impression and experience. These recommendations are the best advice for other traveler interested in coming to Bali. Moreover, there are areas to avoid for health, safety, and many other reasons.