13 Traditional Village in Bali Must Visit During Holiday

When you choose to have a vacation on the island of Bali that has a lot of beauty and well-known facilities. Then, of course, your goal is to find an atmosphere that is calm, peaceful yet pleasant. There are many recommendations in Bali that you should try, whether to spend a good time with family, honeymoon or just relaxing. The best Bali gardens and wonderful things you should know.

Well, to find out which are the best places you can find while on a vacation in Bali. Among them will be explained in the following examples. The traditional Village in Bali must visit and must be a cool and stunning places to visit, surely your holiday will be more memorable and you won’t think twice to come back again to visit:

1. Ceking Tegalalang

The village which is 10km away from Ubud is a destination for foreign tourists to visit. There are many cafes and comfortable and quiet places to rest. People can enjoy coffee while watching the sun go down behind the terraces.

Twilight makes the color of rice looks like an orange hue. Besides enjoying this charming landscape, in certain seasons, visitors will witness first-hand farmers harvest rice. A truly enchanting place, perfect for those of you who want to find tranquility and get away from the frenzied city. Once you are in this village, you will be carried away by the peaceful atmosphere which attract the eyes. Easy and applicable tips to rent Villa in Bali.

2. Trunyan

Not only is it known for its stunning beach destinations, apparently Bali has a unique destination that can make you cringe! Want to prove it? Then you need to visit Trunyan Village, located in the Kintamani area.

In this traditional village, local people still carry out a unique tradition that will make their hair shudder, which is to put the dead body under the trees, without burying them. Because of that, you can find many skeletons that are piled under a large tree called Taru Menyan. It is said that the presence of this Taru Menyan tree can neutralize the stench of the corpse, even turning it into a fragrant aroma. This is the location of another uniqueness of the Trunyan Village, where it is said that the Taru Menyan tree only grows in that area.

3. Penglipuran Village

Furthermore, tourists should visit the traditional Village in Bali. Panglipuran Village is the first most popular tourist village in Bali. This tourist village has an area of 112 hectares and included in one of the cultural attractions in Bali that must be visited.

About 9 hectares are functioned as houses and villages. This village has a very unique form of settlement, namely houses that still use natural building materials such as bamboo, wood, and leaves as the roof. The village is also very clean and tidy. The rest of the land in the village is used as a plantation for local residents. This village has become one of the most popular tourist villages in Bali. Bali-halal restaurants you must try whenever you come to Bali.

4. Teganan Village

This village is one of the three villages in Bali that fall into the structure of Bali Aga. Bali Aga is a traditional village concept that is still guarded from the past until now. This Teganan village is still implementing a traditional system in their sale and purchase transactions. Among these are the exchange of goods or barter systems.

While the profession of the Teganan Village community itself is mostly farmers and artists. Artists at Dea Teganan are mostly bamboo craftsmen, painting artists, and cloth weavers. The community often performs traditional ceremonies that attract the attention of foreign tourists. In addition, about 10km from Tenganan, there is Candi Dasa which holds a variety of historical stories.

5. Bukian Village

This one is probably not often heard by many people. Bukian is a village in Bali located in Payangan District. It can be reached by driving approximately 20 minutes from Ubud. There, the people mostly work as wood crafters, especially giraffe displays. The results will be sold on the art market. If you visit there, you can buy wood crafts at a much cheaper price.

You can also feel the life of the Balinese people because 99 percent of them who live there are native. So it feels so great that you are in the middle of the Balinese population, people who are known to be very friendly and helpful to anyone who travels in the village. The best rooftop bars in Bali unique ones you should visit.

6. Batubulan Village

Must-visited Traditional Village in Bali is Batubulan Village. Batubulan Village which is one of the Tourist Attractions in Bali is indeed often visited by tourists who want to see performances of traditional Balinese dance. Usually, the performances shown are barong, legong and kecak dance. Some arts that are often sold at the Batubulan souvenir shop include sculpture and carving art.

If you like art crafts, this location can be a recommended alternative. Batubulan Village also has various other art crafts that attract tourists to shop for souvenirs. So because of that reason, this area is always crowded of visitors.

7. Ubud Village

The Ubud area is one of the popular tourist areas. The attraction is the beautiful and unspoiled natural scenery in Ubud. Ubud Village also has another attraction besides its natural scenery, namely the arts center in Bali.

Some of the special arts in Ubud Village which are favored by domestic and foreign tourists are carving, dance, sculpture, painting, and others. Ubud Village also currently holds the title of an international tourism village, so its name will be increasingly popular and it will be visited by many local and international tourists. Almost all tourists feel they have not been to Bali if they have not been to Ubud. Educational yet fun things to do In Bali with kids.

8. Celuk Village

This village is a paradise for silver crafts in Bali. If you are very fond of silver crafts, then this location is the location that is perfect for you. There, visitors can witness themselves the process of making art. There is also a special silver souvenir shop that is ready to serve you if you are looking for souvenirs.

Celuk Village is a producer of silver handicrafts. This village has also officially become a tourist village that can be visited by tourists. Most tourists who come are those who are really interested in this silver craft. His nickname is the village of silver and gold craftsmen to foreign markets.

9. Gelgel Village

Furthermore, a traditional village in Bali must visit, namely Gelgel. A number of historical buildings reside in this village. In addition, the village is famous for its traditional clothes, as well as pottery, which has a charm to foreign countries. Gelgel Village is one of the oldest villages in Bali.

So, the customs, as well as the cultural products produced, are truly pure characteristics of the island of Bali. If you visit Klungkun, don’t forget to stop by the village. You will see so many unique and interesting souvenirs and crafts. Hence wonderful tourist attractions you must see in West Bali.

10. Pelaga Village

This village is one of the traditional villages and also an art village that is often visited by tourists who like the concept of agrotourism. The location is in the District of Petang, Kab. Badung, Bali.

A cool atmosphere will make tourists feel at home for long there to enjoy the scenery. In this village, there are also many plants that can be seen. In addition, there are many activities and lodging that can be rented to stay. Pelaga Village and the agro-tourism area which is often referred to as Bagus Agro Pelaga. The location of this village is in Gunung Catur, namely at Mangu Peak. The interesting thing from there is, of course, its natural greenery.

Apart from the examples and explanations above, the following traditional Village in Bali must visit as below:

  • Kertalanggu Cultural Village, the location is in Ngurah Rai, Denpasar. Its location not far from the city center makes this village increasingly popular and visited by many tourists. This village has an area of approximately 80 hectares. The attraction is that plantations and rice fields are still very green. Many exciting activities can be done in this village, such as painting kites, weaving, horse riding, painting and dancing, and so on.
  • Jatiluwih village, the atmosphere of Jatiluwih Village will spoil the eyes. With a view of the river, rice fields, and also a very simple country house. In addition, the typical rural landscape is increasingly reflected in the activities of the farmers in the village. Makes you feel comfortable and calm. The following are the wonderful spot must see in North Bali.
  • Pinggan Village, near Mount and Lake Batur. The air is fresh and cool. Suitable for those of you who really like the mountain atmosphere. If you like nature tourism in the countryside, this village can be used as an alternative holiday that is impressive and can also be an interesting Photo Spot in Bali.

Thus some examples and explanations regarding traditional village in Bali must visit. Hopefully, it can be a helpful recommendation when you visit Bali. Enjoy your holiday.