5 Deadliest Diseases in Indonesia

Human’s health is always an important aspect of life, and it is highly dependent with our daily lifestyles. Although some diseases which eventually disturb our health may be genetically-driven, but it becomes more possible for people to catch diseases as a result of abandoning healthy lifestyles throughout their daily activities. While death is inevitable, some […]

10 Common Parasites in Bali You Must Aware

Parasite is an organism whose life always depends on other organisms to get food, take shelter, and mean other things. It is detrimental and smaller in size and shape compared to its host. In general, the presence of parasites in a host will harm and reduce host productivity. Because besides riding a place to stay, […]

4 Common Type of Malaria in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with the most malaria sufferers worldwide. Although most malaria sufferers in the world are not Indonesia, but Indonesia has many difficulties to eradicate this contagious disease. Of the many countries, Indonesia is the country that has the most types of malaria mosquitoes in the world. In fact, there are 25 types […]

10 Top Common Infections in Indonesia

Infection is a process of invasion and multiplication of various microorganisms into the body (such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites), which when under normal circumstances, these microorganisms are not present in the body. In fact, in some places in our body, as in the mouth or intestines, there are many microorganisms that live naturally […]

10 Most Common Disease in Bali

Through its natural beauty and culture, Bali became one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations. Therefore, the more tourists who visit Bali, the possibility of the spread of disease will also be higher. In general, the disease in Bali can be transmitted by air or by intermediaries. Some of them can even lead to fatal […]

13 Common Skin Diseases in Indonesia

In some developing countries especially those who are considered as tropical countries, skin disease is considered as Diseases in Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the countries who still familiar with skin disease problem, there are some skin diseases that still haunt the local people. The factors are varied,  ranging from temperature, environment, or even from personal hygiene. […]

Top 15 Common Diseases in Indonesia – Solutions

Of course all of us know what disease is. It can’t be separated from our life. And beware, some of them maybe just a little or not have a risk to take our life, but some other don’t. We must know about kind of disease around us, and lets start with discussing the diseases that […]