5 Best Christian Universities in Indonesia

As a nation dominated by Muslim believers, the tolerant country of Indonesia does not close the opportunity for its citizens to have Christian-based education institutions as their place for university studies.

Besides, not only that these Christian universities are present for its believers, other non-Christians may also be interested to enroll for certain disciplinaries it values.

From these Christian universities, some are very well-known in the society for its high standard of tertiary of education, playing a role in education growth in Indonesia.

This is proven through the positions of these universities in the national rank of private universities, where some Christian universities are among the top 20 list.

Here are five best Christian universities in Indonesia that may be a useful reference for you.

1. Atma Jaya Catholic University

Atma Jaya Catholic University

Atma Jaya Catholic University is one of the most well-known Christian universities in Indonesia.

Established in 1960, this institute located in Jakarta hold the third position of all private universities in Indonesia in 2007 according to GlobeAsia Magazine.

There are three main campuses in Jakarta today, comprising the Semanggi Campus, Pluit Campus, and BSD Campus.

The university offers eight different faculties for tertiary education, both undergraduate, and postgraduate studies.

This includes the faculties of Economics and Business, Administration Studies, Education and Teaching, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Psychology, and Biotechnology.

Cooperating with foreign institutions like University of Illinois (US) and The University of New South Wales (Australia), Atma Jaya has also been providing exchange programs, lecturer exchanges, scholarships, joint research, and others.

All meant to enhance and support students’ studies and experiences and add up the uniqueness of university life in Indonesia.

2. Parahyangan Catholic University

Parahyangan Catholic University

Another top Christian university is Parahyangan Catholic University located in the city of Bandung.

The university was founded in 1955 under the leadership of the Catholic Church in Indonesia.

It becomes one of the top 17 private universities in Indonesia according to Edukasi Kompas, and its students have also continued to perform well and achieve international awards like the Outstanding Delegation Award in the Harvard National Model United Nations 2009.

Among the seven faculties are the faculties of Economics, Law, Political and Social Sciences, Engineering, Philosophy, Industrial Technology, and Information Technology and Science.

Not only for undergraduate studies, Parahyangan University also provides other programs like diploma, professional, master, and doctoral programs.

3. Petra Chirstian University

Petra Christian University

This other top Christian university is Petra Christian University, which is located in Surabaya, East Java.

Considered as the oldest private Christian university in Indonesia, it successfully held the position of Indonesia’s best private university according to the 2019 QS World University Rankings.

Petra University has a total of seven faculties, which consists of Arts and Design, Civil and Planning, Industrial Technology, Economics, Letters, Communication, and Education.

Being partnered with various institutions around the world like Japan and United Kingdom, Petra University undoubtedly serves the best opportunities and experiences for its students and enhance the education curriculum in Indonesia.

4. Pelita Harapan University

Pelita Harapan University

Pelita Harapan University is probably one of the famous universities especially in Jakarta.

Being a modern private Christian university found in 1994 and located in Tangerang city, Pelita Harapan highly implements Christian values as the basis for its studies.

It is now operating not only in Jakarta, but also in Surabaya and Medan.

The university consists of various study programs which consists of Business Integration, Hospitality and Tourism Industry, Social and Education, Built Environment, Solution Technology, Health Sciences and Creative Industries.

Aside from that, Pelita Harapan is also the first university in Indonesia which uses English as the first language for its academic studies, making it one of the best universities in Indonesia for international students.

The university also emphasizes sports as a part of students’ extracurricular activities. One of the famous branches is its basketball team called the UPH Eagles.

5. Maranatha Christian University

Maranatha Christian University

Maranatha Christian University is also among the best Christian universities in Indonesia.

Established in 1965, this private university located in Bandung was operating under the Indonesian Christian Church, and has had more than 30,000 alumni up to the present time.

Comprising numerous faculties such as faculties of Medicine, Psychology, Engineering, Letters, Economics, Arts and Design, Information Technology, Law, and Dentistry, Maranatha University also provides various programs like diploma, undergraduate, professional, and graduate.

Non-academic activities are also enhanced in this university, making clubs of Aikido, basketball, choir, and others to be very well developed for students to participate.

These are then the five best Christian universities in Indonesia that may add up to your Indonesian universities reference.

All are certainly not left behind from other best state universities in Indonesia.

There are indeed more Christian institutions which have successfully stood out as well.

Above all, we certainly hope that these universities will continue to develop well, along with the growth of other universities as well as the education of Indonesia.