Finding The 17 Best Hotels in Yogyakarta Indonesia

Like you may know already, a city called Yogyakarta in Indonesia is actually one of many best cities you can find in the country. It’s filled with so many interesting stuff in the world of art and culture. Visiting there in your holiday would be a spectacular journey because there’s so many things that needed to be explore, especially if you love travelling from time to time.

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But, of course after spending hours on the attractions, you need a place to rest that is comfortable, easy to reach, and also having the price that’s not hitting the roof. So that’s why, in this article we want to tell you about bunch of hotel located in this city of Yogyakarta. They all included inside the list of best hotels in Yogyakarta Indonesia below :

1. Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta

The first hotel on our list is the Hyatt Regency Hotel Yogyakarta. If you want to come to a hotel with a very wide area but filled with so many vegetations like grass and trees, then this hotel is very suitable for you. Hyatt Regency is having about 22 hectares wide and almost all area are covered in a green grass and decorated beautifully with lamps.

It’s also located on the city of Yogyakarta. But, even though it’s not that far from the city, Hyatt Regency hotel can hive you a very peaceful time because the city sounds can not be heard in the location. On some spots of the hotel, you can even have a beautiful morning view of Mount Merapi. It looks so gracious from afar.

2. Lafayette Boutique Hotel

Another choice if you want to have an amusing experince inside a hotel, is the Lafayette Hotel. Like the hotel above, Lafayette is also a five star hotel that completed with so many stuff. The hotel also serves a great services like private check in and check out, 24 hourse of security, free wifi on every room, and also post services.

This Lafayette hotel is considered to be the best hotel that located near airport and ring road of Yogyakarta city. With its very strategic location, it’s not that hard to notice this hotel and grab a room iniside. For recreation, visitors can enjoy so many things like gym, massage service, and also spa for everyone.

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3. Grand Mercure Yogyakarta

Looking for a modern looking hotel in Yogyakarta? Grand Mercure hotel may be the perfect choice for your need. Grand Mercure Hotel located about 5km from Adisucipto International Airport, and also 3,1 km from the Tugu station. The visitors will be spoiled by their useful supporting facilties and recreations like swimming pool and gym.

It also has this kind of interesting looks with the ornaments of mountain in the world of Pewayangan that located neatly just by swimming pool. The hotel is pretty instagrammable for everyone who wants to fill their feeds with interesting aspects this hotel has. Even though the price is maybe less affordable than other hotels, still, it’s pretty much worth it so spend a night in this hotel.

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4. Jambuwuluk Malioboro Hotel

For anyone who wants to visit some popular spots in Yogyakarta like Malioboro street, Keraton Yogyakarta, Baringharjo traditional market, and also Lempuyangan railway station, there’s one hotel that pretty much suitable for that called Jambuwuluk Hotel. It’s located in Malioboro street, you can even see the street from your own room.

Because of its location which is near those interesting attractions of Yogyakarta, many people would love to spend their nights in this hotel. Beside its so easy to reach this hotel, because the location of it is in the center of town, they will also get the comfortable accomodation with luxurious services. This hotel also has 11 meetin rooms and some VIP meting rooms that served for business purposes.

5. Hotel Tentrem Yogyakarta

The next hotel in this article about the best hotels in Yogyakarta Indonesia is The Hotel Tentrem Yogyakarta. Tentrem is aactually a Javanese word, which means peacefulness. That particular thing is the one you’ll get in this hotel. Not so much crowd and very cozy environment are just some of many benefits of this hotel.

Like the other five star hotels on the list, Hotel Tentrem also has a very interesting collection of recreation such as swimming pools, gym, free wifi in all rooms, and a bonus taxi service. Inside the rooms of this hotel, there’s a pretty matress that decorates the place beautifully. Also, you can enjoy the sauna if you want.

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6. Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta

Moving from there, we’re going to the Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel of Yogyakarta city. All the thing about this hotel is not far from the world Royal or Luxury. Using a pretty simple design on its exterior, Royal Ambarrukmo still becoming a nice place to rest and enjoy the luxury of Yogyakarta city. The trees in front of this hotel are formed beautifully.

Entering the hotel, you can see about 247 rooms. All of them are completed with LCD television, separated living room, and of course free wifi. If you want to shopping somewhere for buying things like snacks or drinks, you can just walk out to the Plaza Amarukmo that located just a few meters from this hotel. Beside Plaza, there’s also other attractions like Affandi Museum and the other markets.

7. Greenhost Boutique Hotel

Looking for a different type of hotel in Yogyakarta, there’s one special hotel that looks so different then the rest of the hotels on this list of best hotels in Yogyakarta Indonesia. The name is Greenhost Boutique Hotel. Uponn walking on to enter the hotel, you’llbe greeted with a very green view of vegetations that located neatly on each window.

You can see those green vegetations because it’s actually the concept of this hotel, which is a Green Hotel. Thanks to those things like flowers and such, they make this hotel smells and feels more natural and fresh. Beside enjoying the green aspects of this hotel, you can also enjoying a relaxation at Artic Bar and Lounge where you can taste refreshing drinks.

8. Harper Mangkubumi

The next hotel on the best hotels in Yogyakarta Indonesia is Harper Mangkubumi. To find it, you should go to the Mangkubumi street number 52. It has a very interesting looks though, with its rattan-like motives that decorating the exterior. The Harper Mangkubumi has that modern theme, that’s why you can see the place is pretty neat and instagrammable.

The location of this hotel is also very strategic. To go to the station or Malioboro street, you only need to walk for about 5 minutes to arrive there. Beside the location, the other things you shouldn’t miss is the view that you can get ever night. During a clear night, you can directly see the city of Yogyakarta from above. It’s really spectacular.

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9. Grand Aston Yogyakarta

The Grand Aston Hotel of Yogyakarta is one of many five star hotels in town. The hotel that located in the Urip Sumohrajo street number 37 is having a very strategic location. If you want to go to the airport, you only need to go there for about 30 minutes. Also, if you want to buy something like souvenir, you can just visit those markets that located near the hotel.

Inside a five star hotel, of course you’ll expect some benefits in the form of services and recreations that you, your friends, and your family can enjoy insid this hotel. There’s bunch of them, starting from the 24 hours security to mini bar. Couples can also go to the Sky Lounge and enjoy a romantic dinner with Yogyakarta city view.

10. Sawah Joglo

For anyone who wants to have their own private time, they should go for the Sawah Joglo. This is a resort that located in Sleman, northern part of Yogyakarta city. The situation, atmosphere, and environment around Sawah Joglo are really peaceful. It’s a relaxing condition that needed for everyone who wants to release some stress.

And the benefit of this resort is the direct view of the beautiful rice fields that completed with Mount Merapi on the background. With all the benefits including the great services they provided to visitors, you only need to pay less than a million to get a full access of this resort. Be sure to not missing this in your trip.

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After telling you some best hotels in Yogyakarta Indonesia above, we also have the other list containing the rest of them. There’s seven locations in total with the first one, Jamajiwa hotel :

  1. Jamajiwa
  2. Good Karma
  3. Aloha Hotel Yogyakarta
  4. Happy Buddha Yogyakarta
  5. Sae Sea Hostel
  6. Kosala Jogja
  7. Losmanos Hotel

So that’s our topic for today, the best hotels in Yogyakarta. As you can see, they bringing very interesting concepts to their hotels that can attract more and more visitors. With that, you can pick which one to become your favorite.