13 Things to Know Before Visiting Bali during Ramadhan

Like mostly known by many tourists, Bali island is indeed a wonderful tourist location. Every single year, the statistic shows that even more people coming from other countries in order to have a great time vacationing on Bali island. However, things might change a bit during Ramadhan.

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Things that are changed can be important or less important than you think. Even though the majority in Bali island is not Muslim, but there are some things you should understand and know about spending your days during Ramadhan. Thus, we created the list of things to know before visiting Bali during Ramadhan, such as :

1 – Traffic During Ramadhan

The first one to know in things to know before visiting Bali during Ramadhan is the traffic. Well, even in the usual days, traffic in Bali is known to be really crowded. The tourists are going in and out at certain area to the others. During Ramadhan, it can be a bit stressful than that, especially in West Bali.

The reason behind this is the locals who are going to their families during Ramadhan. This happens until passing the Eid Fitri Day. They are doing this thing called “Mudik”, which basically means coming home. With that, the road will be much crowded than before, especially if they decided to use their own vehicles.

2 – Finding Restaurant

As you may know already, most people in Bali are Hindu people. Only a small portion of them is Muslims. But that doesn’t mean you can do your obligation in Bali, because they are very much tolerance to each other. So, even the Muslims are a minority, you can see some mosques and other religious buildings around you.

But, there’s something tricky in Bali, which is to find the halal foods. You need to come to the Halal restaurants in order to eating Sahur and breaking your fast. Also, you need to remember that sometimes they don’t mention porks in their meals, and the Halal logo sometimes is not used even though they are Halal restaurants. We have the list of the recommended Halal restaurants on the points below.

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3 – Discounted Price

You can find any discount during special even basically. In Indonesia, aside from the National holidays, the discounts, high discounts can usually be found during the holiday from a religious activity like Christmas Holiday, and Eid Fitri for the Muslims. Usually, some days before Eid, many people will come to the nearest malls.

They want to buy some new clothing, new stuff, or particular gifts for celebrating the Eid Fitri. Because of the high demand of people and also in a way to respect it, the malls usually hold a fantastic discount for the customers. All the people around the town can use this opportunity for themselves. You better too.

4 – Resorts and Hotels

The other information you should know in things to know before visiting Bali during Ramadhan is about the resorts and hotels. Because most people are coming in and out in Bali because they wanted to visit their families either in Bali or the other islands, most resorts and hotels are usually have few visitors.

The reason behind this is probably the local tourists who left their places in Bali in order to go to the other islands or the people who are rather to visit their family’s house than staying in a hotel room all alone. With that, most hotels are usually filled with foreign tourists who can now easily order a room.

5 – Always have cash with you

You know, during Eid Fitri we have this behavior that seems to be familiar to the Chinese, which is giving the small cash to some kids or relatives. Just like the Chinese behavior, we also use to envelope, but not the Red Envelope. Usually, the size is smaller, and it’s really easy to get a pack of it.

However, the problem occurs some days before Eid. Because of the high demand for changing money, many banks are usually closed during the Eid Fitri. If you haven’t prepared, it will be really troublesome, especially the ATMs are off as well. That’s why you need to have cash with you at all time before it’s really hard to get it.

6 – Ramadhan Holiday

In the day of Nyepi, most people in Bali are doing their obligation to do Nyepi in their own houses. This makes the roads are empty in Bali for the start of the day until the night time. The same thing happens during Eid Fitri, which is the day when Muslims come to a mosque together in order to pray and celebrate it.

Because of this, the situation during the morning in Bali is really quiet. Only the sounds from Imams are the things you can hear. The melody of the Quran is surrounding you. And it lasts only for hours. After that, things can get way busier because people are finally come home and able to celebrate it with their family.

7 – Megibung Tradition

Now it’s the second section in things to know before visiting Bali during Ramadhan, which is the traditions you can find on Bali island during the special month of Ramadhan. Just like Yogyakarta city, people are also having their own idea to celebrate the Eid Fitri with their own way. And the first one is the common activity called Megibung.

Megibung is basically eating together activity where you can see so many people gathering in some place and celebrate the day of victory, Eid Fitri, with togetherness. There are families, friends, and even relatives who come there together. It’s a very intimate yet heartwarming moment.

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8 – Ngejot Tradition

Seems to be the same as Megibung, the Ngejot Tradition is also all about togetherness. But the difference is if Megibung is only done by the Muslims to other Muslims, this Ngejot tradition is more like a relation between Muslims and Non-Muslims. So people will bring any kinds of meal to their neighbors and eating them together.

In Eid Fitri, the Muslims are the ones who bring the foods to their neighbors, including Non-Muslims. But on the other day like a Hindu celebration, the Non-Muslims are doing it instead.

9 – Pegayaman Tradition

In an area called Pegayaman, you can find an activity called Pegayaman night market. The market exists from the breaking fast time until Isya’. The unique thing about this night market is the sellers and buyers. All of them are kids. So, from the start of Maghrib til Isya’s, they sell some foods or maybe toys to their friends.

Because of their age, the price is also really cheap compared to their usual price The adults can buy their stuff if they want to.

10 – Nyekar

And the next tradition in things to know before visiting Bali during Ramadhan is Nyekar. The tradition of Nyekar of visiting the family member’s grave is not only done by the people in Java only, but people around Bali are also doing it as well. You can see this activity in a village named Wanasari or mostly known as Kampung Jawa (Javanese Village).

They usually do this activity days before Eid Fitri, usually three days before it. Even though they are a minority, they still capable of doing their culture peacefully.

11 – Bale Udang Mang Engking

And for the next three points, we want to tell you about the Halal places we mentioned before as places for you to break your fast. The first one of all is Bale Udang Mang Engking. Just like its name, you can easily get a portion of Udang or Shrimps, and even the bigger ones, Lobsters in this place. You can also enjoy things like fried chicken, sate ayam, and any other menu.

The location of this restaurant is on the street of Nakula number 88 in Kuta Bali. The price ranges from 25 to 120 thousand rupiahs.

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12 – Sunda Kelapa Restaurant

For Indonesian meals, the best places to go to is this Sunda Kelapa Restaurant. Mostly known for its catchy name, this restaurant can sell you bunch of Indonesian foods from Betawi traditional foods to Javanese meals. Examples are Soto Betawi, Gado-gado, kinds of Penyet, Nasi Campur Bali, and many others.

Location of it is in the Kediri street number 41 of Kuta Bali. The price is starting from 30 thousand rupiahs only.

13 – Layali Arabiya Labanese Restaurant and Lounge

And the last restaurant on the list is called Layali Arabiya Labanese Restaurant and Lounge. A bit long for a name, but you can grasp that this restaurant mainly seels Arabian foods or any meal from Middle-East region. All foods are Halal and also delicious, even for the first timer.

However, starting from 30 thousand up to 150 thousand rupiahs, you can get some menu like Kebab, Labanese Mixe Grill, Hummus, and a lot more. If you are interested, come to Legian Kaja number 445.