Pekalongan Batik: History – Characteristics – Motifs

Have you ever heard about Pekalongan city? Yes, this city is popular with its wonderful batik. This city which is part of Central Java region has thousands kinds of beautiful batik patterns and motifs. No wonder, because all the batik artists there are full of skills and passions. That’s why Pekalongan batik becomes so popular […]

The uniqueness of Madura Batik

Indonesia is known best for its Batik, most region have their own signature Batik. First of all Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to a cloth. Batik can be made either by drawing dots and lines with a tool called tjanting or another technique is by printing with a copper stamp called a cap. Many batik […]

7 Things Only You Can Find in Jogja

Jogja is also know as Yogyakarta, it is popular among Indonesia that it is an unforgettable city. While in Jogja you can have budgeted backpacker trip or even have a luxurious holiday. There are a range of places, food and moments that you can have in Jogja, let us see 7 things only you can […]

15 Popular Types of Batik Motifs in Indonesia

Do you know that UNESCO has set Indonesian batik as a humanitarian legacy for oral and non-cultural culture since October 2, 2009? Therefore, every October 2 finally becomes a memorial moment for the national batik day in Indonesia. In its development there are various types of batik scattered in Indonesia. Diverse motives usually depend on […]

14 Extraordinary Facts of Indonesian Batik

Batik is a cultural heritage of Indonesia that has a high value and fusion of art, loaded with philosophical meanings and symbols full of meaning that shows the way people think society. Batik is a craft that has become part of Indonesian culture (especially Java) since the first. Batik tradition was originally a hereditary tradition, […]

Batik Day in Indonesia

Batik is a fabric that is painted using canting and liquid wax to form of high artistic painting value on mori cloth. The word batik comes from the Javanese word amba and tik. Both words mean writing point. Ambatik refers to the complicated technique of painting points. Batik technique is an ancient technique that has […]

13 Importance of Indonesian Batik Making

The process of making batik is a process that requires technical, thoroughness, and patience is high. This is caused by everything the manufacturing process is done manually by using human skilled hands (written) without using the machine. Because everything is done manually then the price of batik is one of the most expensive types of […]

The History of Batik Yogyakarta

Batik is beautiful patterned cloth that characterizes the richness of Indonesian culture, especially in Java such as Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta batik cloth that is versatile is actually a lot of functions. The development of batik as a fashion trend in various circles, whether young or old, to a variety of professions & economic background, more the […]

13 Famous Cultures in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country of pluralism, a country with high tolerance and the heaven for cultural values. Indonesia has an uncountable amount of cultures range from Sabang until Merauke, all of them are valued as the national treasure even until now. Surprisingly the local cultures are not only well known among the Indonesian, some cultures […]

Traditional Dyeing Technique of Java – Steps – Examples

Dyeing is an attempt to increase the commercial value of textile goods. This commercial value involves sensory values ​​such as colors, patterns and modes, and usability values ​​depending on whether the final product is used for clothing, household goods or other uses. These values ​​can be provided in a variety of ways by different materials, […]