10 Types Of Avocado In Indonesia

Who doesn’t know avocados. Many people make this avocado as a juice which tastes great, what else is there a mixture of chocolate milk and some other sweeteners. Avocados are no longer a foreign fruit for Indonesians. Avocado cultivation in Indonesia has been done for a long time. Besides being delicious, avocados have health benefits. […]

10 Local Types of Durians in Indonesia

Not everyone likes durians. For some people, durian is not a delicious fruit to eat. However, some people also think that durian is the best fruit in the world. Although some people do not like the smell, but not a few people like it. Even some others are crazy about the sweetness produced by the […]

10 Types Of Bananas In Indonesia

Banana is a fruit that is always consumed by Indonesian people. It is one of the type of Indonesian fruits. This fruit also popular in the world, especially in South East Asian.  The content of vitamins and carbohydrates makes bananas can be used in a variety of processed foods. So it’s not uncommon to see food […]

10 Common Type of Mango in Indonesia

It is not only in Indonesia mango becomes one of the favorite fruits in the world. For mango problem, Indonesia is the 4th mango producing country in the world with an average production of 2 million tons / year. Interestingly, in Indonesia, mango is the second largest agricultural commodity after banana. Malayalam maanga or i […]

15 Tastiest and Popular Fruits in Bali

After talking about the varieties of flowers in Bali, the popular ones that everyone loves, we want to tell you again about another flora, or maybe foods that you can find in Bali. We’re not talking about the actual traditional meals like Chicken Betutu and stuff, but we’re gonna introduce you to the local fruits […]

15 Common Fruits in Indonesia

Indonesia lies between equator line which then makes this country becoming “tropical country” that has only 2 seasons, raining season and dry season. Typical tropical country tends to have higher ability to grow many types of plants including fruits trees. Indonesian has bigger chance to taste various range of fruits which feels like heaven-on-earth for […]

15 Exotic Fruits of Indonesia (#5 is Sweet)

Fruit is a kind of plantation which human and also animal used for one of the food resources. Beside the vitamins, you can also get the nutrition from it. That’s why the fruit also have many benefit for human metabolism. Meanwhile, for people who don’t like fruits, don’t hate this topic yet. Now, we’re got to […]