5 Best Christian Universities in Indonesia

As a nation dominated by Muslim believers, the tolerant country of Indonesia does not close the opportunity for its citizens to have Christian-based education institutions as their place for university studies. Besides, not only that these Christian universities are present for its believers, other non-Christians may also be interested to enroll for certain disciplinaries it […]

5 Most Beautiful Churches in Indonesia

Being a crucial place for spiritual essence, have you ever considered seeing a church from its artistic aspect? Have you ever wondered that some churches you passed by along the road apparently have such unique designs that you might not realize? Though not to opt-out its original purpose as a place for Christians’ prayers, yet […]

The List of 15 Historical Churches in Indonesia

You know, Indonesia is blessed with diversity. This not-so-small country is filled with dozens of island, scattered all over the archipelago, standing with their own unique identity under the same flag. Religions are also the other aspects that you can find so special from Indonesia. Not only Islam, but you can also find the other […]

10 Christmas Food in Indonesia With Authentic Taste

As a country with 16.5 million Christians and 6.9 million Roman Catholics, Christmas in Indonesia is celebrated with traditions that are very different in various regions. In areas with large Christian / Catholic populations, Christmas celebrations are characterized by special rituals and local specialties. In big cities, shopping areas are often decorated with plastic Christmas […]

The History of Religion in Bali – Brief Explanation

Most of the population of Bali province embraced Hindus. The next is Islam, Christianity, Catholicism and Buddhism. Hinduism is the majority in all districts and cities. Meanwhile the great number of Islam in the province are in Denpasar, Badung, Jembrana and Buleleng. Then, for Christian, Catholic, and Buddhist have the large populations in Denpasar and […]

The History of Christianity in Bali

Christianity is the third minority religion in Bali after Islam embraced by 64,454 Protestants and 31,397 Catholics. The percentage of the population of Balinese Christians and Catholics is 1.66% and 0.81% respectively. The largest concentration of Protestants in Bali is in the village of Blimbingsari while the concentration of Catholics in Bali is found in […]

12 Ways How do Indonesians Celebrate Easter

Christians around the world celebrate an important event in their religion, Easter Day, which is believed to mark the resurrection of Jesus, three days after being crucified. Many Christians, including Protestants and Catholics, celebrate it by worshiping to church on Easter days, though for some people who rarely do it on other Sundays. They celebrate Easter […]

12 Ways of How do Indonesian Celebrate Christmas

Christmas becomes awaited moment for most of Christians in the world. As a country with 16.5 million Christians and 6.9 million followers of Roman Catholicism, Christmas Day Celebration in Indonesia is done with very different traditions in different regions. Here are the 12 how Indonesian celebrate Christ mas. Creating Christmas tree Although this is a […]

Religious Diversity in Indonesia – Pluralism

Indonesia is the multicultural country with variant religions, ethnics, and believable, those are the special things that can find by tourists when come in Indonesia. if you’re a newcomer, you will recognize there are a lot diversity from one island with other island. in this case, Indonesia still being country with peaceful and there is […]

History of Christianity in Indonesia in Indonesia

In this special occasion we’re gonna talk about the history of Christian in Indonesia, including the developments. Now, talking about history of Christianity here, the religion believed to be around when the European came to Indonesia, you know when Portuguese and Dutch came here. The catholic one is believed to be carried by the Portuguese […]