8 Most Beautiful Tourism Objects in Situbondo

Situbondo lies on the north coast between Probolinggo and Banyuwangi, it is one of the regency in East Java. It takes about 4 hours from Surabaya and 5 hours from Denpasar to get to Situbondo. This is another regency that is worth to be visited in East Java, it has beautiful area to the foreign […]

12 of the Best and Exciting Water Parks in East Java

A water park is one of the tourist attraction which can be said that really makes people interested. In addition, we can also find a lot of popular water parks and it becomes one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia. The various locations with its uniqueness and enjoyment always interest people. A water park surely […]

The History of Madura Language

Madura is an island located in the northeastern coast of Java. It is part of the East Java Province even though it is separated from Java by the narrow strait of Madura. The Madura people are the third largest group in Indonesia, the majority still lives on the island and also the eastern part of […]

The uniqueness of Madura Batik

Indonesia is known best for its Batik, most region have their own signature Batik. First of all Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to a cloth. Batik can be made either by drawing dots and lines with a tool called tjanting or another technique is by printing with a copper stamp called a cap. Many batik […]

4 Reason Why You Should Visit Bromo Mountains to see Sunrise

Mount Bromo is currently one of the go to tourist attraction that is visited by not just Indonesian but also people from abroad. This mountain is inside the area of National Park Bromo Tengger Semeru, it is an active volcano. It has a height of 2329 m above the sea level and is located inside […]

10 Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Dance You Should Know From East Java

East Java is one of the most populated region in Indonesia. With Javanese tribe dominating the region, the lifestyle and cultural practice are heavily influenced by Javanese tradition. From the language used between old and young people to clothes wore, Javanese people tends to live with tight rule and respect toward each other. Among those […]

7 Amazing things To Do In Gili Ketapang (worth to try!)

For those who don’t know Probolinggo, it’s one of the best city in East Java to spend a vacation. Located in south east of Surabaya, It has natural tourism site, cultural heritage, museums, and cultural events. Also, Probolinggo gets a nickname “Kota Seribu Taman (City of Thousand Gardens)” for its urban planning. One of its […]

The Brief History of Surabaya, Indonesia

Surabaya has a population of 2,813,847 inhabitants (2014). The Surabaya area covers the Gerbangkertosusila metropolitan area with a population of nearly 10 million people, the second largest number in Indonesia after Jabodetabek. Surabaya has Juanda International Airport, Tanjung Perak Port and Ujung Port. The name that is often called for the nickname Surabaya is the […]

20 Traditional Dances in East Java You Should Know

East Java is a province located in the Eastern part of Java Island. It is an area of 47,922 km ² covering 38 cities and regencies. In the field of art and dance, East Java has a variety of dance art that has been well known by the people of Indonesia or even the world. […]

10 Traditional Ceremony in East Java You Must Know

East Java is a province in the eastern tip of the island of Java, where most of the population is still very preserving culture and Java. The Javanese are famous for their friendly and courteous personalities. Not just their personality, they also have a history of tradition and culture that is very attractive. Examples such […]