13 Things to Know Before Visiting Bali during Ramadhan

Like mostly known by many tourists, Bali island is indeed a wonderful tourist location. Every single year, the statistic shows that even more people coming from other countries in order to have a great time vacationing on Bali island. However, things might change a bit during Ramadhan. Related topics: Things to do in Yogyakarta during […]

13 Common Traditional Ceremonies in Bali

Bali is an interesting place. There is a lot of cultural richness within the local Balinese community. Balinese culture is widely packed as a cultural attraction that is very popular by the wider community. People from abroad come to Bali just to enjoy and learn about the series of traditional ceremonies owned by Bali people. […]

13 Popular Cultures in Bali

Each place has its own charm. Likewise with Bali, which is visited by many people as a tourist destination. It’s no secret that Bali holds a myriad of uniqueness. Here we summarize some unique things you can only find in Bali. There are some popular culture in Bali : See also Importance of temple in […]