5 Best Christian Universities in Indonesia

As a nation dominated by Muslim believers, the tolerant country of Indonesia does not close the opportunity for its citizens to have Christian-based education institutions as their place for university studies. Besides, not only that these Christian universities are present for its believers, other non-Christians may also be interested to enroll for certain disciplinaries it […]

Recognize Congklak, A Traditional Game From Indonesia

Indonesia has various kind of traditional games. It derives from generation to generation to teach children respect, togetherness, and kindness. Each of traditional game in Indonesia has its own philosophy. For example, Lompat Tali (Rope Jumping) teaches Indonesian children that life is full of challenge. Once you accomplish a level in rope jumping, another challenge […]

14 Causes of Housing Shortage in Jakarta : The Main Obstacles

In the previous article, we talked about the main problem that can be found in the capital city of Indonesia, which is the traffic congestion or traffic jam. It’s really troublesome for many people around the city, especially for the morning productive routine. However, the congestion is not the only problem this city has. Related […]

List of 14 Universities in Indonesia for International Students – Best Ones for You

Aside from all things, education is still being an important aspect of our life. Just like a wise man once said, learning is not based on the age of someone. It’s only because in the want to expand our head for new information. Especially in the industrial age like this that reaching its 4.0 where […]

10 Top Elite International Schools in Indonesia

As parents, you should choose the best school for your children. Many missperceptions regarding which one is better, between international or national schools. Generally they assume that international schools are more advanced. International schools are schools that prioritize global-based education, with an international curriculum that is different from the curriculum of the country where the […]

Top 10 Best Islamic Boarding School in Indonesia

Islamic boarding schools are a traditional education where students live together and study under the guidance of a teacher better known as kiai and have a dormitory for students to stay in. Islamic Boarding Schools are two terms that show one understanding. The Islamic boarding school according to its basic understanding is the place of […]

Another Amazing List of Indonesian Martial Arts

In this world, there are plenty of reasons why we should prepare ourselves for the dangers that wait for us. There are people out there who want to do anything to get the things they wanted in incorrect ways like robbery or even killing. Once, the people use martial arts to defend themselves from the […]

The List of Universities in Bali Indonesia

Education is one important element in our life. As humans, we always grow to be a better person. Growing to be much wiser and smarter, we need to get educated starting from kindergarten up to Universities. In Indonesia, we can easily find so many Universities, both privates and National on each region of this country, […]

15 Things You Should Never Do in Bali

You should enjoy your precious holiday in some places great you know. You can start by visiting a country named Indonesia, to its most popular island, Bali. Many may not know about Indonesia, even though they already visited Bali like thousand times. Some people also have a very respective behavior, which is one thing that […]

Ecological Impacts of Palm Oil Expansion in Indonesia

Talking about one of many important Indonesian commodities, the Palm Oil, we sure can agree together that it has so many usefulness for our life. We can use the oil for cooking, an additional for biodiesel fuel, an ingredient to make butter, material for making pomade, material for making some stuff like lotion and skin […]